How to Put Laser Sight on a Pistol: Installation and Adjustment Process

Most firearms owners know about laser systems and their effectiveness. When I bring a handgun, the first thing that comes to my mind is I will install laser sight on it to see and aim better on the target. The laser sight also increases accuracy, which is very important for beginners because they will also know the accuracy issues.

The installation process is straightforward. You will get various model laser sights on the market, so choose the correct one. The light can be used with any defensive firearm, AR-style firearm, and carry handgun.

How to Put Laser Sight on a Pistol

How to Put Laser Sight on a Pistol


What we will learn in this article:

  • Tools you will require for putting a laser sight on a pistol
  • Installation of the laser battery
  • Mounting the rail
  • Zeroing the laser sight
  • At laser sight instructions
  • How to adjust laser sight on pistol
  • Installation idea of laser sight without rail

Tools You Will Need for Putting a Laser on a Gun

The Glock 43 laser sight package comes with various inventory parts that you do not need to gather other things except a Picatinny rail ( if your pistol doesn’t have it already). The package has batteries, laser sight adjustment tools like different sized hex wrenches, and a laser sight.

Process on How to Install Laser Sight on Pistol

Here are the steps you need to follow

Step 1: Install the Battery

The first thing you should do is remove the magazine from the pistol then check the chamber to see if it has any cartridges left. Now take the large hex wrench and insert it into the battery cap.

The laser sight package comes with three batteries; some models provide six batteries. Three batteries are used at the same time. Turn it clockwise so the battery cap will come out.

The battery has two different sides, a flat and beveled. The flat side is positive, and the beveled is negative. Put the negative side of the battery down the battery unit, then put the other two batteries in the same way, all negative side down. Then again, put back the battery cover with a hex wrench.

Step 2: Mount the Rail

Turn the bolt of the laser sight counterclockwise with a hex wrench to loosen the bolt. Snug it onto one side of the rail by facing it forward. Reinstall the bolt with a wrench. Point the handgun in a safe direction to see if it works properly.

Step 3: How to Zero a Laser Sight on a Rifle: Adjust Laser Sight on Pistol

After mounting the sight, adjust the windage and elevation by inserting the smaller hex wrench into the hole and turning it clockwise and counterclockwise to move the laser ups and down.

You can activate the laser with your trigger finger. See the laser dot or laser beam, pull the trigger, and do a consistent round to see if the bullet hits appropriately. Also, adjust the windage in the same process.

Can You Put a Laser on a Pistol without a Rail?

You can put a laser sight on a firearm without a rail, as those laser sights are equipped with powerful optics so that you will get more zooming power in your handgun. Varieties of laser sight firearms without rails can be found in the market, and they also provide clear views and great accuracy.

They also have various sight ranges and different colors. You can still use your current holster and other accessories with a laser grip. However, most of the pistol comes with a rail-mounted laser.

Adding lasers make a handgun more versatile and accurate. The civilian grade laser does not harm humans or animals, so most state makes it legal to use in any stressful situation.

What is the Most Powerful Laser You Can Legally Own?

You can legally own a laser that is above 5 MW. These lights should also be matched with the FDA requirement limiting safety features, quality control, etc.

What Color Laser is Strongest?

Green laser is 5 to 7x brighter than other laser colors. It has better strength for visibility than a red or purple laser, but it is not legal in some states. You can use it with a flashlight, and the dot can be seen in bright sunlight.

This laser can also be used with traditional sights so that you can do tension-free shooting in any light condition and any self-defense situation.

Is Red or Green Laser Better for Pistol?

The wave range of green and red laser lights and combo are different. Red light has a 620 to 750-nanometer wave range, and green light has a 495 to the 570-nanometer range. Greenlight is more visible to human eyes. So you can build green laser light on your pistol.

Installing red laser light on the gun is simple than green light. Installing the method of green laser light is difficult.

It requires angle, frequency setting, etc., with proper three alignments like front sight, rear sight, and the target. It is also expensive and time-consuming to build. Red lights have the same advantages. So, red laser light is perfect for handguns.

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