Best Carolina Rig Rod Reviews & Buying Guide in 2022

For most anglers who have done quite a lot of fishing, the Carolina rig has become one of the most successful fish-finding techniques in all of bass fishing. In deep water, a Carolina rig frequently outperforms a crankbait, and in the shallows, it’s often better than a Texas rig.

While its most efficient use comes in depths between 5 and 20 feet, a Carolina rig, using the best Carolina rig rod can be fished as shallow as 1 foot and as deep as 50 or 60 feet.

A better Carolina rod is not only a tool to play for the young anglers, but also a fish-catching one for the poor as well, and it definitely accounts for its share of trophy-class bass. In deep water, a Carolina rig rod setup frequently outperforms a crankbait setup, and in the shallows, it’s often better than a Texas rig setup.

Dobyns Rods Champion XP Series 7’0”...
Dobyns Rods Fury Series Casting Rod
G. Loomis IMX PRO 690-4
Dobyns Rods Champion Series 7’6”...
Dobyns Rods Champion XP Series 7’0”...
Dobyns Rods Fury Series Casting Rod
G. Loomis IMX PRO 690-4
Dobyns Rods Champion Series 7’6”...
Dobyns Rods Champion XP Series 7’0”...
Dobyns Rods Champion XP Series 7’0”...
Dobyns Rods Fury Series Casting Rod
Dobyns Rods Fury Series Casting Rod
G. Loomis IMX PRO 690-4
G. Loomis IMX PRO 690-4
Dobyns Rods Champion Series 7’6”...
Dobyns Rods Champion Series 7’6”...

Why Carolina Rig Rod Setup?


Mostly the Carolina setup rods are moderately heavy, quick caster, and they support various rig reels. Picking up the best rig rod for fishing is quite essential for the Carolina rig setup.

Best Carolina Rig Rod Reviews

Carolina rigging is a structure fishing technique rather than a technique for heavy cover. It is best used on a fairly clean bottom because as you drag the lure along that bottom, you are constantly receiving information about what’s down there, which in turn will help tell you where the bass may be.

Reviews of the Best Rods for Carolina Rigs

Today we will be checking out the best selections among the Carolina setup rods. Also, I have a few tips and suggestions for you fishing enthusiasts out there. So, without any further ado, let’s see the list.

Dobyns Rods 704C Champion Series

In the fishing community, Dobyns rods have taken a respectful place for their great fishing rods. Let’s start the list with one of the best Dobyns rods for the Carolina rig. It is seven feet in length and amazing construction. Yes, we are discussing Dobyns Rods 704C Champion Series. If you’re looking for the best features in a rod, this can be your pick without any question.

What makes it best for Carolina rigs is the sensitivity and fullest form of the flexibility of this rod. Carolina setups are basically used with a soft plastic mainline for bottom bass fishing. The sensitivity it can assess from a small bite is excellent.

Let’s dig into the structure of this rod. Depending on the length and versatility, it can be considered the best size rod for the rig. Seven feet is quite a standard length for any kind of fishing rod. It feels comfortable, and at the same time, you get to use many angular selections. This feature comes in handy in every layer of water.

Speaking of angular aspects, the pole can be extremely helpful for adjusting the angles. Balancing a rod can be a real issue if your fishing rod is not flexible enough. Fortunately, both the control and the convenience come with this product.

Another thing you should know about this product is the materials. Without stable materials, you cannot have a well-constructed rod. The manufacturers provide the best quality materials in the pole to assure you the best experience.


  • It comes with solid construction.
  • Comfortable angular positioning.
  • Works with excellent flexibility
  • Can sense the smallest bite
  • Can handle big bass fish
  • The sensitivity is amazing.


  • The length can be an issue for some people.

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Dobyns Rods Fury Series Casting Rod

On the second of my list, I want to mention another Doblyn product. As one of the best doblyn Carolina rig rods, Dobyns Rods Fury Series Casting Rod provides both comfort and efficiency. This rig rod has managed to subtly take its place in the market. Including me, a lot of fishing enthusiasts are a fan of this fishing tackle for a few amazing features.

The reason for taking this one to the best fishing rod list is its lightweight and balanced flexibility. While using this for big pre-spawn basses from the bottom of the river, you will feel the feel of the fishing line almost all the time, and with the utmost sensitivity. You can also, use this fishing tackle with a c-rig for medium to heavy casting, thanks to the manufacturer for the build quality despite its cheaper price range.

