Best Rimfire Scope of 2018 – Reviews and Buying Guide

What is the most necessary equipment for the hunter to hit the target perfectly? Is the rifle? Or the rifle scope? Some of the biggest mistake hunters do is buying a high-quality rifle with a cheap rifle scope. Well, to hit the target perfectly, you need the best rifle scope along with the quality rifles.

Hunting has become more mainstream to the people of USA than ever. According to the last five-years report, more than 101.6 Million Americans Participated different outdoor sports like hunting, fishing, etc.

With the popularity, a lot of brands have been into the business with different equipment. To be honest with you, there is a lot of rimfire scope available nowadays. You will find it difficult to choose the best among them.

Nikon Prostaff P3 Target EFR 3-9x40 AO Matte Precision Black
Leupold 113872 VX-1 Rimfire Scope with Fine Duplex Reticle, Matte Black Finish
Nikon P- RIMFIRE 2-7x32 Nikoplex Rifle Scope, Black
Bushnell Optics Drop Zone-22 BDC Rimfire Reticle Riflescope with Target Turrets, Matte Black, 2-7x/32mm
Nikon Prostaff P3 Target EFR 3-9x40 AO Matte Precision Black
Leupold 113872 VX-1 Rimfire Scope with Fine Duplex Reticle, Matte Black Finish
Nikon P- RIMFIRE 2-7x32 Nikoplex Rifle Scope, Black
Bushnell Optics Drop Zone-22 BDC Rimfire Reticle Riflescope with Target Turrets, Matte Black, 2-7x/32mm
Nikon Prostaff P3 Target EFR 3-9x40 AO Matte Precision Black
Nikon Prostaff P3 Target EFR 3-9x40 AO Matte Precision Black
Leupold 113872 VX-1 Rimfire Scope with Fine Duplex Reticle, Matte Black Finish
Leupold 113872 VX-1 Rimfire Scope with Fine Duplex Reticle, Matte Black Finish
Nikon P- RIMFIRE 2-7x32 Nikoplex Rifle Scope, Black
Nikon P- RIMFIRE 2-7x32 Nikoplex Rifle Scope, Black
Bushnell Optics Drop Zone-22 BDC Rimfire Reticle Riflescope with Target Turrets, Matte Black, 2-7x/32mm
Bushnell Optics Drop Zone-22 BDC Rimfire Reticle Riflescope with Target Turrets, Matte Black, 2-7x/32mm

  • Overall Best Overall Scope for Rimfire - Nikon Prostaff Target EFR 3-9x40
  • Best Cheap Rimfire Scope - BARSKA 3-9x32 Plinker-22 Riflescope
  • Top Rimfire Scope for Clear Vision - Leupold 113872 VX-1 Rimfire Scope
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    Best Scopes for Small Game Hunting - Tasco .22 Rifle Scope 3-9x32 MM
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How to Pick the Perfect Rimfire Scope for You?

“I don’t know much about rimfire scopes and I don’t have tons of months to invest in the research of finding the right items for my style so what I am going to do?”

Well, you can check out this buying guide and know what things to consider while buying the rimfire scopes very easily. You can even download it for keeping it offline and read the part later while selecting your scope.

  • Performance
  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Light Condition
  • Magnification
  • Turrets
  • Lens and Reticle

Go for A Scope That’s Tough

Hunting is not something to be done in a soft and comfortable condition. If you are outside, then there will be rough situation and environments. So the scope needs to have the durability to take all the beating of truck and bush without any issues.

In my cases of choosing a rimfire scope, the first thing I look into it is the durability. Without proper endurance capacity, it can break down in a crucial moment. SO, before buying it from any store, check the durability score and reviews from other customers.

Lightweight is Always Better

Rimfire rifles are generally famous for its comfortable usage and lightweight. So, don’t add excessive weight from the scope side that ruins all the advantage of it. Moreover, if you choose weighty optic for the rimfire rifles, then it can go off-balance easily.

Where durability can be an issue from the lightest scopes, you need to make a proper balance of your choices. You need to keep an eye on the durability and choose the lightweight models for your rifle.

