Best Multi Pump BB Gun: Powerful PCP Air Rifles Reviews

Nowadays, multi-pump bb gun gets popular because of their easy use and budget. The multi-pump can be rifles or pistols, and both are powered by compressed air, and you have to pump it. You can put up to 10 pumps for maximum power. An experienced shooter and beginners can use this multi-pump gun to enjoy hunting.

When you go to the market to buy this beast, check all the features and capabilities to understand if it can fulfill your needs.

Gamo Swarm Maxxim G2 .22 Cal Multi-Shot...
Gamo Swarm Magnum 10X GEN3i Inertia Fed...
Remington AirMaster 77 AM77X Single-Shot...
Crosman 1077FSG Freestyle Semi-Auto...
Gamo Swarm Maxxim G2 .22 Cal Multi-Shot...
Gamo Swarm Magnum 10X GEN3i Inertia Fed...
Remington AirMaster 77 AM77X Single-Shot...
Crosman 1077FSG Freestyle Semi-Auto...
Gamo Swarm Maxxim G2 .22 Cal Multi-Shot...
Gamo Swarm Maxxim G2 .22 Cal Multi-Shot...
Gamo Swarm Magnum 10X GEN3i Inertia Fed...
Gamo Swarm Magnum 10X GEN3i Inertia Fed...
Remington AirMaster 77 AM77X Single-Shot...
Remington AirMaster 77 AM77X Single-Shot...
Crosman 1077FSG Freestyle Semi-Auto...
Crosman 1077FSG Freestyle Semi-Auto...

Reviews of the Best Multi-Pump BB Gun

Best Multi Pump BB Gun

The market has various multi-pump bb guns, so it is normal to get confused about which one to choose. The confusion will be evident if you know about the guns.

I have tested some bb guns and bb pistols and researched them, and consulted with some expertise to write a better review for you to choose one quickly.

Gamo Swarm Maxxim G2 .22 Cal Multi-Shot Pellet Rifle

I have put Swarm Maxxim at the number 1 position here because it is one of the best multi-pump bb guns used for big targets. This gun gets a real revolution which is, you can see the magazine. The piston is quiet because the Maxim has a noise dampening system. You will get lots of dead space on the rifle.

Another thing that you must want this rifle is it is not very heavy and weighs only 6.5 pounds to hold it and handle it on your shoulder comfortably. The cheekpiece is slightly raised, synthetic stock gives a cozy feel on the shoulder.

Also, The multi pump air rifle takes only a few shots to adjust and readjust the scope. The gun has at least 1000 feet per second velocity with its 22 caliber pellet. The performance has been flawless for a long time, and you won’t find any single issue over 500 shots. You can even kill a large raccoon with this rifle. Everyone will be impressed by the build and quality of this gun.


  • You can hunt down bigger targets and small targets in the backyard
  • Very accurate and can hold tight group
  • The scope can adjust easily in different firing modes 
  • The sights are solid


  • The magazine quality is not up to the mark.
  • The rifle is quite loud when you dry fire.

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Gamo Swarm Magnum G2 – 22 Caliber – Multi-Pump Air Rifle

When it comes to Gamo rifle, Swarm magnum is a ridiculously awesome and powerful 22 pellet caliber rifle. The manufacturer says it can shoot 1300 feet per second with light alloy pellets, which fly super fast. The convenient thing is that you can adjust the scope windage and elevation only with your finger, making the rifle more fun to shoot.

The magazine is recoil activated, so you don’t have to double-feed the pellets, saving time with this 22 cal air rifle. Finding a spare magazine is also easy.

The pellet air rifle gives very accurate groups with high power. It is skinny, and the grip is made of rubber materials to hold it for a long time.

The fiber optic open sight gives comfortable eyesight. The high-quality construction makes this 22 caliber – multi pump air rifle a legit performance for hunting, and the design allows you to use a wide variety of pellet brands. After proper calibration, it will eliminate the pest within a blink.


  • Very accurate at 40 yards or more
  • Strong piston spring
  • Can shoot any small game animal within 25 yards constantly.
  • Light enough to carry around
  • Easy to set up and use


  • It is not great for target practice
  • Require energetic arm to cock

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Remington AirMaster 77 AM77X – Best for Target Shooting

If you are searching for a gun that fires smooth and straight and has thumbhole stock, then Remington Airmaster 77 is just for you. The beginners will find it very user-friendly because it is a stable firearm in every situation. You can pump it at least 12 times for maximum power. The build quality is robust to use this gun for a long time.

It fires accurately in long-range without scope. The front sight is large enough to cover any tiny target. The trigger is stiff, and you won’t feel much strain on the muscle.

Setting up everything is pretty easy, and if you do it properly, your shooting time will be full of fun and enjoyment. This gun will be the best buddy to beginners as it can shoot accurately within 15 yards. You do not have to take apart the mags when the bb jams; wiggle the loader, and Bbs are unjammed.


