Vortex Viper HS-T 6-24x50mm Riflescope Review

Most of the manufacturers of rifle scope market only focus on economy and variety for most of their products. They give priority to quality only for their high-end products as we can see the reflects on the Vortex Viper HS-T 6-24x50mm Riflescope.

Most of the riflescope nowadays put too much emphasis on the features ignoring the quality of the features. So, these items lack the ultimate performance.  That means the average consumers usually don’t get the best product and suffers when their scope gets unexpectedly damaged.

Unlike them, Vortex is the manufacturer to break the tradition by providing exceptional quality and amazing warranty policy that gives their customers ultimate peace of mind. The “Vortex Viper HS” is a very popular scope of Vortex Company. HS-T refers to Hunting Shooting Tactical.

Vortex Viper HS-T 6-24x50mm Riflescope Review


While reviewing different scopes for the rifle, we had a special interest in this one due to its increasing buzz. And we have found some very efficient quality that helps the hunter find its target rather easily and enjoy better hunting performance.

It comes with features that have a very impactful effect on hunting.  This multipurpose scope is very useful for many shooting applications. This riflescope is the combination of two of their most popular riflescope models, Viper HS and Viper PST.

Top Notch Optics

The very first thing that we must search whenever we investigate rifle scope is the top notch optics. The optics are a must for being a better scope which helps to see through it properly for target hunting. Fortunately, the vortex viper hs t 6-24×50 rifle scopes are one the best in this area to provide excellent viewing quality out of the scope.

To see further in this area, we analyzed the lenses. The rifle scope has fully multi-coated lenses that work to optimize the light transmissions for a better and improved visibility. The multiple layers of coating have anti-reflective properties too. So, the light condition will have minimal effect on viewing making it all light viewing scopes.

Vortex Viper hs-t 6-24×50 MOA (VMR-1)

This rifle scope comes with second focal plane reticle for shooting in long ranges targets easily. And we have found the scope to be perfect for proper shooting using the second focal plane despites of maintaining the same type of appearance. If you are using it with a auto powerful pcp rifle, then the range can be perfect for small hunting.

We love the performance of long-distance shooting and ranging abilities, with a perfect windage correction and other abilities.

In addition to the Moa, the glass of the lens has an extra-low radiation property that helps to increase the resolution. So, you can clearly see the long range targets between this scope.

We can, therefore, expect to view crisp and sharp images anytime. The side focus adjustments of this scope also allow achieving perfect image focus.

Excellent Built Quality for Durability

When we plan to buy anything, we think about the durability of that product at least for a single time. This is one thing I cannot ignore in almost any product. And one of the major features in this vortex viper hst 6-24×50 review is its built quality and durability. If you are planning to use a scope for a long time then you can

Other scopes may not be durable that much, but the vortex viper is long lasting. The tube is very carefully made of a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum which is sealed with O-rings and hard anodized. So, you can use this scope for daily basis without facing any troubles.

With the built quality the scope comes with high-quality internal parts. This makes the scope very durable and user efficient under any conditions. It also protects the scope from sunlight, damp and scratches. The scope is also shockproof and water-tight.

Vortex Viper hs-t 6-24x50 - Excellent Built Quality for Durability

Efficient Internal Mechanism Design

I liked the fact that the manufacturer comes with a fantastic internal mechanism design in this scope. The designs make the scope very efficient and user-friendly. That’s one of the few reasons of the hunters’ likings in this scope in the increase of vortex viper hs 6-24×50 sale over the marketplace.

It promotes accuracy and advanced performance in all conditions. Thanks to the excellent inclusion of Extra-low dispersion glass. You can get the best out of the vortex viper hs 6-24×50 dead hold BDC reticle for hunting long range targets and the one in mid-range areas.

The ‘Precision-Force Spring’ System ensures easy adjustments and maximum repeatability with any kinds of pellet air rifle or hunting rifle. After making the height correction, the Customizable Rotational Stop (CRS) allows us to return to zero. Even if we want to achieve the smooth magnification adjustments, we can also use the ‘Precision-Glide Erector System’.

Fog, Water and Dust Proof Design

The Viper HS-T scope is not only fog proof but also waterproof. The waterproof abilities come from O-ring seals. It also helps to stop dust and moisture from making their way inside the scope. We can also eliminate internal fogging at all temperatures by purging argon gas.

The Vortex Viper HS-T scope is carefully made using a single-piece 30mm tube. It contributes to improving the visual performance and clearness of the scope.


  • This scope offers extended zoom range for targeting and hitting long-range items
  • The lenses of the scope come with excellent image quality even in dim light
  • Solid construction out of the aluminum makes this scope tough and durable
  • Accurate ranging will helps any hunter liking this Vortex scope
  • Dials are easy to read and it makes using this scope easier for the hunters
  • Comes with perfect adjustment for shooting in different ranges easily
  • The design of the scope provides decent eye relief for hunters
  • Comes with Strong, durable one-piece design and Lifetime warranty


  • The riflescope is on the costly side

Final Thoughts

A clear and sharp image and good choice of reticles make this scope a good choice for tactical long range hunting, shooting or sports shooting. If you want to have the best shooting experience even in the low light, then don’t think twice or hesitate to buy that Vortex Viper HS-T 6-24x50mm rifle scope.

It’s very important to have the best quality scope because if a hunter uses a poor scope, he will fall in trouble hitting the targets even with the best rifles on the market. But he can perfectly hit the target using a medium gun if he has a great rifle scope. So, you must buy that scope.

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