Sig p365 vs Kimber Micro 9: Comparison and Differences

The 2 most demanding and cool concealed carry pistols are Sig p365 and Kimber Micro 9. They both have enough stopping power with high velocity to shoot in a variety of situations.

These single-action handguns are very comfortable, yet most shooters want to know which one is better. So, it is essential to understand the differences, options, and everything before purchasing one.

In this article, I will review these 2 guns to decide which one is best for you.

Sig p365 vs Kimber Micro 9

Comparison Between Sig p365 and Kimber Micro 9


Check out the similarities, differences, and comparison of features between Sig p365 and Kimber Micro 9 below:

Specification of Sig p365 and Kimber Micro 9

Sig p365 is a single stack model with a different version available. It is micro-compact and has a single-action trigger. It is snappier, runs very fine, and ejected properly. The length of the Sig is 5.8 inches, and the height is 4.3 inches.

The slide is 1.1 inches thickest, and the weight is 17.8 oz with a 3″ shorter barrel, making it a compact pistol. The magazine capacity is 6 rounds, but you can use 7 round magazines with an extended base plate. If you have larger hands, the extended baseplate makes the gun comfortable to hold.

Kimber micro 9 is a little shorter than sig p365. The length of this gun is 6.1 inches, and the height is 4.7″. the barrel length is 3.15″, and the width is 1.6″. It is lighter than Sig, 15.6 oz. The Kimber also can be used with 7 round capacity magazines.

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Ammo for Sig Sauer and Kimber Micro

Sig Sauer p365 uses 9mm Lugar and 380 ACP with 10+1, 12+1, and 15+1 capacities in 9 mm Lugar. The 380 ACP capacity is 10+1.

Kimber micro 9 also uses 9mm Lugar, but the capacity is 6+1 and 7+1.

Safety Features

Sig p365 has a safety selector switch on the right side so that only right-handed shooters can access this easily. The handle has a rubber grip based on 1911 makers, so the slide lock and magazine release are also in the right place.

On the other hand, Kimber 9 is straightforward to use, and the manual safety and thumb selector switch is where both left and right-handed people can use it.

Body Comparison

The slide of sig p365 is made of stainless steel and coated with Nitron, making this gun corrosion resistant. Also, you can hold this gun for a long time without getting any sweat. The handle has a Hogue rubber grip to hold it comfortably.

Different Kimber micro 9 versions are available in the market, such as 2 tones and all-black versions. Their body is made from aluminum, and the slide is stainless steel with satin silver finishing. The grip is also better, and you won’t feel any concealing issue because of its taller size. The ergonomics are the same as p365.

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Sights: Accuracy Between P365 vs Kimber Micro

Sig p365 has night sights that are very easy to use, and you can shoot accurately using any pistol laser light combo. Night sights are also crucial in low light conditions, and it does not have any external controls.

Kimber micro has Turgor TFX night sight, which felt smoother than sig p365. The sights are white dots, and the radius is 4.3 inches.

Range Comparison

Both Kimber and sig p365 can fire qt least 300 rounds simultaneously, but Kimber has some downside. When you shoot, it throws shell casing and constantly ejects so you cannot concentrate properly. Sometimes the casing may hit you while shooting.

Sig p365 is free of this issue.

Trigger Pull

When you break the trigger of Sig, the trigger pull weight will be 7.1/5 pounds, and the trigger is striker-powered.

Kimber 9 trigger is decent and smoother than sip p365.


Sig p365 price starts with $599. Kimber micro 9 is expensive, and the price starts at $706.

Will a Sig P365 Holster Fit a Kimber Micro 9?

The measurement of Kimber micro and Sig p365 is very close but not the same. The holster size and brands are also different in micro 9 and Sig.

The holster of micro 9 may not fit in the p365 concealed holster or types if the brands are other. Both pistols have different frames and measurements, so they won’t fit even if the holster brand is the same.

What is Wrong with the Sig P365?

P365 is a popular concealed carry handgun, but it also has some drawbacks, such as the night sight could be break off or failing to glow. However, the updated version of sig Sauer p365 fixes these issues. Another drawback is the failure to extract the ammo.

The loss could occur when the shooter is firing, and sometimes the battery fails when the slide works.

The loading is complex with its extended magazine, and finding the right holster is also challenging. Last but not least, another most significant problem is the striker drag. Sometimes people find broken firing pins, and the pin replacement is not easy.

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