 Performance of the Magnification is the Key

Along with the proper clarity, a decent magnification of the scopes can be the determiner factor in shooting a target. If you can get the clear view of the target with the magnification feature, then you will able to shoot it- and without these two, missing the target is not out from the possibilities.

One may say that; magnification has a lesser role in a short range shooting game. It is true in a sense, but in given choice situation, I would go for better magnification in any days while picking the right scope.

Cleared and Brighter Scope is Crucial

Lighting condition in you hunting sports can change in moments. You do not know, where you will place yourself in the hunting situation. If it is in the dark jungle or the weather gets black, a clear and bright display has nothing fear – not as much as the mediocre scopes will do.

So, check out the feature and specific section of the scope and see, if the brightness is perfect for you.

Same goes for the clarity of the rimfire scopes, you need to see through it properly and have the perfect look. If you can see the target clearly, you will have better chance to shoot it.

Which Reticle to Choose?

Elevation and adjustments of the scopes are key factors in for the rimfire rifles. In shorter ranges, the scope reticle isn’t a relevant topic. However, in shooting over long ranges need to keep their importance in the reticle system.

Mil-dot reticle of scopes is handy for long range shooting. With the distance, you need to lock the target even more accurately inside the scope. It will perfectly keep pointed on the target area inside your scope, giving a better chance of hitting the target.

Adjustable Turret for High Profile Shooting

Though in most cases of my short range sports, I didn’t care of the turret feature for my scope, it has later gained importance. For long range shooting, turrets are as important as magnification and clarity.

So, why it is a thing to consider for long range shooting?

If you are shooting from different ranges, understanding and setting the perfect point of impact is a must. And the turret adjustment makes setting the point of impact from different ranges very quick. It also returns your scope to zero points very easily.

Top 10 Best Rimfire Scope Reviews

As you know, most of the rimfire scopes are made for .22LR cartridges. Attaching rimfire scope with .22 long rifles will increase the accuracy. .22 rifle owners often search for the best affordable rimfire scopes for small game hunting.

Here I will be reviewing about ten of the best rimfire scopes to help you choose the right one for you.

#1. Nikon Prostaff Target EFR 3-9×40 – Best Overall Rimfire Scope

Nikon Prostaff P3 Target EFR 3-9x40 AO Matte Precision Black
  • Multiple layers of anti-reflective compounds on every glass surface provide bright and vivid sight pictures, optimum light transmission and maximum brightness from dawn to dusk
  • The adjustable objective lens allows sharp, parallax-free focusing as close as 10 yards all the way out to Infinity
  • Hand-turned 1/4 MOA adjustments and spring-loaded instant zero-reset turrets

Nikon Prostaff scopes are very popular for quality glass, excellent power, and perfect adjustment knobs. And the Nikon Prostaff Target EFR come with some impressive features that a professional shooter can appreciate. To begin with, its excellent optical experience that provides a perfect target shooting performance.

With some minor adjustment of their previous product, the new scopes can deliver excellence in target shooting. The latest Nikon Precision Reticle features added great crosshairs and a marker. The plus sign doesn’t bother the sight of the target. So you can watch and lock the target comfortably during intensive hunting.

While choosing the best scopes, one of my top considerations is the range. Thankfully the EFT 3-9×40 is a scope for long range shooting. This rimfire scope provides extend focusing range. You can locate and focus on the target from a wider range.

This adjustable objective makes this Target EFR superior to the previous models of Nikon Prostaff.

The adjustable objective also provides you parallax-free view at just 10 yards’ distance. That is not that much to talk about, but in real life experience, you will like it none the less.

Different distances are marked on the ring. You just have to set the ring at the right distance to have a clear focus on the target.

The multi-coated lenses on the scope provide added clarity, contrast, and brightness.

The shockproof, waterproof and fog proof feature makes this Target EFR scope favorite to the shooters.

Although Target EFR specially made for .22 long range rifles, it also can be used on air rifles. You will be satisfied using this scope for target shooting.

