Best Scope Rings for for 308, 30mm, 34mm, Muzzleloader & Long Range

A scope ring is an important tool for connecting a riflescope with a rifle or firearm. It’s a very sensitive tool that plays a significant role to create a proper and fitting connection. But finding the best scope rings are as hard as finding a needle in a stockpile of needles.

And without an effective ring, the combination of a scope and rifle turns useless even if you have the best rifle and scopes for the shooting game. So, almost every shooting enthusiast is looking for a proper solution in this matter.

Looking at the help requests and needs over the internet I have planned to make a proper guide for choosing a ring for your scope. Also, I am planning to include a list of top class 5 scope rings with the in-depth reviews to make everything precise and easy.

There are so many scope rings on the market. But not all of them come with the best features. Let’s have a look at some of the best rifle scope rings.


Known For

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Burris 410341 Scope Mount

Best 30mm scope rings with positioning and 20 MOA

American Defense Riflescope Optic Mount

User-friendly design with quick release & easy adjustment

Nikon P-Series Riflescope  Mount

Good perfromance with adjustabilities, lightweight, eye relief 

Nikon M-223 XR Mount

Top durable mount for long rangeshooting with 20 MOA

Vortex Optics Low Mounting Rings

Best affordable scope rings with easy Torx screws installation

UTG Picatinny LE Grade QD Rings

Lever fits on any Picatinny Rail & good Re-zero Performance

Burris 410344 Tactical Mount

Best tactical mount with flexibility and strong recoil

Best 30mm Scope Rings – Burris Scope Mount

Burris 410341 AR PEPR 30If you are looking for a scope mount for long-range shooting, then this 410341 AR PEPR 30-mm from Burris is the perfect one for you. Like the Burris signature scope rings, this scope mount has gain popularity very quickly.

It comes with the special forward scope positioning feature that a lot of people are talking about. This makes the Burris 410341 AR PEPR 30-mm Scope Mount as one of the best 30mm scope rings for picatinny rail for long-range shooting.

The smooth ring top, as well as Picatinny ring tops, can come really handy during hunting gameplay. It will make sure that your riflescope provides the best service in any condition.

I like its 100% waterproof design. It ensures no problem in wet and watery condition. Also, the user-friendly design makes it comfortable for seeing with the scope as well as installing on the rifle. Also, you can easily adjust the rings on this mount. As I have said, this scope mount allows you up to 2 inches for forwarding positioning of scope to ensure the best focus position.

What impressed me a lot is the flexibility I can get in case of fixing the scope. Also, the inclusion of Burris pepr mount instructions will let you easily follow the steps from the internet.

This is sturdily made of aluminum and has a six-screw design. This provides you with a reinforced base. This also removes the doubts related to stability. It has a detached mounting feature. You can easily use this one on different rifles.

Moreover, this mount comes with a rock-solid construction. The finishing of this scope mount is also good. But some users think this is relatively heavier than others.

  • The scopes are really easy to install on a rifle with these rings
  • Comes with a flexible and versatile design to satisfy most of the users
  • The design of this ring ensures better security of the scopes on a rifle
  • Comes in waterproof design to provide better use in any condition
  • The flexible design easily mounts to any rail
  • The manufacturer provides a sturdy construction for longer usage
  • Provides impressive sight alignment during intensive hunting games
  • Adds extra weight to the rifle
  • Cross-bolts are not that much strong according to some users


Despite some companies on weight, the design is really impressive. It makes installing and using the rings easier, and that is what really matters during hunting. Although we suggest the users consider its screws and bolts before buying these rings, we found them not problematic.

Forward scope positioning and versatile ring tops are the two consideration factor for us to recommend it to the most users. This is one of the best 30mm scope rings you can find in the market.

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American Defense AD-RECON STD Riflescope Optic Mount

American Defense AD-RECON STD Riflescope Optic MountThe AD-RECON mount comes with an amazing and unique patented QD auto locking lever system. This allows you to configure easily to the back or the front. This is the most attractive feature of this optic mount. This is one of the major reasons why we placed this in the second position in the scope ring review list. Almost no other mounts don’t have that feature.

