What Does PCP Air Rifle Means?

The market has five types of airguns, and the PCP air rifle is one of them. It is a popular air rifle with its versatility, and experienced shooters choose it in the first place. You can easily take down a big animal like deer or squirrel within the acceptable range, so it is the best choice. The PCP does not require much maintenance, and it will make your hunting full of fun and enjoyable.

PCP air rifle is very accurate with consistent power. You can use various calibers and do a multi-shot. However, it is expensive.

What Does PCP Air Rifle Means?

What Does PCP Air Rifle Mean?


PCP air rifle is a pre-charged pneumatic air rifle that uses compressed air to pull the pellets when firing. The gun is pre-charged from an air reservoir like a scuba tank, carbon fiber, and pressure hand pump.

It has a hollow tube that holds high-pressure air. It looks like a standard rifle, and you can use various types of scopes on it. It is best suited to precision shooting as you can use .177 to 50 caliber in 177 caliber PCP gun or more weight caliber guns. The rifle is best for 10-meter target shooting, practicing in backyards, big bore hunting, etc., as it has lower recoil. 

Where did PCP Come From?

PCP was made by Austrians around the 1500s. They used this gun in France, Australia war. Those guns are made for single-shot or magazine-holding pellets.

How PCP Air Rifle Works

This pneumatic airgun has many standard features, unlike spring air rifle: wooden or metal stock, barrel, breech, safety, trigger mechanism, optics rail, shroud, etc. This gun has an air cylinder or reservoir, 1/8 BSP fill the port, magazine, side lever, etc.

It is highly accurate and generates lots of energy. The air is stored up to 3000 psi, and when you pull the trigger, the cylinder release the high-pressured air, and the air opens the firing valve. After opening the valve, the power curve of air goes behind the pellet, and the action hits the ammunition with a high-pressure level to go out from the barrel.

 An expensive single shot, auto or semi auto PCP airgun has an air pressure measuring system, releasing a specific amount of air each time you fire. It also has better consistency and accuracy, so most target shooters use it.

Is PCP Air Rifles Worth It?

PCP air rifle is a budget-friendly firearm, but it also has an expensive option. It is a handy multi-pump PCP air rifle that you can refill with a power source (hand pump, scuba tank, or pressure compressor). The worth of this weapon depends on your intention to use it.

You can buy a PCP for $350 and use at least 300 shots. A more powerful PCP airgun is also available that uses a higher and larger calibers pellet for accurate shooting. The rifle is very easy to carry with its accessories and has a little hand pump, and you are ok.

PCP Air Rifle Performance and Accuracy

PCP uses high-pressure air but starts with low velocity. The velocity increases slowly, so when you shoot several times, you can see its performance. Yet that does not mean the quick performance is not possible. Just use the air regulator to manage the air pressure when before the valve opens. It is why the pellets will get high force to fire at the same pressure. Thus, this type of airgun is pricey.

It is also the most accurate gun and easier to shoot. Gaining accuracy is not complicated with this gun, and the weapon does not require any unique technique to shoot.

How Long Does The Air Last In A PCP Air Rifle?

The durability of air stored in a cylinder depends on the gun’s models, features, and power. If you shoot long distances, the gun uses more air. However, you will know when the air in the air tank is low as the PCP rifle has a gauge that indicates the air.

How Many Shots Does A PCP Air Rifle Have Per Fill?

A PCP air rifle can shoot at least 400 after you fill the air tank fully. Some models use more air, so the number of shots varies on the model.

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