VMAX MR127 12 Volt 100 Ah Battery Review

Are you looking for a fishing experience without hurry, tension, and other brothers? Are you looking to catch fish without losing any focus? D you want to be on the boat without thinking about the drainage of the battery? If yes is the answer, then the VMAX MR127 12 Volt 100 Ah Trolling Motor Battery is a perfect choice.

The VMAX MR127 12 Volt Ah AGM is an excellent deep cycle battery specially made for trolling motors. This battery is a member of group 27, providing consistent, dependable power and a reliable plastic enclosure to save it from vibration and shocks.

VMAX MR127 12 Volt 100 Ah Battery Review


For use as a trolling motor battery, the VMAX MR127 will provide excellent power and charge for a more extended outing on the water. Also, it comes with excellent built quality to make safer and longer usage. The technology used in this trolling battery will ensure the most satisfactory performance for the fishing boats. Let us find out the best features and the pros and cons of this battery.

Sturdy Chassis and Excellent Capacity

Industrial class plastic is used to make the chassis, which is acid and shock-proof. Instead of having a solid body, it is installed in the power kits to prevent any probable harm and jerks. The 100-amp hour AGM battery perfectly fits the power kit and makes the body stronger. This is a massive group of 27 products; it weighs about 67 pounds.

VMAX MR127 12 Volt 100 Ah Battery Review

Electrolyte Suspension Enhance Battery Life

VMAX MR127 Deep cycle AGM battery is combined with electrolyte suspension mechanism. This battery comes with AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt), which has the tremendous absorbing ability and high engineering factor. For that, it constantly circulates and absorbs the electrolyte. It doesn’t use other absorbers or silica gel.

The grids are made of tin alloy to increase the battery’s lifetime and allow good conduction. The grids avoid the compulsive effect created by constant charging and discharging the battery and increase overall performance. Overall you don’t need to maintain the battery, and for that, you can thank AGM technology.

Deep Cycle Provides Consistent Power

The battery can frequently charge and discharge but doesn’t impact its highest capacity of it. Thanks to AGM technology, a deep cycle regenerator comes with a great outcome. The battery can serve you with continuous, consistent power when you use it on a motorboat.

Also, the AGM technology offers the batter free from any maintenance and refilling of the water or other care. It takes a short time to charge itself so that you can use it very often. The kayak trolling batteries with deep cycle ultimately satisfy a consumer’s expectation by every meaning, and it is commendable for that.

Quick Recharging Capacity

VMAX MR127 12 Volt 100 Ah- Electrolyte Suspension Enhance Battery Life

The VMAX MR127 12 Volt Ah AGM battery can be charged two times faster than any other traditional battery. Maybe initially, it relies on the charger, but even after using the same charger, you will get the same result between a traditional battery and your VMAX MR127 battery.

This battery will save you at least 40% of your valuable time. It takes less time to recharge doesn’t mean its capacity is low; it will constantly give you the power to work on it. So, while being on outdoor fishing, this battery will save the hassle and save a lot of time.


The battery offers the best resistance when it comes to vibration, and it grants you the long service of this battery. The battery won’t trouble you at least a few years of constant use. Acid changing is a usual and customary issue of batteries. But thanks to the AGM technology, this battery can repeatedly endure jerks, bumps, and shocks.

Also, the outer housing makes sure the battery doesn’t break down. Although precaution should be taken, you don’t have to worry about the outside part. And if you install this battery in power units like Minnkota, you may run the battery as much as you wish.

Comes at an Affordable Price

VMAX MR127 12 Volt 100 Ah Quick Recharging Capacity

We usually don’t see the price as a product feature, but for this product, the price is an essential feature. This battery’s price is a little higher than the other traditional batteries. There will be one question in every consumer’s mind “why should I buy this product instead of the cheaper batteries?”

If you read the features, you notice that this battery used AGM technology, and tin alloy grids have a deep cycle and an imposing charging feature. Better product costs more than standard products.

Things We Liked

  • Comes with an excellent power with Electrolyte Suspension
  • The built quality is excellent for long time hassle-free usage
  • The battery is resistant to shocks and vibration and can run smoothly
  • Come at a cheap price with offering high-quality service
  • Quick charging feature save you at least 40% time than normal batteries
  • Comes with spill-proof AGM technology for easy maintenance

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Bit oversized for the liking of many consumers
  • Weight is on the higher size

Final Verdict

Considering all the features and quality, this is one of our favorite choices for long-time fishing. The VMAX MR127 12 Volt Ah AGM battery is the best feature choice. Especially the charge capacity will take away all the worry and let you enjoy your time on the boat. Although the size and weight are on the higher side, it is natural with the power it provides.

It serves you with its consistent performance. It is straightforward to install, has excellent recharging and charging capabilities, and is resistant to vibration and shocks. Also, the price its offers s affordable. It gives you all-round performance and serves you for a long time. So, we surely recommend it to all the consumers who want more extended power performance.

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