Best Rescue Knife Review 2018 and Buying Guide

A hunting enthusiast or firefighter is rarely considered dressed until he has a rescue knife in his pocket. The rescue knife is the tool one needs to carry and use on a regular basis in the outdoor mission, whether it is hunting, firefighting or camping. So, choosing the best rescue knife is important to get the best out of it.

If you think rescue knives are just for rescue volunteers and firefighters, you are wrong. Rescue knives are also very useful for campers, outdoor enthusiasts, climbers, fishers, and hikers.

In the first era of rescue knife, finding a top class knife would be a bit of problem, but not now. Many companies are designing rescue knifes with different advantages and features. And with the advantages of having so many companies, one might find it easier to choose a rescue knife.

But the truth is,

The variety of rescue knives available nowadays in the market is so vast that you will have difficulties in finding out the best one for you.

​Before going through the reviews of the top rescue knife brands and products on the market, you can check this comparison table for a quick view: 


Known For

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Gerber Hinderer Rescue

Durable Razor Sharp Edge retention with comfortable G-10 handle

Bullshark G-10 8CR13 Tactical Rescue Knife

Durable MOV Blade with lightweight and one handle opening design


High quality durable and lightweight design in a low budget

Kershaw Barricade Emergency Rescue Pocket Knife

Can produce tough cut easily with one hand opening option

Cold Steel SRK Kraton Handle Black Blade

This Power Beast Can Charge Two Times Faster

Buck Knives 753 Redpoint Rescue Tactical Folding Knife

420 HC stainless blade can tougher glass operating with one hand

Blizetec Survival knife

One of the best durable survival knife with flashlight and fire starter

Best Rescue Knife Review

Everyone, who want a useful and unforgettable tool in their hunting, camping, firefighting and other missions will need a rescue knife. They should have this tool in their kit. Rescue knives differ in many ways like their style, size, shape, and use. Here I will be discussing ten of the best rescue knives available.

Gerber Hinderer Rescue

[amazon_link asins=’B000EDTSZQ’ template=’Single-ProductAd’ store=’dgear01-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’13cc6294-1f70-11e8-8d22-7b62afecd0e6′]The Gerber Hinderer Rescue Knife is the first product on our list. This rescue knife is exclusively designed by firefighter and knife maker Rick Hinderer. As a firefighter and with his real-life experience, he integrated the most important features needed by firefighters into this knife.

I have been using this knife also in many outdoor campaigns, and I am glad about its efficiency and quality. This knife is highly recommended for hunting and firefighters and emergency medical services paramedics.

This rescue knife weighs 12 ounces and the weight distributed very strategically so that you don’t have to face any problem with its optimal stability. The design makes sure you can hold and carry this knife without any comfort issues.

Also, when you check the durability of this Gerber rescue knife, you will be pretty surprised how strong it is.  Mr. Rick Hinderer made this knife really stable according to its size and weight. In most of the surviving and firefighting mission, the sturdy quality creates a good impact.

It has a sharp serrated 3.5 inches’ blade that can cut through seatbelts and pretty much everything you’ll encounter in the field. Also, the knife can cut through static ropes, seatbelt webbing, 1-inch webbing, double jacketed hose, old turnouts, cardboard boxes etc. It cuts through pretty much everything a great knife should do.

You will be surprised with the nine-piece toolkit comes with the knife. It includes a tiny “L” shaped handle, a bit adapter and nine .25 inches’ hex bits.

This Gerber knife also includes a window punch and an oxygen tank opener. If you need to quickly open up an oxygen tank, the Gerber rescue knife contains an oxygen wrench built in. You won’t likely use this feature too much, but it’s so unobtrusive that you’ll likely forget it’s even there.


  • This knife is safe to open and close using one hand makes using it comfortable
  • Sharp serrated 5-inch blade that cuts through everything you need to
  • Includes nine-piece surprise toolkit for getting the most in hunting and surviving
  • The knife offers optimally stable performance in the most intensive uses
  • Features a window punch and an oxygen tank opener with the knife
  • Lightweight and distribution of weight makes it easier to carry on missions
  • Very easy and simple rescue knife to operate and carry


  • In the beginning, opening may seem a bit harder


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ANVIL BLADESMITHS – Bullshark G-10 8CR13 Tactical Rescue Knife

[amazon_link asins=’B01M7YGNW9′ template=’Single-ProductAd’ store=’dgear01-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’3e108bf0-1f70-11e8-a80c-3ddadff69510′]Bullshark G-10 8CR13 Tactical rescue knife by Anvil Bladesmiths is one of the best rescue knives available on the market. It is very valuable to in case of emergency because of its unique features.