Moreover, you will be definitely surprised and impressed with the adjustment system. The hunters don’t need to give that much effort for the adjustment. It doesn’t require any kind of proprietary tool to adjust; rather you can adjust it with a flat blade screwdriver or with the help of your finger.

We have tested this product with Leupold scope on an FNH FN-15 for reviewing performance for a couple of days. And we were more than satisfied with the built quality. The clamping surface was superior to most other rings you can get nowadays. This makes the rail engagement to the maximum level. The overall solid construction gives a better feel as it will live long periods of hunting.

Along with the lasting quality and good looking finishes, you will have a smooth experience in operation. Thangs to the manufacturer for making it user-friendly in such a mid-range budget.

Furthermore, you don’t need to think about re-zeroing it after dismounting and attaching it with other rifles, because this will automatically return to zero after the removal.

The cantilever component ensures you with an excellent eye relief. This mount comes with a tight adjustment. Sometimes it causes to arise some problems and may ruin the finish.

  • The user-friendly design of AD-RECON will surely benefit your shooting
  • The scope ring is easily adjustable on the rifle with bare hands
  • Made of high-quality materials to last longer periods than most
  • Locks up light rather comfortably and easily during installation
  • Quick release system works well with most of the scopes
  • You do not have to use an extra tool to adjust this rings
  • Secure attachment to the rail perfectly for better shooting performance
  • Comes in a smooth and good looking design
  • Sometimes the side cams damage the mount when tightened
  • The price is on the higher side


We have tested this scope rings with AR 15 rifles and 24 mm ACSS scopes, and the user experience was awesome. If you willing to spend a bit more for flexible and easy to use scope rings for better use and performance, then we highly recommend this AD-RECON STD Riflescope Optic Mount.

You will not only have a solid ring for longer usage but also will feel great with its performance and good looking design.

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Nikon Riflescope Picatinny Mount

Nikon Riflescope Picatinny MountNikon is a reliable name in the scope market. They provide a variety of high-quality riflescope, scope mount, rings and many other accessories. The Picatinny mount is no different in terms of quality and performance. This strong and durable scope mount offer better shooting ability with many supportive features.

This 2-piece mount ensures the proper height mounting. You may appreciate the fore-aft forward positioning of the mount. This is quite effective for comfortable eye relief and also allows you to change the access of handle almost on every weapon.

Although, some of the users may complain about the setting up options of this mount, which is little difficult and needs extra tools. You have to use the toolbox to remove the rings and reinstalling it. It is such a minor problem that most of the hunter can barely notice it.

The looks and the design are great as we have expected from Nikon. It can be adjusted with the rifles in the perfect height to see through it properly.

As we have discussed the two-piece mount for perfect height, it offers little more reliability insight shooting. Experts consider this one as the most reliable two-piece mount that comes with the best scope rings. You can comfortably use these rings with the AR rifle.

In our review process, we first thought the mount will be little less sturdy than actually, it is. It was so light in hand, then anyone can get that idea. But the manufacturer makes sure of its optimum quality on construction.

This solid alloy construction allows this to increase the zero holding capability. This mount is quite easy to install and that’s why it can be a good choice for the beginners.

  • The lightweight scope mount will make sure you can use it comfortably
  • Comes with a high-quality aesthetic design to fit with professional rifles
  • Sturdy construction with solid alloy will have a better life expectancy
  • Bolts fit comfortably with the rings and the scope of the rifle
  • Compact size with the smart set of design by Nikon
  • This scope mount provides better eye relief with adjustable height
  • Tight lock on the rail and provide a stable platform
  • High-quality brand from U.S.A
  • Sometimes rings may fail to fit properly
  • Rings are not removable without using tool


Though the mount is lightweight, it has a sturdy alloy construction that adds an extended life to the scope rings making it tough for using during intensive sports. Also, it comes with the eye relief that will let you use this high-comforting scope mount for a long time.