From the solid construction to the flexible adjustments, all the premium features are present in this rod. 6’6″ In length makes it a middle-sized fishing rod. It is an amazing pick for generals, and the usability is vast. The core is graphite-made for the rod. The strength and agility both come at a maximum level with this construction.

One of the other reasons to like this product is the comfort. Comfort is the key to concentration, especially when you are fishing with Carolina setup.

The cork handle comes with an AA premium quality that ensures comfort for your hand. As this rig pole comes in separate options and comfortable gripping handles, you will have no problems in the control. So, achieving better action for bass anglers is generally easy with this item.

Even with the rod with a lesser length, you will get a long-lasting feature. Also, and durability with the rig rod. Another amazing thing to me is the versatility of this rod. I have used this is so many occasions. The performance remains the same for every event.


  • It comes with different options.
  • Extremely high-quality material.
  • Fast action feature.
  • One of the best handles for the rods.
  • Budget-friendly option.


  • The pole of the rod is a bit shorter than usual.

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G. Loomis IMX-PRO 874C CRR Casting Rod

Let’s say, you are planning for different kinds of fishing techniques. You want a stable fishing rod that can help you with several fishing techniques. Also, it should have lightweight and a good length.

Loomis IMX-PRO 874C CRR Casting Pole is the best pick for all these valid requirements. One amazing casting tackle with a high-speed reel feature and extra length. Personally, it is a great experience for me. Let me tell you why I liked this fishing tackle so much.

First of all, the lightweight rods are always flexible. This fishing tackle comes with a weight of around 5 pounds. With the reels and other kits, it doesn’t feel heavy at all. It gives you the extra space to concentrate on fishing. The manufacturer G. Loomis put maximum effort to provide the fishing enthusiasts a very lightweight fishing rod.

Being so flexible to play around the mainline of fishing, you can also cover many areas where the catfish are. The sturdy built quality made sure it can play with medium-heavy catfish Carolina rig pretty well.

On the same note, the control is amazingly great. You can cover a large area with the fishing rod. With this feature, you can go for deep water fishing as well. It is important to keep the lure stable for this kind of fishing. This medium-heavy rod is perfect for stability in deep fishing with plastic baits.


  • Comfortable grip in the handle.
  • Lightweight rod with the perfect material.
  • Sensitive and superb controlling feature.
  • Effective for all kinds of fishing.
  • Works perfectly with catfish Carolina setup


  • Not a budget-friendly option for everyone.

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Dobyns Rods 764C Champion

Let’s get to know another amazing product from the Doblyn. It is Dobyns Rods 764C Champion. A great selection for the professionals and the enthusiasts. Last summer, I was trying this new rod, and I am truly amazed by it.

I want to start with the construction of the rod. The 764C comes with solid construction with ideal materials. It provides the rod a perfect shape and extremely durable structure. With the perfectly made rig rod, you can have good control over the fishing. Also, the well-balanced structure and material make the rod a very durable one.

Another amazing thing about the rod is the sensitive tip. As you can already guess, a well-built rig rod always comes with a sensitive tip. It works amazingly with the catches. Also, the adjustments are great with the rod. These features provide you a very relaxing fishing experience that you are looking for.

Also, the rig rod comes in different lengths. You can always pick the best option from the selections. Speaking of the gripping feature, the manufacturer provides Kevlar wrapping. The handle feels amazing when you move. It provides flexibility over the rod.


  • Top-notch material.
  • Extremely durable and well-built.
  • Perfect gripping feature with Kevlar wrapping.
  • The perfect selection for deep water fishing and bass.


  • Not a budget-friendly rod.

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St Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rods

Let me introduce you to another amazing rod on my list. St Croix Mojo Bass Rod is coming from the famous St. Croix who is famous for the high-quality rig rods. This rig rod becomes quite famous among fishing enthusiasts lately. I have checked this fishing rod last summer, and I am extremely happy to have the hands-on experience.

First of all, the manufacturer used SCIII graphite as the material. As a result, the rod is super strong and durable. However, the rod can be considered as medium heavy in the perspective of weight. So, you are getting a very stable rig tackle with not so much weight. As a fishing enthusiast, I see this as a clear win.