So, what are the most efficient features we found in the Bullshark G-10 8CR13 Tactical Rescue Knife?

The most important feature is easy to use the facility. This knife is really easy to open. It doesn’t waste the valuable seconds when it is needed to open instantly. You won’t struggle to open it up. So, in times of need, this knife will come into the act without wasting any more time. Thankfully, it has a liner lock and it is really easy to open using just one hand when required.

Another feature I liked about this Anvil Bladesmiths knife is the waterproof facility. So, do not worry to use this knife in wet and rainy condition.

The length of this knife is 8.25 inches. Its 8CR13 MOV blade’s length is 3.25 inches. Bullshark G-10 8CR13 Tactical rescue knife gives you the option to choose between a straight blade and a partially serrated blade.

Also, this Anvil Bladesmiths’ knife features G-10 handle, which is famous for comfort. It provides the best grip needed at the time of emergency. The blade of this knife can cut everything you will need to cut with a knife in an emergency.

So, the G-10 handle provides you the perfect grip while cutting through objects in emergency time. The handle provides you excellent grip whether it is wet or dry.

This is a very lightweight knife. So, you can carry it very easily with you. Despite the lightweight, you will be surprised with its Razor Sharp Edge Retention and also the Durability. The knife also comes with a belt clip, glass breaker, and a paracord or seatbelt cutter.


  • Super sharp blade makes cutting toughest material easy and simple
  • This rescue folding knife is easy to use in most intense situation
  • The sturdy built quality with Razor Sharp Edge Retention is really handy
  • Despite the durability, this knife is very lightweight for comfortable carrying
  • Adding to the easy-carry the great grip allows perfect comfort for holding
  • This knife is the best rescue knife for some users for its glass breaker facility


  • The quality of the blade lock isn’t up to the mark according to some consumers
  • The break-in periods of this knife may seem little slower than the expectation


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[amazon_link asins=’B014GUGTSG’ template=’Single-ProductAd’ store=’dgear01-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=”]TAC-FORCE EMT EMS ORANGE Rescue knife is on the third spot in our 10 of the rescue knives review list. It has every quality to keep this as the most trusted rescue tool with you. I have had some excellent experience with this knife in the most recent camping event. Since then, I have become a big fan of this EMT rescue knife.

This knife is really easy to open. You just have to push the flipper and it will be opened during uses in different situations. It is that simple!! Also, you don’t have to use both of your hands to open it. You will need just one hand for opening the knife. It is really important in term of emergency. You would need your free hand to hold something or for other works.

This TAC-FORCE Spring Assisted Opening EMT EMS ORANGE Rescue Folding Pocket Knife is very lightweight. Especially you will like that the weight this best emt knife is distributed really well for stability. Also, it weighs only 5 ounces. It makes this knife to carry anytime and anywhere easily. You won’t even feel its existence.  This is one of the reason, why I like this knife for camping.

This Orange rescue knife is 7.75 inches long overall and 4.5 inches long when it is closed. Keeping it in your pocket is easier with the folding option. The blade is made of stainless steel and it is 3.25 inches long. The blade has the ability to cut through anything that a rescue knife should be.

Moreover, to increase the comfort, the handle of folding rescue knife is made of aluminum. T is comfortable along with being stylish. The black and orange handle includes a rubber EMT logo. The knife also comes with window or glass breaker and seatbelt cutter.


  • Comes with a very durable and sturdy condition to use it for longer time
  • The style of this emt knife is modern with smart and nice design
  • Features Seatbelt cutter for comfortable and useful efficiency in times of need
  • This rescue knife with glass breaker feature makes sure for toughest job
  • Comfortable grip on the knife lets you use and hold it for a long time
  • Smart design lets you can use this knife for hunting, camping, and firefighting


  • The seatbelt cutter has a confusing angle and it is difficult to sharpen


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Kershaw Barricade Emergency Rescue Pocket Knife

[amazon_link asins=’B06XPR3W77′ template=’Single-ProductAd’ store=’dgear01-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7328c531-1f70-11e8-b3f8-f17e26f40ee6′]This Kershaw Barricade is also an Orange rescue knife. Orange color means safety. Kershaw has a reputation for making great rescue knives for safe hunting. This Kershaw Barricade Emergency Rescue Pocket Knife is no different.

