Best Ankle Holster in 2020 for sig p365, Concealed Carry, Bodyguard 380

An ankle holster is an essential object that helps to conceal your firearm. This will ensure the security of your weapon and protect it from getting lost. But choosing the best ankle holster can be tough for a lot of misleading advertisements and a lack of user understanding of considering the important aspects of the product.

People need better guidance to see what they need to look for before buying the ankle holster. So, we are going to make a full list and reviews with proper advice for choosing the perfect holster for your firearm.

Check Out the 5 Best Ankle Holster

There are so many options available on the market. But not all of them have the excellence in providing the peak service. We have narrowed down the best products on the market, considering their feature, quality, fitting, and comfort. So, check out the top 5 ankle holster with their short reviews below:

Galco Ankle Glove/ Ankle Holster for Glock 26, 27, 33

Ankle Holster for GlockIf you are quite habituated in using the best thing that stays on the top, then the Galco Ankle Glove the perfect one for you. Galco has designed that ankle holster in such a way that can deliver the best service. And no wonder why the law enforcement department and military highly prefer this one.

There are some reasons, why it is on the top in our list of ankle holster review. This holster offers deep concealment. Therefore, It’s perfect for those people who need concealment for 80 hours in a week.

We have tested this ankle holster and found this one to be really comfortable for long-term usage. It’s that much comfortable for you to wear that you’ll forget the holster is there on your ankle. And I think, if you move around a lot, then you should go for it.

One of the other reasons why I liked this one is the build quality. The company has used high-quality neoprene materials for making this one. It also comes with a Velcro closure that is a durable material and both sides stick together as tightly as glue. It will ensure the retention of the holster in the ankle.

The padding material of this holster is perfectly made from sheepskin. That makes sure there is no chance of moisture buildup in your ankle and holster. Additionally, it provides comfort. It has also a reinforced thumb break which will be very effective In case of quickdraws.

You can wear the ankle glove either with or without the additional calf strap which is adjustable and can hold double-action revolvers and semiautomatic pistols. It’s good news for black color lovers that it’s only available in black color for both the left-hander and right-hander.

  • This holster comes with 100% high-quality leather material
  • The design and built quality is excellent for longer periods
  • Best concealed carry ankle holster
  • Fits different kinds of pistols like the Glock 26, 27, 33 pistol
  • The designer has been very smart with its lighter weight
  • Sheepskin padding with the holster for added comfort
  • Keep the gun closer to you without any popping out
  • Sometimes require additional strapping with this holster
  • Some firearms may fit too tightly


We have found this Galco ankle holster to be less bulky and lightweight. It is very comfortable for use in long-term with ease. I also like the smart design, which lets me keep my gun closer than ever.

After using some other products of this manufacturer, this one really satisfied me with keeping all the problems away. I and my friend have been using this holster for more than eight hours on a daily basis and easily it became my favorite.

If you are looking for the perfect fit and comfortable holster, I strongly suggest this one.


Best Concealed Carry Ankle Holster

ComfortTac Ultimate Ankle Holster for Concealed Carry


ComfortTac Ultimate Ankle Holster for Concealed Carry

If you are looking for the best comfortable holster, then this one is leading the table. The company has used a neoprene band rather than using an elastic band. This band ensures comfort even if you wear the holster against your skin.

An elastic band doesn’t provide that much comfort. This also protects the holster from losing shape. There is also a foam pad located behind the gun that helps to protect your ankle from the pressure points.

Where the ComfortTac is a reliable name in the holster market, this specific product hasn’t let the brand down. This holster is great to provide the best-featured holster to their customers.

The manufacturer got high applauds from the customers for designing their holsters for a broad range of firearms.

I have also liked the price of this product. You will get your ultimate holster at a relatively cheaper rate without sacrificing security and comfort. The quality and comfort impressively make it an ideal choice for Glock 26 and other models.

This ultimate holster is compatible with a wide range of firearms, including compact, subcompact, micro pistols, and revolvers. It’s perfect for those guns which have a length of 6.5”. The ankle glove does support ankles that are up to 13 inches in different situations.

But the holster felt little loose and tends sliding down without the use of optional calf strap. Although this is a minor problem, one can get rid of it using a calf strap.

It has an ordinary loop and hooks retention system. But the company has added a fantastic elastic retention strap with a metal snap. So, your gun is in a secure place inside the holster, and your enemy can’t snatch it quickly during a fight.

  • Comes at a very reasonable price despite offering higher qualities
  • The lightweight design lets you concentrate other things forgetting this holster
  • The flexible fitting of this Galco holster lets you use it longer regularly
  • Quiet retention strap for using this holster on your ankle
  • Perfect concealed carry ankle holster for Firearms
  • It also offers a money back guarantee during usage in the field
  • The strap may become lose after using for a long time
  • Not perfect for firearms with long barrels


If I take all the advantages into consideration, then the ComfortTac Ultimate for Concealed Carry is a great choice. Like the comfortable neoprene band with the foam pad to reserve, the presser is a great feature for a holster. We also liked the retention strap, which allows faster draws of the rifle.

