Small Fishing Boat Storage Ideas & Maintenance Tips

Fishing from boats is nowadays a famous way for the anglers and fishermen. A lot of company is providing fishing boats for the increasing requirements for the fishing enthusiasts. But one of the main problems of using boats is lack of having small fishing boat storage ideas organize the boat in a way that you can keep all the important fishing item there.

In my lifetime experience in fishing, I can say that some of the lesser important aspects in eyes can have a major impact on the performance of fishing. So, it is important to organize the boats- especially small boats as like as having the perfect spincast reels or other reels, rods and lures for fishing.

Small Fishing Boat Storage Ideas for Better Maintenance

If you live in a cold climate and have to store your boat over the winter, you need proper boat storage ideas and maintenance techniques. It will keep your fishing safe and provide better performance out of fishing with spincast reels or other saltwater reels.

Without proper precautions, serious problems can develop with your boat. Especially, you need proper ideas for motor and trailer. Because, if your rig is not properly organized. Here are some simple steps to ensure that your boat runs smoothly come spring.

Boat Storage Ideas

Managing Fishing Rods and Other Units

To keep everything in organized order, you need to place the boat items and fishing items in right places. This will not only save spaces, but also will organized the things and let you find it very easily in times of needs. There are many reel and road storage accessories to put them in a compact place.

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Make sure you check out the size of the rack and road holders and match them with your fishing boat to not mess the thinghs.

Replacing the lower unit oil

To organize and have better boat environment you need to clean the parts of the boats. You need to replace the oil in the lower unit of the fishing boat. If in any case, water has seeped in the boat, it will probably freeze and crack the housing. In this case, you need to remove the bottom filler score in the lower nit. After that, you can easily insert the tip of a lubricant tube.

After that, you should remove or displace the top filler screw from there. And then you should squeeze the tube until fresh clean oil oozes out the top hole from that place of the boat. And now, you need to replace the top screw. At first, it will create an airlock that allows you to replace the bottom screw without the oil draining out.

Spray fogging oil to prevent rust

Spray fogging oil into your carburetor(s) to remove condensation and prevent rust inside the engine. With the engine running in the water, for the carburetor until the engine starts to smoke.

Then detach the fuel line and let the engine run out of gas. Take the boat out of the water, lower the motor so the water drains out of the lower unit and turn the motor over a few times to blow out any remaining water

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Fill Gas Before Adding Fuel Conditioner

Fill your gas tank at least halfway and then add fuel conditioner. This is not a small fishing boat storage ideas rather than this is a maintenance matter, that adds safety and better performance for fishing. This boat maintenance tips with fuel will secure the boat in the spring season.

Spray fogging oil to prevent rust

Also, filling the gas tank hallway will prevent a buildup of gummy varnish that could clog your Carburetor. Before running the boat in spring, top off your tank with fresh gas to dilute the conditioner and boost the octane level, which may decline over winter. It will keep the boat motor steady and provide better baiting environment for catching fishes.

Spray the Engine with Lubricant

Remove the cowling and spray the entire engine with a light coating of silicone lubricant. This extends the life of the fuel line and other rubber or plastic parts. Be sure to inspect the fuel line for leaks.

You can easily buy the spray and other boat organization accessories online to perfectly organize small boats with proper maintenance and have better performance from the boat for fishing.

Maintaining Boat Trailer Wheel Bearings

While fishing on a boat, most of the fisherman and anglers forget to maintain the boat properly. The boat trailer wheel bearings make things smoother and faster with keeping the rig rolling. It keeps the bearing smooth with grease and thus you need to check it, clean it and maintain it.

You need to maintaining Boat Trailer Wheel Bearings for major pontoon boat organization not only to improve bating time but also keep things cleaner. So, repack your boat trailer’s Wheel bearings. If Water has seeped in, the bearings Will rust over the Winter.

Inspect the races as well; if they’re worn or pitted, replace them.

Check Out the Boat Batteries

Your fishing boat will use batteries, whether for trolling motor or for other motors. Although, maintaining trolling motor batteries are easier for their technological advantages, you still need to check it out regularly.

can i use deep cycle battery for starting

Check the fluid level in your batteries, add distilled water if necessary and bring the batteries to a full charge. Disconnect any electronics and store them inside. Unplug your trolling motors. Check the batteries a couple of times Over the Winter to make sure they’re charged.

While following proper boat organization ideas, you will find it rather difficult to keep the battery in the boat with all other accessories. So, to keep the smaller boat storage in a better shape, you need to keep the battery in the proper are.

Here are few small trolling motor batteries

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Tip up the bow and pull the plug so any water in the hull can drain out. If the Water is not drained out, it will freeze and possibly damage the hull or floor.

Boat Storage Ideas for Fishes

A final equipment concern is what to do with the catch? Most private boats do not have space for a separate refrigeration hold. Wet gunny sacks are useful on small outboards, but won’t always preserve the catch until you get home.

The new wave of heavy-duty plastic foam ice chests made by Igloo, Coleman, Thermos, and Got are perfect for this situation. They range in size from small 30 quart models on up to jumbo 200 quarts. These larger models can actually be tied to the swim step of private yachts to form a refrigerated storage hold for larger sizes or greater quantities of game fish. Some of the bigger chests also have built-in cushions on their top lids which can provide extra seating on a small boat.

These chests, compared to the chunkier metal models of yesteryear, are impervious to saltwater, won’t rust, and will really take a beating in rough seas. They also won’t mar expensive decks, woodwork, or metal fixtures as will the heavy metal-cased models.

That should give you a fairly extensive menu of the items needed for a properly rigged, privately owned saltwater boat. Now let’s focus on some of the advantages and disadvantages that are inherent in owning your own rig.





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