Weaver V 3 1-3X20 Riflescope Review

Weaver Optics is an American company who are cordially dedicated to assisting the hunter’s accomplishments at a great price. They are ruling in the market for over the last 75 years. And the Weaver V 3 1-3X20 Riflescope is one of their top class scopes for the hunters in the market.

What I have seen in this specific rifle scope is their quality in features and construction. The manufacturer has dedicated their time, labor and effort to make the hunting experience of the American hunters memorable.

The Waver Company has been working so hard to ensure that you can easily get all the hunting equipment that you need for the best hunting experience for safety.

Weaver V 3 1-3X20 Riflescope Review


We have tested this 1-3x scope for a couple of time and also check out all the reviews made by other customers to gather information and provide an in-depth information. And most of the features and qualities were really satisfying to include this in our top rifle scope list.

The manufacturer offers that equipment at a great price which is quite lower than other companies. A few days ago Weaver has introduced the Weaver V-3 1-3X20riflescope, which is the expansion of the Classic V-Series. Let’s have a look.

Quality Construction

It is important to choose a scope that has been strongly built. Otherwise, your scope will get unexpectedly damaged within a short time by unfavorable weather and you will regret the investment. The Weaver has designed their V-3 scope using a one-piece tube construction with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with the formation of 1-inch tube.

Furthermore, Weaver has made the tube of the V-3 riflescope nitrogen purged, so that it can eliminate internal fogging at all temperatures. Without that, the Weaver V-3 scope is also fog proof, waterproofed and shockproof. These things are making it the most reliable scope for your long-term hunting needs.

Design of Weaver v 3 1-3×20

Most of the hunter love the perfect design for hunting more accurately and comfortably with 22lr Benchrest rifle. So, they always seek for the best one which is a high-quality product and durable. If a scope has a better construction, then we can expect it to last long.

The weaver scopes riflescope has become an essential element for the shooters and hunters for their sturdy build quality. Not only this help to use this model for a long time but also this scope let you perfectly. This is perfectly coated with a matte black coat.

Perfect Accuracy for Hunting

We can undoubtedly say that accuracy is one of the most important features that we should find in a riflescope. The reason behind this is if we can’t make the accurate judgment of our target, then we will definitely fail to be successful.

In the term of accuracy, the V-3 Riflescope has 1/4 MOA windage and elevation adjustments. It has an audible click that helps us to know whenever we are making an incremental adjustment. Accuracy is also ensured by the matter that the Weaver scope is parallax free at 100 yards.

So, there is no chance that our focus is somehow disrupted when we shoot. The scope is also made of a generous 3.7 inches eye relief. For that reason, we can quickly get off shots and we don’t need to sacrifice the clearness.

High-Quality V-3 Optics

While checking the performance in making the weaver v3 review, I had to take a proper look at the optics of this scope. The Weaver has used fully multi-coated lenses in V-3 scope that helps to optimize light transmission like the one we saw in Sniper 6 24×50 AOE.

Weaver V 3 1-3X20 reticle

Though, some of the users had some issues with keeping their eye and have proper viewing angle with the scope. Some of them experienced blackout of the glass view if the eye isn’t in the exact position. But most of the other users did not seem to have any issues.

Light transmission ensures us the perfect edge-to-edge clarity. So with this scope, one can get the proper and clear sight of the target that will help him to lock it properly. So, no matter what the weather and the light condition is, you will have decent hunting capacity due to the high-quality optics of this 1-3x scope.

Dual-X Reticle with Perfect Adjustment

Not only the exceptional optics of scope makes me surprised, but also the ability to adjust the shake while moving. This is a very efficient and important feature most of us ignores while choosing a rifle scope.

While comparing the Weaver v 3 vs Leupold, we had a very pleasing experience with the reticle and adjustment of these scopes. You will also be pleased with the weaver 1-3×20 parallax of 100 yards. So, with this scope, you will have clear and perfect viewing condition from 100 yards range.

During the hunting on the field, this makes optics is very much clear and efficient. This is one of the features of weaver v3 1-3×20 review, that really shines. These lenses give us guarantee that we have a clean and clear image of our target, and also reduce the glare on the lens.


  • Come with high-quality materials for the longevity of this scope
  • This Weaver scope is really easy to use and view the target
  • The high quality in barrel construction with superb lens for proper experience
  • The scope does not require any external batteries for viewing
  • The reticle (Dual-X) with 1/4″ adjustment provide accuracy
  • One can easily adjust these scope during intensive hunting sports
  • The hunters can hold zero very well on target shooting
  • It provides great low-light performance with clear optics
  • Excellent field of view at any magnification levels
  • Comes at a reasonable price despite offering a quality service


  • The look and the feel may seem little cheap for some of the people
  • You have to keep your eye on the exact position to get better view
  • No scope lens cover comes with this item

Final Thought

Though it is one of the newly introduced scopes, it works so well. This scope is mostly liked by the people because of its reasonable price. There are a huge number of positive reviews and videos on the different popular websites about that product.

If you want to have a better shooting as well as hunting experience at a lower cost, then the Weaver V-3 1-3X20riflescope is a must for you. It will not only save your money but also provide you marvelous performance.

The overall Weaver v3 review was more than satisfying for us, considering the price range of this scope. So, don’t miss the opportunity to grab the best riflescope at the best price.

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