Although the ring adjustment problems are to be considered before buying this mount, the other features really overcome this minor pro. Along with the comfort, design and quality of the Nikon Riflescope Picatinny are satisfying.

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Nikon M-223 XR Mount

Nikon M-223 XR MountIf you are looking for an extreme range of shooting, then the Nikon M-223 XR Mount can be the go for the mount. This is one of the updated mounts of XR series of Nikon. Nikon is providing a variety of high-quality mounts and rings for a long time. This one is not the exception.

This M-223 mount is the perfect one for long range scopes for the shooting. The designer has made some improvisation to set scopes that locks the long range targets. Also, it comes with a built-in 20-MOA incline. The 20 MOA incline helps to maximize elevation for long range shooting.

It also has adjustable positioning option to provide extra charging hand support in the shooting. So, I found this scope very comfortable for use in long-term shooting performance. Though it has a lightweight alloy construction, the existence of aluminum still makes it long lasting. It’s strong enough to work properly in any condition. So, you don’t need to think a lot about the extra weight and you can carry this very easily wherever you want.

This M-223 XR mount fits perfectly with both Picatinny rails and weaver style rails usually found on most of the flat-topped AR platforms. The designers of the scope kept it uses in mind and delivered an exceptional perfect combination for using in sports and hunting.

We found some drawbacks the company needs to improve. The mounting height is smaller than expected by many hunters. Also, we had some complaints on the screws. Although, the height is nothing a problem keeping the adjustability and eye relief in mind. And we didn’t see any issues in setting this mount up.

  • The heavy construction of this mount makes longer usable
  • Comes with a Lightweight design despite it high quality
  • Can handle heavy-duty recoil during intensive hunting sports
  • Nikon M-223 Ensure long range shooting with 20-MOA incline
  • Comes with a reliable brand with Lifetime limited warranty
  • Adjustment screws are too short
  • Sometimes may fail to offer enough height for long-range aiming


I love this mount for making the position of the scope a little bit forward for ensuring proper eye relief. It doesn’t add any extra weight to the rifle because of its lightweight. These two features make it really comfortable during hunting in different positions of shooting.

Also, the high MOA incline makes it very closable for long range shooting. In fact, it is said to be one of the best scope rings for long range shooting according to our expert team.

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Vortex Optics Low Mounting Rings

Vortex Optics Low Mounting RingsThis model of Vortex Optics is the best cheap riflescope ring according to our experts. It comes with a bunch of efficient features and high-quality construction you will on the rings of higher prices.

If you are looking for some scope rings that are suitable for not only weaver rail but also Picatinny rail, then this one is the most perfect for you.  I love its performance considering the affordable price.

The most amazing factor is that you’ll get all the great viewing comfort out of this rings similar to some high-end scope rings. Thanks to the smart design and adjustability of this model.

These rings will provide your eyes with a correct height if you position the middle of the scope tube at the perfect height from the base. So, you’ll never fail to aim at the target properly. It’s also very easy to install and flexible to use.

The best thing about this product is its aircraft grade aluminum construction. That provides you with reinforced strength. So, you can use this one for a very long period of time.

Also, I love the set up and removing the rings, which are really easy. You can easily set up the 2-screws hunting rings during hunting session without any problems. Removing the rings are also a piece of charm.

One of the major features we consider while choosing the best scope mount or ring is the comfort. And I will suggest this scope for the easy eye relief and comfort out of this scope rings. This is because this mounting rings also feature lightweight. For that reason, you need not be anxious about controlling an extra weight while shooting.

  • Price is cheaper than most considering the features this scope offer
  • It comes with a sturdy construction with 6061-T6 aluminum
  • The Vortex Optics rings are very easy to install on the rifle
  • Perfectly aligned and offer sturdy set up for using without shakes
  • Includes Torx screws with the rings for easy setting
  • Comes with the lifetime warranty
  • Considerably sturdy and long lasting scope mount in cheap price
  • Sometimes don’t hold the scope securely according to some users
  • Does not fit properly with some rifles like the Ruger m77


I was really surprised while using and reviewing this riflescope ring. It comes with an aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum for construction and VIP lifetime unconditional warranty. With this price tag, I can say it is a huge bonus. Also, you will be very satisfied with its performance and other features as well.