I prefer this item also for its flexibility for using with different ranges of guns. It is actually one of the best ankle holster Glock 26 according to many users. And all the quality and efficient features and comfort fit come at a very cheap price. If you are looking for comfort and a flexible fit, then I suggest you use this one.


Outbags OB-31ANK Nylon Ankle Holster

OUTBAGS USA NANK31 Nylon Neoprene Ankle HolsterOne of the major concerns in using ankle holster is the longevity. Cause, if you are familiar with holster, then you know, these aren’t popular for their durability. The ankle holsters are made of rubber, elastic and soft pad, which are prone to get distorted after few usages. Having a durable and long-lasting ankle holster is really tough and pricey these days.

Well, the Outbags OB-31ANK solves all the problem of durability with keeping their price in budgets. It is made with Ankle strap that is made from sturdy and durable neoprene.  Therefore, if you have a low budget but still want to have an ankle holster with durability, then this holster is the perfect one for you. This is one of the best budget-friendly ankle holsters for sale you can find on USA marketplace right now. If you are willing to buy an American holster, then you can try this holster by Outbags.

Outbags is a family-operated company and it has made this holster using two high-quality materials, neoprene and nylon. The existence of these materials ensures the durability of that holster. The materials used in this holster are not ordinary nylon. As it’s nicely made using neoprene straps, the holster can maintain its strength and shape for a long period of time.

The Outbags company is largely known for providing secures and quality outdoor materials and getting popular pretty quickly. They produced a versatile holster that can be used by both the left hand and the right-hand people. It is a big advantage most of the company tend to forget.

Adding to this, It offers a universal fit. That means this item is suitable for all the guns with a similarity in sizes and shapes. For the better convenience of the customers, the company has customized this holster for some specific gun models.

  • Comes with durable and long lasting neoprene straps
  • This holster is available in both left hand and right hand
  • Comes with perfectly secured Velcro closure retention system
  • Adjustable Velcro strap also provide better fitting
  • Comes at a cheaper price despite its higher quality
  • Made in U.S.A and from a reputable company (OUTBBAGS)
  • Designed to fit similar sized gun perfectly
  • This item fits properly on bigger ankles only
  • Sometimes additional padding may require


There are some complaints we find authentic with this holster. It doesn’t fit properly with smaller ankles. Sometimes it has a tendency of sliding down. After using the Outbags OB-31ANK Nylon model, we have come to a solution. Using padding, in addition, can really make things tight and also comfortable. It also gives the ankle a better protection.

With some minor tweaks, this holster can live up to its promises for a longer run. For the fitting, flexibilities and longevity, we set this Outbags item in the third position in our list.


Best Sig P365 Ankle Holster

DeSantis Die Hard Ankle Holster

DeSantis Die Hard Ankle HolsterIf you are looking for the higher mid-budget and don’t have problems with its size, then this one can be the best  choice for you.  The DeSantis has recently announced its latest ankle holster. And just after its production, it is growing very popular for its quality and comfort.

This die-hard ankle holster is that latest holster of the company made for using with Sig P365 and other similar brands. The price of this holster is neither the highest nor the lowest. It’s a medium-range holster for those who want to have a holster with quality features within a medium cost. But at this price, it provides all the goodies of a pricey top quality holster.

The company has used top grain saddle leather to build this holster. The outside of the holster is nicely coated with PU coating which is super tough. The combination of those materials ensures the longevity and the ultimate performance. It was mainly designed for the Federal Law Enforcement.

One concern I could find is the elastic strap that tends to stretch after long heavy usage, but this is not a big issue for normal regular use. Also, the only right-hand usability of this ankle holster is another downside to mention.

To protect the finishing of the gun the company has featured it with a smooth leather lining. Using it for my Sig P365 It also offers a relatively smoother drawing than the synthetic bands. This holster comes with a conventional thumb break. It’s not only padded with the foam but also lined with sheepskin.

This holster is user-friendly and also very comfortable. It is only available in black color. So, if you have an addiction to use the stylish looking product, then try this holster as it provides high-quality performance and has an attractive look.

  • Comes with high-quality smooth leather lining
  • Medium range price despite its durable and pricey features
  • Really comfortable for Sig P365 types of gun. 
  • Comes with high-quality materials with better longevity
  • Foam padding makes it very comfortable for using day-to-day use
  • Lined with sheepskin for better holding with preventing slip
  • Comes with conventional thumb break
  • Designed only for right-handed people
  • Strap tends to stretches after using for a long time


We have tested this holster and became very fond of its best-fit design and top-notch finish. This one is the perfect ankle holster for Sig P365 of this list so far. We have also seen a lot of positive reviews from its users to be certain of its excellent services. Although, for some people, the bigger size might be an issue. We ask the users to consider the size before buying.

Considering all the features, comfort, and quality, we highly recommend this holster to the users.


Best Ankle Holster for Bodyguard 380

Looking for the perfect holster for Bodyguard 380 and other similar guns? Look at this review to find your desirable item. 

Pro-Tech Ankle Concealed Holster

Protech Ankle HolsterThe pro-tech company is making and delivering ankle holster for an extended period. Also, they are ruling the market. It’s an old and reliable company. Thinking about the people who don’t want to spend much on a holster, the company has designed this ankle holster that can provide hi-quality performance. Its price range is the same as the ComfortTac and Out bags.

