Sig Sauer P365 Vs P938: Comparison, Review, and Differences

Sig p365 and p938 are well-concealed carry handguns and possibly the best handgun ever built. They both have several similarities, yet some features make them apart. Shooters should know about their differences before purchasing one to get the best suitable handgun for them.

Both these guys are my favorite firearm. Yet I will suggest using them at least once to get the shooting experience.

Sig Sauer P365 Vs P938

Short Sig Sauer P365 Review and Introduction


This micro-compact handgun has an ergonomic design, and the frame is made of polymer. It is a lightweight handgun, and the handgrip is so textured and smooth to shoot comfortably. So, any shooter can have a great view with accuracy. 

Sig Sauer P365 BB Blowback Air Pistol...
Sig Sauer P365 BB Blowback Air Pistol...
Sig Sauer P365 BB Blowback Air Pistol...
Sig Sauer P365 BB Blowback Air Pistol...

Tre trigger is consistent and smooth, and you get complete control over it. However, the pistol has some minor functional issues. It has 10, 12, and 15 rounds of magazine capacity.

Sig Sauer P938 Review and Introduction

It is a great pistol that comes with thumb safety and grip safety. The design looks 1911 style with short recoil, so it is a pocket-sized pistol. It also has a sig lite night site, but the grip is narrow to fit in hand. P 935 is extremely concealed carry and super comfortable for shooters.

Comparison Between Sig Sauer P365 and P938

Here are the differences and similarities in the comparison section between Sig Sauer P365 vs Sig Sauer P938.


Sig p365 is a particular type of pistol with an ergonomic design and good polymer grip texture. The trigger guard is smooth and fits comfortably in our hands. The frame is made of Nitron finish polymer with matte looks. The bore axis is lower, and the slide is stainless steel. It is also Nitron coated, and the grip is very smooth and slim grip size for being very comfortable.

Sig p935 has front cocking serration and single-action shooting, making it versatile. The body is made from anodized alloy, and the slide serration makes it comfortable with a traditional grip design. P935 has an excellent finger relief option which makes it safer to use.

P938 vs P365 Recoil

Both recoils of sig p 938 and sig p365 are comfortable, yet p365 has better diminishes recoil than p935. Because p365 has a polymer frame, the short recoil works better here. P935 also has a manageable recoil, but you will feel a little muzzle movement.

Size and Weight of Sig Sauer P365 and Sig Sauer P938

The weight of sig Sauer p 365 is 17.8 oz, and the length is 5.8 inches. The height is 4.3 inches which are higher than sig p 935. The barrel length is 3.1 inches. P 365 is a little heavier than sig p935.

The weight of sig p938 is 16 oz, and the length is a little higher than p 365; it’s 5.9 inches. The height is 3.9 inches, and the barrel length is 3 inches. They both are 23.6 ounces when loaded. The steel frame weight is 17.8 oz.

Sig P 365 are great to be in a conceal carry holster for their compact design. Also, using them in a pocket is very easy.

The sig p938 has little take-up in its trigger pull. However, the trigger size is shorter than other pistols. The system is SAO, and the reset distance is longer than sig p 365. Also, the high beavertail grip with the manual is another good thing about this model.

P365 has a curved and slick trigger that is stainless steel. The pull and crisp are clean than p 938, and the trigger system is striker-fired. The chances of misfire are lower because the trigger weight makes it secure and safe. 

Ammo Capacity of Sig Sauer P365 and P938

Sig p365 has 10+1 (9mm lugar), 12+1(9mm lugar), and 15+1(9mm lugar) capacities. You can hold the grip with your large hand, too, and the magazine is rated for +P. the magazine is also double stack with high pressure, which makes it better duty caliber performance.

Sig p938 has a 6+1(9mm Lugar) ammo capacity, making gun owners a reliable centerfire pistol.

Sights Comparison Between P365 vs. P938

Sig Sauer p365 has x-ray day and night sights laser sight, making it ideal for low-light situations. It has a dot sight, and you will get a clear picture of your target for accurate shooting.

Sig p 938 has tritium night sight so that you can shoot at the night with your one hand. The stock glow sights can only be found in this edition.


You can customize both pistols, but there is nothing much you can do with sig p938. Just alter the trigger a little so it can work as camo. P365 needs a stipple job only. You can also carry the extended magazine easily.

Price Comparison 

Sigs are expensive, so sig p365 and p938 are. Sig p365 is cheaper compared to sig p938. Sig Sauer p365 starts with $699.00, and sig p938 is $1163.52.

What is Wrong With The Sig P365?

Sig p365 comes with some minor issues. The striker is weak, so it cannot count the round correctly. The matte fishing look means it won’t glow in the dark. The slide lock lever also seems uncomfortable when shoots, and there are some function issues.

Its failure to extract the ammunition. Another problem is the slide, it fails to go to the battery, and the 12 round magazine and spare magazines have some issues. Thus, a new model of sig p365 fixes these issues.

Is the Sig Sauer P938 a Good Gun?

Sig p938 is a reliable, consistent, and great concealed carry handgun that effortlessly meets your needs. It is a micro-compact pistol with incredible long-range and short-range accuracy. Also, you can attach any pistol laser light combo for a performance boost in sight and accuracy.

The sig lite tritium night lights allow you to shoot in the low light situation and the rubber grip and beavertail allow you to hold and shoot the gun comfortably. It is a reliable little gun with zero failure or failure to extract.

Comparison Between P365 vs. P938

What is the Best Ammo for Sig Sauer P938?

Sig p938 uses 9mm bullet, so 9mm Luger is the best ammo.

 Does the Sig P365 Have Competition?

 Sig is a high-capacity micro-compact gun that claims they are the best for pocket holster options and easy carrying with the superior trigger, and no one can beat them. The gun has a single stack with a double-stack magazine, so no other gun can indeed beat it.

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