Another thing is the IPC technology that helps you to have a quality fishing experience. While bass angling or heavier fishing, it is important to have a steady rod location. This IPC feature helps you to have a stable performance. Even for deep-water fishing, the bait stays stable.

The rod comes with an aluminum coating and a black frame. The handles come with premium-grade cork. The whole package is extremely convenient for any kind of fishing technique. If you are into bass fishing and actively looking for a stable rig rod, this might be the best option for you.


  • Several selections for equivalent purposes.
  • IPC feature included making angling fish easier
  • Slim design with durable body structure.
  • It comes with a five years manufacturer warranty.


  • Sometimes the rod feels a bit stiff.

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Dobyns Rods DX 745C

Okay, this is the last Dobyns product on my list, I promise. You might think that I am a Dobyns fan, but Dobyns Rods DX 745C is one of the best Dobyns Carolina rig rods, and one of the best Carolina fishing rig rods in general. Let me tell you why you should get yourself one.

For starters, DX 745C is a bit different than the other rig rods. It is a genuine bass fishing and deep-water fishing rod. It requires a lot of strength and accuracy for these kinds of fishing. If you are looking for a stronger, heavier, and solid option as a rigged rod, Dobyns Rods DX 745C might be the best option for you. It comes with a durable body, super-sensitive tip, and a weight of around 12-25 lbs.

The handle comes with Kevlar wrapping. The narrowed down full cork gripping is one of my favorite features. It gives you extra space for adjustments. It also has a larger length that ensures a bigger area of fishing. You can cast in a wide range of areas, and have full control over the rod. How amazing is that?

Another thing that amazed me the most is how sensitive the tip is. In a heavier baitcasting rod or other options, you will be missing this core feature. Luckily, this amazing product is both stronger and comes with a sensitive tip as well.


  • It comes with zero tangling features.
  • A perfect pick for deep fishing.
  • Works perfectly for pulling big fish along with medium ones
  • Heavier rig pole with a sensitive tip.
  • Amazing gripping feature.


  • A bit heavy option.

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G.Loomis NRX Carolina Rig Rods

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Easy to use, easy to adjust, and easy to move; all these features must sound incredibly good to the bass fisherman out there. Hence, comes the G.Loomis NRX Carolina Rig Rods. In a discussion of the best Carolina rods, the list will not be properly done without it. This is one versatile rig pole in features, yet a very unique option.

The feature that outstands this product from the rest is the NRX technology like you would see on a Senko rod. The NRX drop shot works for longer casting better power. In this way, the fishes will notice the bait closely and quite instantly. With this amazing feature, you will grab more fishes in your bucket than you will think.

Another thing you must know is that you can use this tackle quite easily. By easy, I meant less hassle with the reel, fewer adjustment steps, and fast action in no time. As the rod is ideal for bottom-water fishing, you will be happy to have this feature as well.

If you are concerned about the tip, let me assure you about the sensitivity of the tip. It covers up a large area. The angular positionings are also amazingly flexible with this rig rod. With the slip-sinker or egg sinker and the angular versatility, it works amazingly for deep-water fishing.


  • It comes with NRX technology.
  • Industry-standard quality material.
  • These nrx rods can cast long enough with excellent flexibility
  • Maximum comfort in the handle.
  • It comes with extra length.


  • Sometimes it takes time to feel the catch.

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Types of Rod to Use with Carolina Rig

The four types of rods here are the primary tools required to master the major Carolina rig presentations. The beginner who wants to keep expenses on the modest side can get by with a three-rod arsenal including a 7-foot medium-action spinning combo, a 6- to 7foot medium action trigger stick/baitcasting combo, and a flippin’ stick.

Other rod and reel combinations can be added as the angler’s interest grows and skills increase. The bass angler who sticks with the sport will undoubtedly end up owning two or three times as many rods.

Many of the top rods in the bass game carry a dozen or more rods with them every time they go fishing. Someone has to keep the tackle companies in the business.

Spinning Rod

If you are new to fishing, this is the right rod for you for bass fishing. Pairing with Carolina rigs and a spinning reel, this rod can be the go-to option for beginners.

With a lighter weight facility and a more flexible response to your hand movement, it is very efficient for longer casting. With lighter lines, lures, and Carolina rigs, you can equally go on the medium-deep to a deeper part of the river with the spinning rod using a moderate tungsten weight.