Our Thought

“We have picked this rimfire scope to review at first for some efficient features that make hunting with ease and comfort. The quick reticle adjustment setting along with flexible elevation makes your hunting enjoyable and bother-free.

The Nikon Prostaff Target EFR 3-9×40 impressed us in all our test. It is also the most used items for me and my friend Bob Winslet. So we didn’t really hesitate to list this on the top.”

The company is one of the most popular optics and lens companies and provide reliable products for the consumers. And, the new Target EFR 3-90x 40 rimfire scopes is one of their best items for hunting. With reliability and features, this is the best you can get for the money.


  • Comes with an amazing clarity and brightness
  • Has target uncovering reticle for extra plasticity
  • Impressive Quick AO will make hunting more accurate
  • check
    Water & Fogproof extra durable for intensive hunting
  • check
    Excellent wide field of view for ease in locking target
  • check
    Light transmission of 99% with the boost option is amazing


  • Doesn’t work with excellence in short range shooting
  • If you are hunting long range target, then it shouldn’t be as suitable

#2. Leupold VX-1 Rimfire 2-7×28 – Best Quality Rimfire Scope

Leupold 113872 VX-1 Rimfire Scope with Fine Duplex Reticle, Matte Black Finish
  • Eyepiece length: 2.86-inches with a field of view at 100-yards
  • Objective length: 2.15-inches with an objective diameter of 1.36-inches
  • Eyepiece diameter: 1.36-inches with a tube diameter of 1-inch

Let’s jump right in and take a look at the Leopold VX-1 Rimfire scope. This scope comes at a very affordable price with being high in features and quality. This is a scope for those who are seeking inexpensive high-quality scopes.

Leupold earned the reputation for producing world-class products. This particular Leupold product features fully waterproof design, one-inch tube, and 28mm objective ring.

The duplex reticle of VX-1 rimfire scope features extra fine crosshair to have a clear vision on the target.

You will have no problem focusing on the adjustable objective of this rimfire scope. This is a great scope for longer range shooting. The adjustable objective also provides you parallax free vision at 60 yards distance. You have to just set the target distance marked on the objective ring and you will get the clear view of the target.

And for the closer objects, it performs relatively well. It focuses on close and longer objects precisely. So, there will be no problem in focusing those objects whether from closer or longer ranges.

The Leupold VX-1 Rimfire 2-7x28mm features multi-coated lenses for increased clarity and high brightness.

Micro-friction windage and elevation dials on the scope don’t let your eyes to tire.

Our Thought

“While doing the research for finding the top rimfire scope, this one suits most of the considerations and the experience was excellent too. It has some features like the quantum optical system, multicoated 4 and micro frictions windage dials, we were really impressed at. And the price range looked also very attractive with a decent quality it offers.

We included this scope is not just the rimfire scope list but also in the best 2-7×28 scope as well.”

With the quick focus eyepiece and the adjustable option of the objectives, the rimfire scope can go beyond one’s hopes and provide excellent target shooting experience.


  • The quantum optical system provides sharp views of the target
  • Has 4 multicoated options for the maximum 92% light transmission
  • Provide clean and clear image in the medium distance
  • check
    Comfortable rimfire scope to use for longer hunting
  • check
    Close range focusing of Leupold VX-1 is excellent


  • Brightness in upper magnification is not that impressive
  • Some users have faced stiffness while adjusting the elevation

#3. Nikon P-Rimfire 2-7×32

Nikon P- RIMFIRE 2-7x32 Nikoplex Rifle Scope, Black
  • For shooters who prefer to "dial-in" their shots at a known distance
  • The P-Rimfire features Nikon Eco-Glass lenses, made without lead or arsenic and coated with multiple layers of anti-reflective compounds
  • The P-Rimfire offers precise, 1/4-inch at 50 yard target-style hand-turn adjustments

Don’t stop reading this article yet. We have just discussed two rimfire scopes and 8 more rimfire scope discussion is remained to discuss. While discussing on the Leupold VX-1 review, we had seen some impressive features to love. And this Nikon p rimfire scope is no difference.

