Walther PPQ Vs Glock 19: Specs, Size, Accuracy Differences

If you are searching for the best 9 mm handgun, you have two options that definitely meet your needs. Walther PPQ and Glock 19 are highly recommended for their simplicity and reliability. However, their design and features are different. They both are inexpensive, and you can find the ammo easily.

Buying one of them is confusing when you analyze their differences. So first decide your needs, then find out the best match. Knowing the differences between Walther PPQ and Glock will help you in this case.

Walther PPQ Vs Glock 19

Walther PPQ Vs. Glock 19


There are many differences between Walther PPQ and Glock 19 pistols in size, frame, accuracy, power, range. Check them out:

Size of Glock 19 and PPQ

The overall size of the Walther and 19 are almost the same. The Glock 19 is 21.4 oz with no mag and 23.9 oz with an empty mag, and with a full mag, the gun is 29.4 oz.

The weight of Walther PPQ is nearly the same as Glock 19, and it is 21.7 oz with no mag, 24.6 oz with an empty mag, and 31.1 oz with a full mag.

Walther PPQ is almost a quarter-inch length than Glock. The height of the Walther is 5.20 inches, whereas Glock’s height is 4.89 inches.

The length of the Walther is also almost half-inch higher than Glock. The length is 7.09 inches in Walther PPQ, and Glock length is 6.99 inches. However, the width of the grip, slide, and controls are the same.

Difference in Frame 

Both guns got an ergonomic design with a polymer frame. Walther PPQ has three types of replaceable backstrap that you can use to increase the trigger reach and accuracy. You can also control the gun with your left or right hand nicely.

Glock has larger grips with four types of the backstrap. Thus, if your hand is large, G19 won’t be a good choice for you.


The cocking serration is easier in Walther PPQ than in  G19. Also, Walther has forward cocking serration features, so it got lower benefits in a slide of glock than Walther.

PPQ has a large slide lock, so controlling it with a big hand will be an issue as you cannot lock back the slide properly.

Glock has a small slide lock so that you can handle it with a small hand.


PPQ has a factory build smooth trigger which G19 cannot beat. So you can modify the trigger of your Glock to make it suitable as PPQ to make the trigger finger comfortable.

Each generation has a different trigger in Glock, and PPQ has only one trigger, and you have to shoot differently in Walther. Glock has a double and single-action trigger.

Sights and Visibility: Walther PPQ Vs. Glock 19

Both Glock and PPQ have plastic sights, and you can install the rear sights easily in PPQ. Installing the front sights is similar to Glock.

Even without any modification, you can practice shooting better in a three-dot setup with Glock with accuracy rather than PPQ. Also, any dot can mount on Glock and PPQ.

However, you have to remove the rear sight of PPQ to mount the dot. They both have amazing grip to hold for a long time.


Walther PPQ has both paddle style and buttles style magazine releases, and G19 has a button release. Also, the bevel on the well is the same between them to insert and remove the mag quickly.

The frame texture of PPQ is better than Glock. There are differences in paddle mag release, button mag release, and the larger mag release. It is the best gun for newbies, as practicing with Walther is relatively easy.

Shooting Accuracy

PPQ has a flipper texture and grip, so you can hold and manage the gun better than Glock. The recoil is also non-violent, and it has standard white dot sight to shoot the target faster. Also, the rail is low to improve the night accuracy.


The price of the new Walther PPQ is $641.00, and the used Walther price is $696.94. Glock is cheaper than PPQ, and a new Glock is $567.69, and the used Glock is $526.76.

How Good is the Walther PPQ?

Walther ppq is one of the best striker pistols compact enough for daily carrying. It has a slide release button on both sides and a magazine eject button so a leftie can also handle this weapon comfortably.

The tight grip, manageable recoil, and beavertail frame allow you to shoot incredibly accurately. After firing, the stock trigger guard rest at the top of your middle finger perfectly to maintain safety. This pistol is still comfortable to hold even using the extended magazine.

Is Walther Better than Glock?

The quality of these two guns is pretty similar. The features, using process, compactness, texture, etc., are the same, so both of these guns are better to use. However, the slide of Walther ppq is better than Glock, but Glock gets more decent finishing and smooth grip texture than Walther.

Walther and 19 are great range guns with noticeable muzzle flip, superior trigger pull, grip angles, and light trigger. The sight picture is also clear enough.  That’s why they both get the same rating as excellent carry pistols and service pistols.

Why is the Glock 19 So Popular?

Since 1988, Glock 19 has been a favorite handgun for most shooters as it has a highly reliable mechanism, safe action trigger, and control power. The magazine can carry 15 rounds, so it is also popular in law enforcement and personal protection to add this excellent trigger for safety.

A shooter feels safe and confident with 19. It was a range gun for a long time but now converts with a concealed carry gun, which is why it is so prevalent in the market and best for shooting competition.

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