There are generally 2 sizes of spinning rods that are basically used with the Carolina rig: 2500, 3000, and 4000. You can use soft plastic, poppers, jerk baits, plastic worm, spinnerbaits for fishing bass in the lower part of the water.

Casting Rod

You have a couple of months into fishing, and want something more advanced and featureful, choosing this rod will give you heavy-duty performance. It is a more tough rod to own for serious anglers.

You can use heavy fishing lines and lures to catch bigger fishes. With a baitcasting reel, with Carolina rig setup catching deeper bass and other fishes is a pretty exciting experience.

Most of the bass anglers now use these kinds of rods as they can handle tough performance and will rarely let you down playing with fishes.


Triggersticks are straight-handle baitcasting rods. Most rods in this category are 6 to 7-1/2 feet long with actions that range from medium-light to heavy. Either a low-profile or round-frame style baitcasting reel can be used on these rods.

The extra rod and handle length of trigger sticks are essential for making longer casts and also for casting heavier lures. Triggersticks can be used for a wealth of bass fishing presentations including Texas rigging plastic worms, tossing medium-sized weedless jigs, casting jerkbaits and larger-sized spinnerbaits, working jigging spoons, and Carolina rigging.

A standard baitcasting reel capable of handling 125 yards of 12- to 17-pound test line is a good match for a triggerstick. Because these rods are used frequently, it’s important to select a quality graphite model that’s both light and sensitive. It’s not uncommon for a serious bass angler to own several triggersticks in different lengths and actions.

It could be considered essential to own at least two different actions of triggersticks. The lighter action rods can be used for working small spinnerbaits, worms, grubs, and smallish weedless jigs, while the heavier action rod is best suited to casting beefy spinnerbaits or Carolina rigs.

Fiberglass Casting Rods

Owning and using a quality graphite rod is an advantage in most bass fishing situations. The light and responsive nature of these rods enable the angler to detect sub rod cost about the same as a mid-range graphite rod. Fiberglass rods are not only slower actions, but they also deliver a shock-absorbing feature that makes it tough for fish to shake the lure after being hooked. Another advantage of fiberglass rods is the durability they offer. They are far less brittle and fragile than graphite. A good quality fiberglass rod will last for years of hard use.

The biggest disadvantages associated with fiberglass rods are the added weight and loss of sensitivity. These trade-offs are worth accepting when fishing crankbaits or top-water plugs.

Both fiberglass triggersticks and spinning rods are offered for bass fishing. When casting larger crankbaits, jerkbaits, and topwater plugs, the triggerstick is the best choice. Smaller crankbaits, jerkbaits, and pint-sized top-water lures require the casting features of a spinning rod.

Pistol Grip Baitcasters

A pistol-grip style baitcasting rod is one of the most useful, versatile, and comfortable to use rods a bass angler owns. As with spinning gear, a quality graphite rod is essential. Generally, these rods are from 5-1/2 to 6 feet long and feature a medium or medium-heavy action.

The ideal reel to match with a pistol-grip rod is a baitcasting reel capable of handling 125 yards of 12- to 17-pound test line. Depending on which reel type an angler is more comfortable with both round-frame and low-profile style reels can be used.

When casting, the reel is held in the palm with the little finger supported on the rod’s trigger.

What it is Best for?

Ideally suited for tossing spinnerbaits, small crankbaits, worms, jigs, and top-water plugs, this style of rod is most often used for short, but precise casting situations. A pistol-grip style baitcasting outfit is perfect for casting to obvious targets such as flooded brush. sunken logs, rock piles, blowdowns, and another visual cover typically found along shorelines. It should be considered a “must-have” brass rod.

The angler’s best strategy is to position the boat perpendicular to and a short cast away from cover. Using an electric motor, move the boat along the shoreline rather quickly while making short and accurate casts to likely bass haunts.

Using for Underarm Casting

The short length and comfortable grip make for a rod that works as an extension of your arm. From a standing position, an angler using a pistol-grip style baitcasting outfit makes an underarm style cast using the wrist to flick lures at desired targets. Meanwhile, the thumb is used to feather the spool so just the perfect amount of line plays out.

The result is an accurate cast that presents the lure with the least amount of splash possible. A skilled angler can fish this way for hours, covering huge amounts of cover and suffering little from casting fatigue.

Things to Consider for Choosing the Best Carolina Rig Rod

Picking the right rig rod would be something like picking the best bow for hunting. This is a very core item for the Carolina rig and wacky rig. No wonder you have to consider a lot of things before getting the best rog rod for yourself.