We will discuss the other features in a further review, but now let’s focus on the lenses. The eco glass lenses of this Nikon scope is renowned for using no lead and arsenic materials. Something to be applauded by the eco-friendly campaigners.

The reason for including it in our top 5 rimfire scope is its clear sight of long distant targets. Nikon P-Rimfire scopes are versatile, high quality and pretty affordable. This rimfire scope includes a fixed parallax setting of 50 yards. This scope grants you to adjust the shot perfectly at this distance.

Having trouble with the scope while dialing for shorter ranges?

Maximum scopes will offer you ¼ inches click adjustment dial. For most of the time, these setting is for 100 yards distance or so. You can dial the scope perfectly for longer distances, but it is almost impossible to dial the scope precisely in at shorter ranges. Nikon P-Rimfire doesn’t have this problem in it. The ¼ inch adjustment fixed at 50 yards makes it easier to dial more accurately.

This scope works great on both .17 and .22 caliber rifles because of the dual turret feature of the scope.

This scope also includes the latest Nikon BDC reticle for the extra fine crosshair.

The scope features 2-7x adjustable magnification for shooting at various ranges of distances. Finally, I can just say that you will be getting this amazing rimfire scope with a very affordable price.

Our Though

“While making the review of this scope, we didn’t have much to examines, as it is used by most of our expert review team. We liked the eye relief – which is amazing for people like me who likes looking at the target for a long time for precise shooting. Also, the rapid action turret system and long target viewing ability were loved by most of us.”

If you are looking for better accuracy and speed for intensive hunting, then the Nikon P- RIMFIRE 2-7×32 Nikoplex Rifle Scope will be a great choice for the price.


  • The multicoated optics that provide maximum light transmission
  • The scope provides distinctive open circle from the BDC 150 reticle
  • Comes with durable material and fog and waterproof quality
  • check
    ¼ inch hand turn adjustment performs great un 50 yards
  • check
    Comfortable and eco-friendly scope
  • check
    The matte finish of this scope looks great on the rifle
  • check
    8″ of eye relief provide consistent comfort for the hunter


  • No major downsides to talking about

#4. Bushnell AR Optics 22 BDC – Best for AR-15 Style Rifle

Bushnell AR Optics 22 BDC 2-7x32MM is a lower midrange scope, which is designed for most tactical shooting scenarios. This particular rimfire scope specifically made to use on .22 caliber Long Range AR-15 style rifles. So, if you are planning to buy a rimfire scope for your AR 15 rifle, then this can be a perfect choice.

Bushnell AR Optics 22 BDC comes with a side focus parallax setting. This setting adjustment is better for the midrange shooting and quite decent for mid-long range targets also. You can get the best out of it at 50 – 100 yards’ distance.

And at what distance, you can have tuned it precisely?

Bushnell AR Optics 22 BDC has ¼ inch click adjustment dial like most of the rimfire scopes available in the market. But some of them has ¼ inch adjustable dial for 50 yards. You can focus the scope precisely at this distance without having any problems.

But for longer distances more than 100 yards, you will fail to dial the scope accurately. This particular scope allows you to dial the scope perfectly at long range distance (100 yards).

This rimfire scope has a 3.7 inches long eye relief with adjustable 2-7x magnification for shooting targets of any size at various ranges. So, using it for a longer time during sports might not be an issue.

It comes with easy to zero features, so, you can go back to your zero quickly without remembering how many dialed you have made.

Also, it comes with Bushnell Drop Zone .22 LR specific Reticle. They also come with the multi-coated lens system. You can pick the moving targets easily for the wide range of view of the scope.

Our Thought

What are the other reasons for making it the best Bushnell rimfire scope?

“While making the in-depth review of this optic, we have found out some stunning features and advantages.

But the reason we kept this rimfire scope apart from other Bushnell is it’s easy to use the facility. The windage and elevation adjustment is as easy as it can be. Thanks to the design of flexible target turrets. The BDC reticles make it easier also to lock a target in midrange targets. So, shooting perfectly is also easier. “

So, if you are looking for the best scope with easy to use features for your AR 15 or other rimfire rifles, then this is our perfect pick.