I had asked Fred to use this knife to get an exact first-hand experience before putting this in this rescue knife review list. His experience was pretty awesome as a reflect what I have seen from many other consumers over the internet.

This knife has pretty good ergonomics. The length of the knife is 8.5 inches overall and 5 inches when it is closed. Also, the knife weighs 4.5 ounces and the weight is well distributed. This is not an everyday carry knife but you should keep this knife where you can find it immediately in case of emergency.

The Kershaw Barricade Rescue Knife is very easy to open. Therefore, you just have to press the flipper to open it. Isn’t that impressive?!! You will need just one hand for opening the knife. It is really important in term of emergency. You would need your free hand to hold something or for other works.

The blade of this knife is 3.5 inches long. So, it is made of 8CR13 MOV stainless steel. Also, the blade also has black oxide coating for extra protection. This blade is able to cut anything for emergency need. The blade is really very sharp. It can cut through static ropes, seatbelt webbing, 1-inch webbing, double jacketed hose, old turnouts, cardboard boxes etc.

The knife comes with a built-in seatbelt cutter and a tip on the bottom as a glass breaker. Moreover, the lockup system of this knife is really good and the spring assist is truly reliable. For its exceptional use and design, this is one of the Best Rescue Knife in orange color on the market.


  • The Kershaw Barricade Rescue Pocket Knife Easy to open in important situation
  • Lightweight makes it very easier to carry and use for more time
  • The blade of this knife has black oxide coating for better protection in uses
  • The sharp blade can do the toughest cut in firefighting and survival situation
  • You can open this rescue knife with just one hand very easily
  • Comes with built-in seatbelt cutter and glass breaker


  • Flipper takes a bit more pressure than usual to open


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Cold Steel SRK Kraton Handle, Black Blade

[amazon_link asins=’B000BSY9AS’ template=’Single-ProductAd’ store=’dgear01-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’88781764-1f70-11e8-8cc8-4590cc03be33′]Cold Steel, Inc. is one of the leading brands in the knife industry. It has provided many innovations to the knife industry. And, their latest addition is this SRK knife. Cold Steel designed and introduced the SRK (Survival and rescue knife) to the world for using during missions easily.

The knife weighs 8.20 ounces. The weight might be a bit heavier than other knives on this list, but it is needed for an emergency.

This length of this knife is 10.75 inches. It is a bit large knife and it is not an everyday carry knife.  But you should keep it nearby. The handle is 4.75 inches long.

The blade of this knife is 6 inches long. The blade is made of AUS 8A steel. Also, the blade has a non-stick coating to protect itself from various sticky elements.

Moreover, the tang of this knife is sheathed in a thick Kraton made a handle. The handle is made of high-density rubber that absorbs shock. The handle is textured heavy for providing you a secure grip.

The blade is very sharp. Moreover, it can cut through anything very easily. Don’t try to cut other blades or titanium with it. It won’t work!! It can cut cardboard, static ropes, seatbelt webbing, 1-inch webbing, double jacketed hose, old turnouts etc.


  • Easy to use of Cold Steel SRK Kraton Handle knife makes it very popular
  • The knife is easy to maintain and use even in the tough weather condition
  • Non-stick coating on the blade makes it sturdier for long-term uses
  • Long and thick Kraton handle provides excellent comfort in using this knife
  • Comes in longer blade than other knives to help with better cut
  • The high-density rubber can absorb shock during tough cutting
  • The rescue knife can cut through anything “hard or soft” very easily


  • No seatbelt cutter with this knife makes it vulnerable to certain situation
  • Also, the glass breaker facility is missing in this knife
  • Open knife without the folding capacity makes it harder to carry in pockets


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Buck Knives 753 Redpoint Rescue Tactical Folding Knife

[amazon_link asins=’B006YBX448′ template=’Single-ProductAd’ store=’dgear01-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b835c560-1f70-11e8-8fee-4123164ddb2c’]This Knife is a partially serrated titanium-coated knife. The non-reflective stonewash finish makes this a great choice for a rescue knife. The knife is very sturdy and durable. This knife is also corrosion resistant and features edge retention.

This knife is also very easy to use and very easy to open like any other good rescue knife. It is very simple to get the knife out when needed.  There is a button for opening and closing the knife without even touching the blade. So, the one-handed opening and closing are very easy and safe. Thus you can access the knife without any problem for instant use. This knife features the sure lock mechanism. It ensures the blade is secured when it is not in use.