If you are on tight budget, and still looking for the top class scope rings, then the Vortex Optics Low Mounting Rings can be a great choice.

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UTG Picatinny QD Rings

UTG Picatinny QD RingsThis is another cheap scope rings that offer surprising quality and features. The 1”/2 pcs high pro-LE grade Picatinny QD rings from UTG is one of the most popular scope mounts available in the market. It is buzzing the market for user-friendly design, protecting durability and optimal performance.

If you are looking for high-quality mount rings with a low budget, then UTG 1″/2PCs Med Pro LE Grade Picatinny QD Rings is perfect for you. The manufacturer has the strongest and high-quality aluminum construction for this device. So, you can use this mount for a longer time than most other products in the same price range.

This thing leads them to a better position in the market.

To ensure the maximum protection of the scope, the company has designed them including a one-inch diameter with a polymer tape lining. Also, the company has to use Synthetic Protective Tape as the internal protection. So, overall the scope mount will be better protected from both sides.

The existence of Picatinny grooves above the rings of the mount provides you the opportunity to use some extra QD attachments. I was also pleased with the tight tolerance and position locking features of this rings. This allows better locking for re-zero shooting performance during hunting.

Another thing that makes them unique is the Quick Action Detach and Lock Lever along with for adjusting the rings on Picatinny rail. This feature provides you the flexibility to remove the scope and use the rings with other rifles.

With the overall better performance, I have seen one drawback. Sometimes the adjustment screw of the mount often looses up. This can be very little problematic in terms of hunting performance.

  • Comes with Lighter weight for better comfort during hunting
  • This scope rings have the ability to hold zero quickly
  • The re-zero performance is optimal with position locking feature
  • Very easy to use with the ultimate easy installation process
  • Comes at an affordable price despite or providing excellent quality
  • Provides a solid base construction which is great for long life
  • This high-quality build is suitable for heavier platform
  • Easily attaches to the Picatinny rail with Ergonomic Quick Lever
  • Some of the users complain that it does not offer a secure fit


I have tested this scope mount under extreme and intensive shooting operation to see the actual performance. And the result was better than what some of the high-priced mounts fails to perform. The adjustable feature and locking features with the Quick Lever ensures better performance on the field.

Also, from the reviews on different marketplaces, I can securely suggest, this scope is great for use in the shooting.

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Burris Tactical Mount

Burris Tactical MountThis scope ring is one of the Best tactical mounts with scope rings available on the market. The high popularity of the Burris 410344 AR-PEPR 1-Inch Mount Quick Detach with Picatinny Tops (Black) is because of its greater quality of construction.

I found the features perform great during hunting. The adjustable mount system works perfectly with the user-friendly design to uphold the view for a long time in shooting long distant targets.

Also, you can mount it up to two inches’ forward scope position to get a proper view in different rifles. This flexibility offers comfort and reliability in terms of rifle shooting for any hunter.

You will only be able to hit your target if your optic is securely mounted. With providing many of the most secure and reliable rings available in the market,

The ‘Burris 4010344 AR-PREP 1-inch mount’ is the high-quality tactical mount that comes with scope rings.  Even if you don’t use a Burris optic, still Burris rings can provide you with the best service.

The sturdy construction and high-quality design ensure the durability of the scope rings. The rock solid construction also comes with an excellent finish for having the extended durability in wet weather.

The two levers contain a quick and easy detach quality. You can easily detach the rings and use them with another firearm. They also hold zero constantly.

This mount comes with a unique Picatinny tops. This feature makes it the perfect one for tactical shooting. You can also get the opportunity to add illuminators, red dot, lasers and lights as well. The only thing that you may dislike is the heavy weight of the mount. But if you use this for a few days, it’ll turn friendly to you.