  • Come with excellent accuracy
  • The optical precision will help you in distant shooting
  • Comes from a top and reliable brand of the market
  • check
    Will provide amazing performance
  • check
    Perfect scope for using with AR 15 rifle
  • check
    This scope performs long range target up to 125 yards
  • check
    Sturdy construction with dustproof and waterproof tech


  • Doesn’t perform well in low light condition

#5. Vortex Optics Crossfire II Rimfire – Most Comfortable Rimfire Scope

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7x32 Rimfire SFP Riflescope V-Plex Reticle MOA
  • The 2-7x32 Crossfire II Rim fire riflescope is one of many configurations in the Crossfire II line. The V-Plex reticle is a popular all-purpose hunting reticle intended for a wide variety of hunting applications.
  • With long eye relief and an ultra-forgiving eye box, you'll be able to quickly get a sight picture and acquire your target. The fast focus eyepiece allows quick and easy reticle focusing.
  • Anti-reflective, fully multi-coated lenses provide bright and clear views for the user.

 Vortex Optics Crossfire II is in the number fifth position of top 10 best rimfire scope reviews list. This rimfire scope is medium ranged rifle scope. It is inexpensive and comes at an affordable price.

The reason people loved this scope is its V-Plex Reticle. You can use this reticle for different kinds of hunting, so the rimfire scope is applicable for a wide variety of hunting.

I love comfort in my sports and hunting, and this scope has been precisely designed to do so. It has an ultra-forgiving eye box, which will provide a quick sight of the target and makes looking inside the scope more comfortable for eyes.

This particular rimfire scope comes with 1-inch single part nitrogen filled and eliminated tube. Vortex Crossfire II scope is waterproof, shockproof and fog proof.  There are two models of this scope, one is Dead-Hold BDC MOA and the other V-Plex MOA.

The adjustable windage and elevation turrets are a standard low profile. You can quickly reset it to zero function. It includes quick focus eye part to adjust the focus easily for various ranges.

You can ask that is this rimfire scope is also made for .22 LR rifles like others above on the list?

The answer is no, this rimfire scope is not specially made for the .22 LR cartridge like the other scopes discussed. Though it works great on the .22 LR cartridge rifles.

The Vortex Optic Crossfire II features 2-7x adjustable magnification to shoot at different ranges. This scope also includes machine locked, multi-coated lenses to provide a clear and bright vision of the target.

Our Though

“We liked the optical performance of this scope, and the eye relief feature performed amazingly. The crisp and clear display was emitting perfect bright light in different light conditions. Also, the windage and elevation adjustment system was more accurate than you can expect at this price point.

We also researched different Vortex Optic Crossfire II reviews from different customers to check what they are thinking, and the result was quite satisfying.”

If you are looking for a perfect rimfire scope with eye relief feature and better optics, then this one can easily get into your list.


  • Comes at a really affordable price for the features it offers
  • The 2-7x adjustable magnification lets you shoot at different ranges
  • The Vortex Optics Crossfire II comes with faster focus eyepiece
  • check
    Made with high-end materials to be durable in the field
  • check
    Water, fog and dustproof
  • check
    You will have precise and accurate adjustments


  • Setting the scope with the rings need little more pressure
  • exclamation-triangle
    The maximum adjustment is 60 MOA for elevation and windage

#6. Barska Plinker 22 3-9x32MM – Perfect Plinker Scope for the Money

BARSKA 3-9x32 Plinker-22 Riflescope
  • 22 rifles and rim-fires to provide striking performance, 3 to 9X magnification, 11.5-Ounce weight
  • Water, fog, and shock-proof fully multi-coated optics adjustable for wind-age and elevation
  • 12-Inch tube length, one-Inch tube diameter, and 32-Millimeter objective lens

After fiddling with different .22 scopes with a poor lens, magnification and all sorts of below satisfying features for finding an affordable one, we found the Barska Plinker. This model has really impressed us in some marks especially in the lens department.