This holster comes with an inner layer that contains a vinyl vapour barrier which helps to protect your gun from the moistures and keeps the weapon dry. The outer layer is nicely made of Cordura Ballistic Nylon. To ensure the security of your rifle, the company has maintained a nylon Velcro strap which is easily adjustable.

This holster has nylon made the lining and foam made padding between the holster and the ankle. It lets you feel comfortable after wearing. This ankle holster is the one that has an active retention system as it has an elastic nylon strap, including Velcro closure. They are usually lightweight and straightforward to carry.

I love this ankle holster for its excellent comfort with padding and soft nylon lining. The only thing it is the fifth in our top ankle holster review is its unfavourable angle of tilting. So, when you bend from your position, the butt of the gun will be visible for its lack-tilting edge.

Also, if you are a left-handed shooter, then this one is not for you. The holster is designed only for the right-handed people—something to consider before buying this item.

One of the mentionable aspects of this holster is its stitching. The holster is perfectly stitched using a durable bonded nylon, making it the best holster for bodyguard 380. The pressure points and the edges are double stitched. This stitching protects the holster from fraying.

  • This Concealed Holster comes with high-quality materials
  • The existence of Velcro and elastic closure
  • Has webbing option to hide the Velcro in it during standing position
  • Perfect holster to use for the bodyguard 380
  • Inner Padding of this Pro-Tech holster adds comfort for long usage
  • Comes at a reasonable price despite its higher quality features
  • This item is only for right-hand drawing
  • Tilting angle is not favorable for the bending position


The Pro-Tech Ankle Concealed Holster comes with some smart features like the adjustable straps and strongly bonded nylon stitching. Adjustable straps help to secure the weapon with better grips and prevent sliding down. Also, the bonded nylon improves the safety even better.

Where there are some downsides of the holster as the left-handers cannot use this one and when you go bending, the weapon will show its butt.  I don’t feel any of these cons a big deal and I actually love its comfort along with higher build quality. Also, the product comes at a relatively lower price.

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How to Choose the Best Ankle Holster? Buying Guide

Nowadays, ankle holster has become very popular among law enforcement officers and some revolver holders as well. This thing will provide you with an excellent way to carry your pistol whenever and wherever you want.

It’s essential for you to buy the ankle holster, though it’s never an easy task. There are some aspects to consider for choosing the best one. They are as follows:

Retention capacity

The primary reason why we want to buy a holster is to retain our weapon. For that reason, the retention capacity of the holster is an essential factor. You should look for a holster that can hold your gun correctly. Even you should make sure that you can draw out the weapon easily and quickly whenever you need it.

But keep in mind that the holster must have the capability to prevent other persons from separating your weapon from the ankle holster. Consider that factor while choosing a holster with the best retention capacity.


People buy these items for keeping their weapons in it. That doesn’t mean it’s the only reason to buy a holster. Instead, it’s also an essential factor in ensuring safety. The holster should not only protect the weapon but also protect you from any kind of unexpected accident caused by the gun.

Make sure that the trigger remains in the same condition when you move around randomly. To know about the safety issue of a holster, you can go through the product reviews.

Used materials

Most of the companies make their holster using either nylon or Kydex to ensure the comfort of use and ease of movement. A little bit of discomfort may cause worse performance. So, you must choose one that will ensure your day-long comfort.

Some companies also use leather that costs more than an ordinary one. These types of holsters are not recommended as they might affect the finishing of your weapon.

Strapping of the Ankle Holster

You may need to move all day out and even need to travel for a long time. So, it’s important for you to check the stripping of the holster. High-quality ankle holsters have the flexible stripping on the ankle holsters.

They also fit very comfortably around the ankle. If you are habituated in wearing the holster inside the boot, then you should choose a holster with broader straps that fit correctly and ensures higher security.


This is a vital factor that we should consider in case of purchasing an ankle case for guns. Make sure that the holster fits well around your ankle in such a way that hides your weapon from people and even provide no hints about the existence of the firearm. 

See if it is good for j frame, or sig p365 type guns. See the features before buying it for your gun. A holster with this feature will help you to defend yourself from the enemies.

Holster Durability

We always want to have a product with the highest durability. You should collect valid information about the strength of the holster.

Choose a holster that will last long. It’s a matter of loss if your holster gets damage after a few days of buying. So, consider the durability of the holster.

Price of the Item

Though most of the ankle holsters don’t cost much and the price is almost the same, there are still some high-quality holsters that require more than an ordinary one. You need to think about the price of the holster.

If you don’t want to spend much on a holster and your budget is low, then go for an ordinary holster. But if you don’t care about the budget, later try a high-quality holster.

Final Thought

The use of ankle holster is increasing day by day. But most of the people are failing to choose the best holster for their firearm. I hope from the above discussion you have already got a clear idea about the best-ranked ankle holsters and the facts to consider while choosing the best one. Though all of the high holsters are the best, I must recommend buying “Galco Ankle Holster” as it provides all the required features within a single package.

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