The knife weighs 2.90 ounces. Moreover, the knife is 7.125 inches long overall and the closed length of the knife is 4.375 inches. The knife is also capable of cutting clothes without cutting the patient underneath. Though, the paramedic has to be careful while doing it.

Partially serrated titanium coated 420 HC Stainless steel blade is corrosion resistant and it delivers great strength and edge retention. The length of the blade is 2.75 inches. I liked the rescue knife for its thick serrated blade. This serrated steel blade is made from tempered steel and is very sharp for uses. The knife tip is blunt as a safety feature. You can attach different tools on the end of the knife with the included kit that comes with the knife.

The handle is encased in rubber overmold for a comfortable and secure grip in any weather condition. Also, the knife has a built-in seatbelt cutter and glass breaker.


  • The Buck Knives 753 Redpoint Rescue Tactical Folding Knife is easy to use
  • Comes with the folding option that makes it easy to carry
  • Lightweight and compact design makes the knife easy to hold and carry in pockets
  • Partially serrated titanium coated 420 HC stainless steel blade
  • You use the button for opening this knife without touching the blade
  • Comfortable and secure grip ensures long-term uses without any trouble
  • The built-in seatbelt cutter and glass breaker makes it best rescue knife for firefighting


  • The glass breaker location is not that convenient with this knife


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Blizetec Survival Knife

[amazon_link asins=’B00HESG0ZA’ template=’Single-ProductAd’ store=’dgear01-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’c9cb9292-1f70-11e8-be74-f5f7f8ebee11′]Blizetec survival knife or rescue knife can multitask. So, this is one of the best emergency tools comes with 5 in 1 pocket size stainless steel rescue knife with nylon pouch. Also, the functional components of this survival knife are a bright LED flashlight, blade lock, Drop-point blade with a serrated saw, seatbelt cutter, window breaker and pocket clip.

If you need to quickly break a car window to rescue a victim, you can do so with ease if you have this best folding rescue knife. The knife contains a special window punch for bashing in windows. You can break a window in a few seconds. The window punch is conveniently located on the back of the knife.

This knife is just perfect for all type of occasions. You can use it while you are camping, hunting, hiking or any other outdoor expedition. This is a must keep the item in your outdoor toolkit. In my reviews of the top rescue knives, this one is the best fire rescue knife for me with great options.

The knife weighs only 5.46 ounces. It is designed to fit in your palm easily. So, this design eliminates the hassle to carry a big knife with you. Moreover, it provides all the benefits that a big knife can offer. So, you can carry the knife with a belt clip or with the nylon pouch. This multitasking survival knife is constructed with “ease of use” in mind.

This knife is very easy to carry and easy to keep. Also, the knife’s length is 8.5 inches including handle when open and 5 inches when closed. You can just put it in your pocket or carry with the belt clip.

The blade of this knife is 3.5 inches long. It is capable of cutting cardboard, static ropes, seatbelt webbing, double jacketed hose, old turnouts etc.


  • Features a belt clip for using it is very important and unavoidable situation
  • Comes in perfect shape to cut most of the items when you are on camping
  • Sharp blade and with which you can cut thicker objects and sharpen materials
  • You can carry the rescue knife easily for it folding facility
  • The knife is very easy to carry in firefighting and hunting mission
  • The simple design makes it easier to use and clean after uses
  • Comes with some excellent option like the one – LED light


  • If your need is a strong flashlight magnet then this is not the knife you are looking for


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Smith and Wesson First Response SWFRS Liner Lock Folding Knife

This rescue knife from Smith and Wesson is another great pick. This knife comes with a very attractive design. You may want to keep it with you all the time. This knife is a great pick for professionals who may be looking for a sturdy knife that is easy to use.

The opening and closing of this knife are very easy. Therefore, you won’t have any trouble or struggle to open it up. This knife is extremely easy to open with using just one hand. The one-handed opening facility is essential in term of emergency.

The length of the blade is 8 inches when open and 4.7 inches when closed. The drop point liner lock system of this knife allows you to fold it easily from 8 inches to 4.7 inches and you can easily carry it keeping in your pocket. The knife weighs 4.8 ounces. This makes it the best rescue knife for using in different uses, such as surviving, hunting and firefighting.

Moreover, the contains a safety lock to keep the blade locked into place when you engage it. This is a useful feature that provides quite a bit of peace of mind.

The 3.3 inches’ blade is made of high-quality stainless steel. The front part of the knife is straight and back part has been serrated. Moreover, this blade is able to cut pretty much everything you would need to cut in term of emergency.