In our 22 scope recommendations, we included this scope for several reasons.

This rimfire scope is one of the best to attach with your .22 LR cartridge. This scope is shockproof, waterproof and lightweight as well.

This Barska model is solidly constructed. I’ve dropped this scope several times but it still works great.

Also, this scope is pretty good at accuracy. The magnification worked just fine in our review. You will also get 50 yards of parallax free sight with the model.  Thanks to the manufacturer for including such a high-quality lens in this scope in so budget-friendly price.

Barska Plinker 22 rimfire scope is entirely multi-coated. The multi-coated lenses on the scope provide added clarity, contrast, and brightness. It also comes with adjustable windage and elevation turrets. This scope also provides lens cap and lens cloth.

Are you afraid of installing the scope on the rifle?

There is nothing to afraid of installing this Barska Plinker 22 on your rifle. It is very easy to install. You will feel very comfortable using this scope. You can reset the scope to zero function very fast.

This particular scope includes ¼ inch click adjustment dial. The dial allows to fine tune the scope for windage and elevation.

Our Thought

“In our 25 rimfire scope tests, this one was on the first half side. We were pretty excited to see its multi-coated optics, for what it was praised for. And we were really satisfied with the light transmission and clear image. Also, the built quality looks great with all the pros like fog, water, and dustproof advantages. We loved the overall quality of this rimfire item.”

In the price range, this scope comes with better quality, better viewing angle and clearer images. Also, the single tube simple looking model is the reason, you will have to like it.


  • Comes with single tube high-quality construction
  • The performance is excellent in viewing midrange targets
  • The multicoated lens provides a clear and bright image
  • check
    the scope is water and fog proof with a durable finish
  • check
    it comes with a mounting ring, lens cloth, and cover
  • check
    The parallax free sight of this scope is up to 50 yards


  • The scope rings look cheap

#7. Simmons 511039 .22 Mag 2-9×32 MM – Most Affordable Rimfire Scope

Simmons 511039 3 - 9 x 32mm .22 Mag(R) Matte Black Riflescope
  • High-quality fully-coated optical glass lenses
  • Parallax correction preset from 50 yards to infinity
  • Rimfire 3/8" dovetail mounting rings included

Are you searching for a high-quality scope at an affordable price? Then the Simmons 511039 is the best value scope to choose. It is one of my go-to rimfire scope for squirrel hunting along with Vortex.

It will fulfill your expectation. Low price doesn’t mean this scope is low quality. It works just like other expensive scopes available in the market. It will do a great job for you.

The highlighted feature of this scope is its stunning lens.  This multicoated lens will do a great job in providing better brightness in all kinds of situation. No more worries about the weather forecast for your next hunting trip, this coated lens along with durable finish will do a decent job in rain and dark weather.

Also, you will be really impressed by its Hydro-shield objective lenses. The lenses are accurate and clear to show the target. This with the perfect FOV of this scope will enhance your shooting performance.

This scope also features adjustable objective just like other high priced scope. The adjustable objective ensures clear vision at different magnification level. This particular scope features 2-9x magnification and adjustable objective, which moves very spontaneously and easily and stay at the right place precisely at the time of the shooting.

You can turn the elevation and wind adjustment dials easily. Doesn’t matter if you are wearing gloves, it just works fine.

Do these dials of your scope sometimes unwontedly change the adjustments you made?

There is great news for you. Simmons .22 Mag features a cap on the adjustment dials to avoid this kind of troubles. You have to remove the cap to change the adjustments.

Our Thought

“We have also reviewed this scope for making the best 22.lr scope list. The clarity, coating and elevation adjustment of this scope is our favorite points. Where we didn’t like the eye relief as much – though that is not that bad. Also, while using it in the foggy situation, the glass was showing a yellowish coating – which I personally didn’t like.”

The above features make this rimfire scope a great choice for low budget. Considering the price range and so little pros, this is an ideal choice for the people who are looking for rimfire and .22 rifle scope.


