Sniper 6-24×50 AOE Illuminated Rifle Scope Review

Nowadays hunting has become a phenomenon in our daily lifestyle. It’s necessary for us to have a good scope for hunting. A better hunting scope like the Sniper 6-24×50 AOE Illuminated Rifle Hunting Scope is very much efficient for a better hunting. This scope is a high-quality scope with some attractive features.

What I like most of this excellent rifle scope is the accuracy and easy to handle features. It lets the user focus on the hunting without giving much time to understanding the complicacy and lets him adjust the scope very easily.

Also, some other adjustment and flexibility is the reason, why one should keep a close eye on this model of the scope. For the advanced feature and comfort, more and more people are getting interested in the Sniper AOE Illuminated Rifle Scope.

Sniper 6-24×50 AOE Illuminated Rifle Scope Review


A person who is thinking about shooting or hunting can buy that long range scope especially for its accuracy along with the easy to use the facility. There are some other reasons to consider this illuminated scope. Here are some reasons to buy that scope.

Easy Adjustment of Sniper 6-24×50 AOE Easy Adjustment of Sniper 6-24×50 AOE

The adjustment system is an essential factor that we should find in a shooting scope. Scopes with quick adjustment system help us to aim the target within a very short time. If we aim at a moving target, then quickly adjustable scopes let us set the aim and shot before the target escapes.

The Sniper 6-24×50 AOE scope has that amazing feature. You can quickly and easily adjust your aim at the target within the shortest time. You do not have to take a lot of time to adjust the scope and get into the perfect position to shoot.

So, this creates an excellent advantage in playing hunting sports or any other forest hunting mission. While hunting in a spot, many times you may find yourself in a circumstance where you need to take aim quickly within a short time and you also need to be accurate at the same time. The scope will make it very easy for you to lift it up or turn it around quickly.

Strong and flexible Joint

We all know that hunting is a rough sport. So the joint should be strong. The company has built the scope on strong cardan joint platform in order to fulfill the most demanding requirements. But this doesn’t mean the joint cannot be flexible enough to provide better comfort for holding it for a longer time. As we have seen in the top quality rimfire scope, this sniper scope provides flexible joint for the comfort during hunting.

This comfort providing flexibility of this scope has come true for some of the improvements in the design. This makes the place on which you will connect the scope with your hunting rifle is quite easy to turn and adjust according to the thing you may want to do.

Sniper 6-24×50 AOE Illuminated Rifle Hunting Scope

Though it’s easily adjustable, that doesn’t mean it will get damaged easily. It’s very durable as it is carefully built out of aircraft grade material. It also comes with a heavy duty ring mount and an extended sunshade.

Extra light for accuracy

In case of hunting or shooting, the thing that people desperately look for is the accuracy. If you go for hunting with the Sniper Illuminated Rifle Hunting Sniper Scope, you must have the accurate hunting. I have been using this scope as my side scope for a while and I can tell the accuracy level is almost perfect for this price range scope.

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Adding to the accuracy, it has lighting feature for sunlight usage as well. It has an amazing extra lighting system in red, green and blue color. This will help you to see clearly in high daylight condition.

You will have a clear view no matter whatever the condition is, whether it’s bright light, darkness or foggy condition. There is also a button on the side that will help you to create the clarity while focusing and preparing to take a shot. This is one of the few reasons I love the Sniper AOE Rifle Scope.

Illuminated Rifle Scope with Multi-Lens Coating

As we have discussed the coating of the scope to see things under different sunlight, we should keep some more info as well as the multi-lens coating of this AOE Illuminated Rifle Hunting Scope. The company has designed the lenses in such a way that enough light can comfortably get through them.

You will surely see the target without any problem and lock it from hitting perfectly. This is another attractive feature that ensures clarity.

If light can easily go through the lens, then it’ll never look so dark. Even you can always readjust the amount of light that is entering the scope. In this way, it will give you a better sight of the target and also will help in preventing reflection of light.


  • This scope has a very lightweight to carry during long days of hunting
  • Price is reasonable despite providing some high – quality features
  • It fits tightly on the rifle making it very comfortable for the users
  • It has an excellent accuracy of long-range shooting of 500 yards
  • Very durable despite its weight and comfort
  • The picture image is too clear to see a fly on the target properly
  • Has the ability to take any kind of accidental shock.
  • It is weatherproof, so you can use it during any kinds of season


  • This rifle scope may not work well on old rifles
  • May need to readjust the focus after 20 shots

Final Thought

If you have the fantasy of hunting and your budget is low for the scope, then this shooting scope is the perfect one for you. It’ll not only provide the best performance but also save your money. There are so many reviews on that shooting scope. 90% of them are positive.

You can check them out before making the purchase. But I hope you will be greatly satisfied with the performance of that scope and may regret if you don’t make a purchase of that very cheap shooting scope.

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