The blade features built-in seatbelt cutter and glass breaker or window punch.  IT also comes with a pocket clip. So, this tool is pretty useful if you are trying to free a crash victim from a seatbelt.

However, the handle of this blade is made from stainless steel with G10 black inserts. The handle provides a comfortable grip.


  • This knife comes with an attractive design to be really famous
  • Come with a very sturdy and thought construction quality for long-term uses
  • The sharp blade of the SWFRS Liner Folding Knife can cut tough material
  • This folding rescue knife is easy to open for its simple option
  • Comfortable grip will ensure you can hold this knife for toughest cut
  • Comes with a pocket clip, seatbelt cutter, and window punch


  • The knife is a bit heavy for carrying in pocket and in hand for longer time


Smith and Wesson Search and Rescue CKSUR1

Smith and Wesson are famous for producing high-quality rescue knives. This CKSUR1 rescue knife is no different. This knife is for both recreational and professional use.

This knife is overall 10.5 inches long. The knife weighs 7.4 ounces. So, it is not a knife to carry every day with you. But you should keep it somewhere you can reach easily when necessary.

The length of the blade of this knife is 6.03 inches. Also, this knife features black 7Cr17 high carbon stainless steel duel edged clip point blade. The blade is very handy.  The sharpness remains almost same as new during a very long time and after a heavy use.

The handle length of this knife is 4.47 inches. It is wrapped with deep grooved black rubber. This knife also features sharpening stone and ballistic polyester casing with removal storage pouch. I have been using this knife on my hunting missions and fishing. Like the top spincast reel, it has become a top knife for me. The handle provides comfortable and secured a grip on the knife.

This knife is a perfect tool for cutting thick fabric. You can absolutely rely on the accuracy of the knife that comes with the adjustable retention strap and durable plastic liner.


  • Smith and Wesson Search and Rescue CKSUR1 has very sharp blade
  • Very useful to cut thick fabrics for its perfect tough and sharp blade
  • This rescue knife comes in a comfortable grip to make using it easier
  • The adjustable retention strap and durable plastic liner come handy in situations
  • The high carbon stainless steel blade makes it long lasting
  • The high quality built material makes it perfect for professional uses


  • The rescue knife comes with no seatbelt cutter
  • It doesn’t feature a window punch which important for firefighting

StatGear T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool

StatGear T3 rescue knife is on the 10th position on our list of the best rescue knives review. This is another great rescue knife to keep in the outdoor toolkit.
This knife is extremely easy to open. So, you have to just push the release button to open. You just need one hand to open the knife which is very important in term of emergency.

The knife is overall 8.25 inches long and 5 inches when closed. The knife weighs 8 ounces. It is easy to carry and keep.

The blade of this knife is 3.25 inches long and made of serrated 440C stainless steel. The blade is really sharp. Also, this top rescue knife can cut through static ropes, seatbelt webbing, 1-inch webbing, double jacketed hose, old turnouts, cardboard boxes etc. Moreover, it cuts through pretty much everything a great knife should do.

The knife features really a great handle with comfortable grip. The knife features hook blade. That means there is a hook blade at the bottom of the blade.

The hook blade is used for cutting the seatbelts or nylon cord. Therefore, the seatbelt cutter will easily slice through even the toughest seatbelt. Why is there a seatbelt cutter when you can simply use the knife?

Anyone who’s tried to quickly cut through a seatbelt knows how difficult they can be to cut. Seatbelts are constructed from a very thin nylon that’s difficult to cut with a blade. The seat belt cutter makes short work of seatbelts,

The knife also features window punch or glass breaker.

The addition of the 5-lumen flashlight is great. It uses a CR 1220 3v battery and it is replaceable.


  • This rescue folding knife is easy to use for simple design
  • The folding features of the knife makes it easy to carry and keep
  • The serrated 440C stainless steel makes this knife sturdy for intensive use
  • The StatGear T3 Tactical knife features hook blade for cutting seatbelt
  • To make it an exceptional firefighting knife, it Includes window punch option
  • Comfortable grip of this rescue knife make holding and carrying this knife easy
  • This knife features excellent options like the 5-lumen flashlight


  • A bit heavier than other rescue knives makes it little tougher to use

Final thoughts

Rescue knives come in all size and shapes and each one of them has different specification and features. It depends on you whether you are looking to use the knife for recreational or professional use. This review should help you find out the perfect rescue knife that you are searching for.
I hope my guide and the reviews of the best rescue knife will help all of the readers to find his perfect match for survival, firefighting and hunting missions.

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