Shakespeare SYMCX Synergy Titanium Microcast Spincast Reel Review

Can you remember the first day of your fishing? Surely, if you can, then you know the thrill and excitement of the first fishing. It is miraculous. Although, the success rate on the most occasion will be less performing without proper guidance and gears. The Shakespeare SYMCX Synergy Titanium Microcast Spincast Reel can be a great choice for the beginner anglers.

The Shakespeare SYMCX Synergy Spincast reel is one of the best spincast reels available in the market. This spincast reel is worth the money you will be spending to have this. It contains all the features that should be on a great spincast reel. Hardly any other spincast reel will provide the features at this price.

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Shakespeare SYMCX Synergy Titanium Microcast Spincast Reel Review


Shakespeare SYMCX Synergy Comes with some advanced and useful features to make fishing easy and comfortable for the newbies. The sturdy steel body and smooth drag system make using this reel reliable and comfortable for angling.

I will be discussing the features and, pros and cons of this spincast reel in the next segment.

Strong Reel Body to Last Long

Shakespeare SYMCX Synergy Titanium Microcast Spincast Reel
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Reel body is one of the most important features to look out for while buying a spincast reel. It also is known as housing. Usually, the reel body of a spincast reel is made of graphite, stainless steel, aluminum or the combination of graphite and aluminum.

The cheaper spincast reels normally use graphite for the reel body. Aluminum is mainly used on the expensive reels for greater strength. This particular Shakespeare spincast reel’s front is made of stainless steel and line guide is made of Titanium.

This reel will be standing tall against rough water and tough weather condition. Titanium constructed line guide doesn’t let the line get away and serve you long enough.

Drag System of Shakespeare SYMCX

Spincast reel has to provide pressure on the hooked catch and let the fishing line out for fighting. The drag plays the role in that process. Without a good, smooth and high-quality drag you certainly cannot catch much fish. So to get the fullest performance, you need to have a perfect drag system on the spincast reel.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure about these features at the first few months of my fishing. I bought a lot of crappy reels at lower prices and paid the price as well with experience. And later I found the importance of drag system of a spincast reel. And this one has perfect drag system with smooth performance.

The drag system of this particular Shakespeare reel is fully customizable and gear operated. The multi-disc drag system of this reel is adjustable. You can adjust the power and speed as you need.

Ball Bearing

The ball bearing system is the next feature you should be looking out at the time of buying a spincast reel. This is really very important part of a spincast reel.

The ball bearing stays within the body to provide stability, smoothness, and support. And with this SYMCX reel, you will have a well-performing ball bearing to drag the fish towards you without any problem.

The Shakespeare SYMCX Synergy Microcast Spincast reel contains a single ball bearing inside it. The ball bearing makes the fishing smoother in both freshwater and saltwater.

 Gear Ratio and Line Capacity

After using the reel for a couple of occasions, I was satisfied with the overall performance. Especially, it took decent time for rotating the ball bearing so I don’t waste time during angling. The gear ratio is the number of times the ball bearing rotates around the spool with a single turn of the handle.

The Shakespeare SYMCX Synergy reel features 4.1:1 gear ratio. This gear ratio is above the average performance regarding the cranking power. You can easily handle a larger catch with this spincast reel.

The line capacity of this Shakespeare reel is set to 4/70 yards. So, you do not have to worry about the performance and capacity of this excellent reel. Along with the Zebco Omega ZO3PRO Spincast Fishing Reel, this one is also my favorite for the capacity and performance.


  • Sturdy and durable construction using this reel longer
  • Easy to install on the rod with basic knowledge and manual
  • The comfortable grip on the handle makes angling easy
  • Stainless steel front and titanium line guide protect the reel from rusting and chipping
  • Comes with 4-pounds fishing line in addition
  • Comes with the multi-disc drag system with adjustable capacity
  • Quick and easy retrieve reduce the time and makes fishing easier


  • Some says that this reel is unsuitable for younger anglers
  • Single ball bearing

Final Verdict

While reviewing the Shakespeare SYMCX spincast reel I felt good on hand. I come with comfortable handling and also smooth baiting performance. Moreover, the construction quality will ensure you can use this reel for a long time in wet condition.

The gear ratio and speed make the full performance out of this reel to improve your confidence in angling.

If you want to buy a good spincast reel in a limited budget you can go for this Shakespeare SYMCX spincast reel. It provides all the supports with decent performance for the beginner anglers despite its very cheap price.

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