There is a list of things that you should be concerned about.

Comfortable Grip

The handle would be the primary part from where you control the rod. A stable and comfortable handle can make a huge difference for the whole fishing experience. You must check how comfortable the handle is. The gripping must be flexible and easy-going. In most cases, the best quality handles are cork handles and polymer grips.

Also, the area should be plain. The surface for the gripping must have a restful cover. If the surface doesn’t have a cover, it should have a simple finish that is comfortable for holding. With a good handle, you can move the pole quite easily.

Proper Length

It is often considered that a higher length for a rigged rod can be effective for fishing. In reality, this is not quite the truth. It depends on you. Make sure you know what kind of fishing you have in mind. Also, what length can be an effective length for you. Depending on your capability, you should pick the length of the rod.

In general, a seven-foot rig rod is considered to be a perfect length. Most of the Carolina rig rod comes with a length in a range between this standard length. If you are planning for deep-water fishing, a longer rod can be your pick. However, a comfortable length is always the best length.

Stable Construction

The construction of a rod depends on several things such as the material, the manufacturer, and the process. A stable rig fishing tackle is amazing for Carolina rig fishing. Most of the best rig rods in the market come with a stronger built. It must be durable as well.

The Action of The Rod

Your rod should be faster in action. A very reactive rod is always better than a high functional rod. The action of the pole depends on a few things such as the tip, the control of the rod, the handle, and the angular flexibility.

With better action of the rod, you can secure more catches. In any kind of medium to longer casting, the rod has to work in different directions. So, it needs to move faster and effectively as well. Only a rig rod with fast action can be helpful in these situations.

The Action of The Rod

Medium-heavy Rod

Well, the weight of the rod depends on the materials and the tools. Most of the great Carolina rig rods are around 9-15 lbs. on average. However, you will be needing your comfort zone for fishing.

Of course, a heavier tackle is sturdy and strong, yet sometimes it will be really hard to control. Carolina rig or Neko rig fishing includes a lot of heavier fishing. If you cannot control the rod, the whole experience will go in vain.


There are three kinds of materials for the rig rod. They are graphite, fiberglass, and a combination of both of them.

If you are planning fishing as a hobby, you can start with a fiberglass-made rig tackle. These kinds of rods are super strong and stay stable in any kind of situation. For beginner or angling enthusiasts, fiberglass-made rig rods are a very suitable pick.

On the other hand, graphite-made rig rods are flexible. They provide strength and adjustability at the same time. Mostly, professional anglers use these kinds of rig tackles.

Lastly, the combination of both fiberglass and graphite makes one of the best materials for the tackles. It provides the strength of the fiberglass and the flexibility of the graphite. With tungsten bait rather than soft plastic bait, it’s a lot easier to get fishes.


Carolina fishing rig covers up a lot of areas of fishing. You can do a different kinds of angling techniques as well. However, your fishing rod should be able to handle any kind of challenge.

It is not just about the different kinds of fishing techniques; it is also about keeping the performance at different angles. Make sure you have a pole that can go through a lot of pressure.


Last but not the least, you should always keep your budget in your mind. There are a lot of angling rods out there. You do not need the rigging rod with maximum features and the biggest price tag most of the time. Make sure you know your requirement perfectly. Invest in the rig rod wisely.

How Long Should Your Leader Be on A Carolina Rig? Check Perfect Carolina Rig Leader length

The Carolina rig leader length varies from medium and bigger rigs. Let’s say you have a bigger split shot rig. The ideal range would be around 36 to 48 inches for a big-sized c rig.

With the wider length, you can have extra space to move. Extra space always will help you to have a comfortable fishing experience. This rig setup is perfect for deep-water angling and bass fishing. You will be able to contact the bottom without any problem.

On the other hand, a general leader will have around 15 to 24 inches. This is a very basic leader to start with. As a beginner or an enthusiast, you can easily pick this kind of leader in your average-sized rig. This kind of setup is very effective for cold-water angling.

If you want to go massive rig, there is a selection that is around 7 feet. This is almost 84 inches in size. You can already guess the monstrous size. To use this kind of leader, you also need a massive-sized rig. One perfect option for clear water, and saltwater angling.

Where Can You Use a Carolina Rig?