  • The multicoated lens provides excellent brightness
  • The hydro shield objective lenses will ensure a clear view
  • Comes with comfortable rubber grip
  • check
    FOV of this scope is perfect for hunters
  • check
    Comes with elevation & windage adjustment


  • The glass shows yellow shadow in foggy situation
  • exclamation-triangle
    Lack of eye relief

#8. Tasco .22 Rifle Scope 3-9×32 MM – Best Scope for Squirrel Hunting

TASCO MAG39X32D Rimfire Series 3-9x 32mm 30/30 Reticle .22 Riflescope (Matte Finish)
  • Beautiful design and durability built to last
  • Tailor-made for .22 rimfire rifles--includes rings
  • Features full-sized, 1-inch Advanced Monotube Construction, 50-yard parallax setting

Are you searching for a rimfire scope for small game hunting? If you are fond of small game hunting and for squirrel hunting, then this one is a perfect choice.

Coming with excellent finish with decent built quality, the feature will make you can have a proper sport-hunting experience.  The scope is renowned for its monotone construction. This makes it unique from most another scope in the market. The durability will satisfy you despite its lower price.

Tasco .22 LR rimfire scope is a medium power scope and best for small game hunting. This particular rimfire scope allows you to shoot small target precisely at any ranges within 100 yards. Not many rimfire scopes offer to focus clearly at shorter ranges, unlike this scope.

What I loved about this scope is the optical quality. It has High definition optics for providing an excellent image of the target with perfect clarity. With the use of the multicoated lens, this scope is stunning for viewing animal with your eyes.

The quick response and lightweight of this scope makes it ideal for squirrel hunting.  This Tasco scope gained a reputation for the ease of its use. Customers are very satisfied with its ability to find the zero point easily and clear vision.

This rifle scope is affordable, that doesn’t mean it lacks the quality. It is scratch proof. The plastic lens may be not premium but gets the task done for you.

The field of view of this rimfire item is not much to talk about. It is just better than. You can only use it properly to 17.5 feet with 3x magnification. So, the company needs to improve in this area for the next model.

The adjustment knobs are well placed on the top and side of this scope.

Our Thought

“Using this rimfire scope is a great experience for of our review team members. We liked the simple design along with the clean and clear view of the objects. We would love if the FOV would be little better, but in this price range we could hardly complain much.”

Experts suggest this scope for the beginner hunters. Those who are trying to learn using a rifle, this scope is pretty helpful for them.


  • Comes with HD quality optics with proper clarity
  • Made of high-quality material for durability
  • This is a comfortable scope to use
  • check
    Come with elevation and windage adjustment
  • check
    Simple design looks great for using in hunting
  • check
    Comes with an affordable price


  • Issues of dropping the Monotube during shooting
  • exclamation-triangle
    Magnification range of the scope isn’t too satisfying

#9. BSA sweet 22 series 3-9×40 MM -65$ – Best Cheap Rimfire Scope in Our List

BSA Sweet .22, 3-9x40mm, Duplex, Rifle Scope
  • Please read all label information on delivery.

The wait is over. You have finally reached the last two of the list of rimfire scope review. It is one of the favorite scopes of my friend Mike. Also, when I am thinking of using Ruger 10/22 rifle, this is the go-to scope for the situation.

BSA sweet 22 rimfire scope features sturdy construction. This is a very reliable, durable and user-friendly rimfire scope. This rimfire scope constructed with solid material.

This particular rimfire scope fits really well on the rifle. You can use this scope in every type of weather conditions.

This BSA rimfire scope is sturdy, shockproof, waterproof and fog proof. So, the weather will not be a burden for your shooting.

Are you tired of using heavy rimfire scopes?

The BSA sweet 22 series scope is the solution for you. This scope is very lightweight. The first impression this scope will make on you is the ease of its use.

This BSA product offers you adjustable objectives like any other high-quality rimfire scopes. The adjustable knobs of this scope allow you to change the turret setting very fast. This scope can easily be calibrated for 36, 38 and 40 bullets.