  • This scope mount is ideal for tactical use for its vast benefits
  • The Burris scope rings are quickly detachable from the rifle and scope
  • Installing and adjusting the Burris Tactical Mount is easy
  • Comes with rock-solid construction with perfect finish for longevity
  • The flexible mount can be positioned two inched forward
  • Very durable in every kind of weather condition during hunting
  • Secure lock system protects the scope from the rifle
  • Sometimes add excessive weight to the gun


Our experts reviewed the rifle scope mount with experiencing and reading from other reviewers and buyers. Burris is a leading company in the industry and most of the users are satisfied using this specific scope mount.

The heavyweight might be an issue for some users. But except that, the overall performance was very pleasing.

The installation and use process of this scope with a close eye. And they are easy and simple. Also, you don’t need to think much about the durability of the rings.

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How to Choose Best Scope Rings for Long Range Shooting – Buying Guide

There are some features that lead a scope ring to rank on the top and become the best one. We should consider the following features in a scope ring:


Adjustability is a vital factor to consider in case of choosing a scope ring. As the main intention of buying a scope ring is to connect the scope with the rifle, the ring should be flexible and easily adjustable.

Best Scope Rings for Long Range Shooting

The companies who design the scope mount in such a way that allows you with an option to easily adjust the scope ring are the best of all. A scope with this feature ensures that you can customize a personalized fit. So, you should look for a scope that has an adjustable system.


The size of your optic helps to determine the right height of the scope rings you need to buy. It’s important to place the scope as close as possible to the barrel while mounting.

But it shouldn’t touch the barrel. If you are using a large scope, then the rings should be taller. It’ll help to get the exact height and also provide better optical performance.

Split type

You can buy two different types of scope rings as there are two major types of scope rings such as vertical split type and horizontal split type. Most of the professional shooters recommend buying the vertical rings because they are the stronger one.

Each half of the items of this type of scopes easily connect to the other half on the base. But it’s relatively difficult to install than the horizontal types.

Screw type

Screws are usually included with your purchase. You’ll get any one of the most common screws such as Allen-head, Slotted, or Torx screws. According to the experts, it’s better to have Torx screws.

They consider it as the best of all as it provides you with a tighter grip. The thread strips easily whenever you give a little effort to strip.

Swapping between guns

You may need to swap your scope between guns. A superb feature that the most of the manufacturers are trying to include in their scope rings is the way of swapping between guns very easily.

They are designing their tactical scope rings constantly holding zero. That means you can easily remove the riflescope and also place the ring on another gun. You don’t need to re-zero it again.


You should buy the scope rings that can fulfill your desired demand. You need to choose scope rings according to your usage. If you buy the rings for using them on a specific rifle, then you should choose a fixed scope mount, because it’s very easy to secure.

But if you think of buying scope rings for multi-purpose like using on different rifles, then it’s a must for you to choose a detachable mount. It’s very effective to use with a variety of rifles.


Durability is an important factor to consider in case of choosing a scope ring. We always buy a product for a long-term use. The durability of the scope rings greatly depends on the physical materials used to make the rings.

Most of the companies usually use either steel or aluminum as the main material for buying scope sings. But steel is relatively more durable than aluminum.


At last but not the least the thing you need to consider is the price of the scope rings. You’ll get the higher quality if you pay higher. As the regular price of scope rings is not too much, it’s better not to set a lower budget for scope rings. Nevertheless, if you have a fixed lower budget, then try to buy the rings containing the highest number of features within your budget.

Final Thought

I hope all of your confusions about choosing and buying the best scope rings have been eliminated. Now it’ll be quite easy for you to select the best one.

Though all of the scope rings discussed above has high-quality features, I personally recommend buying the “Burris scope mount” for the best experience. It’ll provide you with all the great features you would expect within the least price range.

But, if you are looking for long range target shooting and do not worry about paying a bit, then the Nikon M-223 XR Mount can be a good choice. It comes with 20 MOA inclines and perfect combination to be the perfect long range scope mount.

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