Carolina rig is a versatile fishing rig. You can go for deep-water fishing, angling in clear water, salt-water fishing and so more. Even if you categorize the bass angling alone, you can explore spotted bass fishing, white bass, striped bass angling, largemouth fishing, smallmouth fishing, and so many other options.

The Carolina rig is a versatile option. You can use the rig in any stable weather. However, the Carolina rig is not much effective for shallow water angling. You can use a Texas rig for this purpose. For any kind of deep-river fishing, the Carolina rig is a great solution.

How Do You Set up a Carolina Rig for Fishing?

Carolina rig setup is quite simple to start with. As a versatile fishing rig, the setup can be different in some ways, but the main components stay the same. There are bead, hooks, baits, rod, lines, reels, sinkers and anglers, leaders, and some plastic worms.

Set up a Carolina Rig for Fishing

Choosing a Rig Rod

Initially, you have your preferred rig pole with a length of 6-7 feet and good construction. Of course, you need the sturdy reel and monofilament or fluorocarbon fishing line as well. These are the primary tools that you can select on your own. Now let’s move on to the setup.

Using Proper Sinker with a Hook

For a c rig setup, you will be needing weights. The weights are the reason behind the deep-water sinking. The sinker is mostly egg-shaped or bullet-shaped. They have a linear hole upside down. These sinkers go deep in the river with the bait.

How to Weight Works with Hooks in the Bottom

The baits are mostly small sticky works. Mostly the angler uses a plastic and soft one to have an attractive layer. These are tied with the beads.

These beads repel any kind of damages that can occur in the barrel swivel or the weight. The weights will move freely in the river/lake and the fishes move way too fast when you set the hook with lesser weight. You do need to think about the unwanted damage. Hence, here comes the beads. It’s a strategic small tool that works too effectively.

Setting Up the Leader

Also, there is a leader that works for the distance. The leader length depends on the size of the rig setup. If you are planning for a bigger rig, your leader will be a wider one.

The length varies from 12 inches to 7 feet. Using a shorter leader on the other hand can come in handy for short hook setup and more flexible performance.

Another thing you will be needing is the worm hooks. The perfect size would be 2/0 for bass angling. It’s a lightweight option as the bait should be easily movable.

The Reel Should Woks for Long Casts with Carolina Rigs

For catching the biggest bucks from the bottom, personally, I prefer the Abu Garcia ® Torno reel set with a soft plastics line or braided line with a 6.3:1 gear ratio. It will help you feel the line perfectly and cast longer for a heavy action rod.

The fishing gets a lot easier with the rig. As you cast your weight in the directions, it will go deeper and hit on several places. You will have a controlled situation to observe the fishes. You will also have the flexibility to adjust and move whenever you need.

Whenever you get a catch, you can easily pull it up. The only thing you need to do is have patience with the whole procedure.

People Also Ask

What Are Most Fishing Rods Made Of?

Most of the spinning fishing rods are made of graphite, fiberglass, and the new addition would be the combination of fiberglass and graphite. It is called the new generation composite. Graphite is flexible as materials. The fiberglass is the reason behind heavier rods. The new generation composite is becoming popular nowadays as it is bringing the best features from both materials.

Best Carolina Rigging Rod

What Is the Best Carolina Rigging Rod?

There are a lot of options for spinning rods to choose for anglers. However, Dobyns Rods 704C Champion Series is high on performance, medium-heavy, and super flexible. This rod works perfectly with football jig, rigged weedless along with c rig.

This fishing tackle also has a fast action feature and seven-foot in length. These qualities make it the best c rig rod.

You should also check out Dobyns Rods Fury Series Rod, and Dobyns Rods 764C Champion.

Who Makes the Best Rod for Carolina Rigging?

Dobyns is one of the best Carolina rod manufacturers. There are G. Loomis and St. Croix as well.

Every bass angler should own at least one pistol-grip style baitcasting combination. This workhorse will undoubtedly become a favorite for fishing fast-moving lures such as spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, soft plastics baits, crankbaits, and jerkbaits.

Last Few Words

Let’s be clear on one thing that selecting the rigging rods for the Carolina rig is just one step for the rig setup. You have to choose a lot of other things as well. As you are investing your precious time into this, make sure you have a good deal out of it.

A durable, comfortable, and flexible rig rod will encourage you to get in the fishing game again and again. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a newbie in the Carolina rigging, you will be needing the best Carolina rig rod.

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