The BSA Sweet 22 Series features ¼ inch MOA reticle and 3-9x adjustable magnification to shoot at different ranges. You can adjust it up to 100 yards and take a precise shot at a target of any sizes.

Our Thought

“The performance is overwhelming with this scope when we tested this with Ruger rifles. Also, from our previous user experience, we can say that it is a powerful optics for different ranges of hunting. The field of view is great and nothing to object in this sector.

Our hunting experts have paid their gratitude to the manufacturer for making 3 inches’ eye relief, which comes really handy for long time shooting games. The reasons for keeping this scope in the later part is the crosshairs, which can make the shooters confused as first. So, we felt that it might not be ideal for target-oriented shooters.

We would really appreciate if the manufacturer notes down this problem and improved the design a bit.”

The powerful optic and heavy duty construction make this rimfire optic a great scope to choose for. If you are looking for the performance of target locking, I recommend this rimfire scope.


  • Comes at a really affordable price for the features it offers
  • Come with multicoated optics to provide better brightness
  • Mounting this on a scope is as easy it can be for the hunters
  • check
    Performance is excellent with some rifles like Ruger 10/22
  • check
    BSA sweet 22 can be used in any kinds of grain barrel


  • Not that good for target-oriented shooters

10. Nikon 6729 Prostaff Black Matte (BDC) – Top Midrange Scope for Impressive Glass and Clarity

Nikon 6729 ProStaff 4-12 x 40 Black Matte Riflescope (BDC)
  • Compact riflescope with 4 to 12x magnification and 40mm objective lens
  • Fully multicoated optical system transmits up to 98 percent of available light
  • Zero-reset turret with spring-loaded adjustment knob; 3.7 inches of eye relief

Nikon is one of the most reputed brands in the optic product market. The Nikon Prostaff scopes are the example of their well-designed products. Sometimes you just have to trust on the famous brands.

This Nikon Prostaff model comes with 3-9x adjustable power magnification and 40MM objective lens. The Nikon Prostaff BDC features very sturdy construction. It makes this rimfire scope very reliable and durable. There are different reasons, why it one of the best rimfire

Having trouble to zero in?

It is very easy to zero in with this rimfire scope. All you have to do is remove the cap and turn the adjustment knob to zero. It also features 3.6 inches of eye relief. So, if you are in a sport that takes a long time on the field, then this eye relief feature can come really handy.

One of the major concern I faced with some Bushnell scope is the comfort and clarity of the lenses. Simmons scopes also let themselves down in this area. But, this model of Nikon Prostaff really did well.

This Nikon Prostaff BDC model is shockproof, waterproof and fog proof. You can bring this with you for hunting expeditions. You can use it in any type of weather conditions.

This scope is filled with nitrogen to provide you clear vision through it. Focus system of this scope is very rich. It focuses very quickly even if you move one target to another.

Our Thought

“We have used and experimented this rifle scope with different ranges and rifles. And the result was satisfying enough. Also, we have research other reviews of this scope to find, what other users are thinking. The overall result came really positive.”

With a better view, comfort and clarity, Nikon 6729 4-12 x 40 Black Matte Riflescope will really be in the top scopes under 300 dollars on my list.


  • Comes with 3-9x adjustable magnification
  • The eye relief features make using this scope comfortable
  • Come with clear vision with the nitrogen filled lenses
  • check
    The frame and built quality is durable
  • check
    Multicoated optical lens transmits better light
  • check
    Comes with shockproof and waterproof quality


  • Any movement of the eye can change crosshair location
  • exclamation-triangle
    Not so cheap in price

Final Verdict

Many rifle users still feel that it is unnecessary to use a scope on a rifle. If the scope cost you a few hundred dollars, they just suggest not using scopes at all.

But the truth is shooting is more exciting and enjoyable with a scope on the rimfire rifle you are using. Not long ago, there were just a few good scopes available on the market. The situation has been changed.

Nowadays you have to be confused in choosing the best rimfire scope. Because there are many decent scopes are available and they are pretty affordable. And to remove your confusion, I suggest reading this guide and hopefully, you will find this guide helpful.

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