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Best Fishing Line for Bass Baitcaster & Bass Spinning Reel

Not so many years ago, fishing line was one of the least complex issues of bass fishing. Nylon fishing lines dominated the scene, and anglers had few choices to consider for baitcaster and spinning reel. Besides some brand considerations, monofilaments and fluorocarbons were largely limited to two types, including limp versions designed for maximum castability […]

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Freshwater Fishing Equipment: Essentials Checklist

Freshwater anglers need several pieces of equipment. They should have a rod, reel, and fishing line. Anglers also need hooks, bait, and lures. To have the perfect performance, you need the essential freshwater fishing equipment with you. So, what are these fishing kits for beginners, you want to carry in your angling adventure? Well, the […]

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How Trolling Plugs Works?

If the fish are located within 20 feet of the surface, you can choose trolling plugs that runs at the proper depth with no added weight. The best way to determine exactly how deep a plug will run is to test it yourself. Few plugs run deeper than 20 feet, so you will need sinkers, […]

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