  • Perfect firearm for target shooting and plinking
  • Long durability
  • Budget-friendly gun for the beginners
  • Weather does not affect the gun
  • The grip pattern is better


  • The receiver gives very cheap feelings
  • Does not have noise suppressor

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Crosman Freestyle 1077FSG CO2-Powered .177-Caliber

If you want an effortless shooting experience with a multi pump air rifle, Crosman freestyle will be at the top listed. It will give you a solid feeling more than any expensive pellet gun, and your shoulder will be fine for long. The trigger pull is long and gritty, making it an excellent choice for the young. The front sight visibility is very high in sunlight. The consistent accuracy will surely impress you.

What makes this one of the best air rifle options is its lighter weight, strong air piston, and capacity to be super comfortable.

When I first researched this 177 caliber air rifle, I learned it has quick multi-shot capabilities, and I found the same after purchasing it. The reliability and scope ability is up to the mark. The internal parts are strong enough to make it a highly durable co2 air rifle.

The rail is 11 mm, so you will get enough room for modifications. The handgrips are so perfect to not give any cramps on your hand. The c02 will last at least six mags refill.


  • The 12 shot rapid-fire clips are excellent
  • Lightweight enough to carry this pellet rifle easily
  • The cocking mechanism is convenient and easy
  • Reliable co2 air rifle for the kids too
  • Not much loud air gun


  • Difficult to mount any severe optics

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Umarex NXG APX .177 Multi-pump Air Rifle – Best BB Gun for Comfort

If you are a beginner and searching for a starter rifle with different ammo types, Umarex NXG is a complete package for you. The design and features are very aesthetic, making the rifle easy to handle and shoot. This gun has an adjustable fiber-optic sight and iron sight, shooting accurately. Also, you can consistently hit the target with little practice.

The multi pump air rifle comes with a traditional beginner’s scope. The adjustable rear sight works fine. With the adjustable rear sight, you can shoot in a short and medium distance with your multi pump pneumatic rifle pretty easily.

Also, the 11mm dovetail rail on this multi pump pneumatic gun allows you to add as many accessories as you want along with the adjustable rear sight. The stock has smooth rubberized cheek rest that makes your cheek extremely comfortable. The rifle barrel has a silencer on the front, so the rifle does not make much noise.

The safety features work well for the inexperienced shooter. The gun has a built-in pellet ramp to load the pellet and bb quickly. The pumping system does not require much effort, so a ten-year-old kid can also pump it ten times. The scope rail is also excellent.


  • The safety works pretty well
  • The iron sight is magnificent
  • Very lightweight multi pump pneumatic rifle
  • Tactical rail for mounting different sights 
  • Comfortable rifled barrel 
  • It comes with the adjustable rear sight
  • Short arm people or kids can also shoot with this rifle


  • The scope calibration is difficult

Crosman .177 Bolt Action Variable – Best Bolt Action Multi Pump

Crossman usually makes good products, and they won’t disappoint you. It is an entirely different-looking multi-pump air rifle that is not so heavy or strong yet can attract someone to shoot with it. The gun has a horizontal sliding air gun pellet clip, and the design of the bb holder and reservoir is genius. The fake magazine holds two spare clips and adjustment tools.

The multiple pump air rifle gun makes you always ready to shoot. It shoots the bb and pellets flawlessly that makes the kids happy. Although the parts are made of plastic, they are durable and comfortable enough. You can quickly shoot a 1-inch group at 30 ft.

The velocity is slightly low according to the price, yet this variable pump gun won’t affect the close-range shooting. The gun has real-life size, so stock adjustment is way more comfortable for tall people. The body is thick and robust, so the rifle lasts many years. Beginner shooters also find this rifle easy to use.


  • Bb and pellets loading is super easy
  • The rifled steel barrel makes the rifle well balanced
  • The plastic parts are sturdy
  • Pumping is easy and does not make much sound
  • Required no adjustment


  • The front sight is nonadjustable, and it sits too high

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Daisy 880 Multi-Pump Kit – Highest FPS Pump Air Rifle

Daisy 880 is another best multi pump air rifle for beginners that has been around for decades. It is one of the best-selling inexpensive rifles with great mechanical working. The quality of this gun is way better according to the price. You can shoot 3 to 4 inches, grouping in 10 yards with regular pellets. It can be done within 25 yards after some days.

The polycarbonate grip makes this pellet gun easy for daily use. The stock is thick and heavy, which relaxes your cheeks. Power and velocity are adjustable, and the maximum velocity is 750 FPS.

The cheekpiece is a little higher on the stock to comfortably hold this variable pump rifle when doing a shooting stance. The trigger weight is well balanced, and the overall structure is excellent. The automatic safety is pretty well. You can start shooting right away after opening the box.


  • Very affordable pellet gun
  • Pumping does not require much muscle energy
  • The pump lever is comfortable
  • Good enough max velocity (760 FPS)
  • It will last at least a couple of thousand rounds
  • The fiber optic front sight makes the shooting accuracy high


  • Not suited for small game hunting

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How to Choose the Best Multi-Pump BB Gun: Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Multi-Pump BB Gun: Buying Guide

Bb gun, air pistol, or ball bearing gun is an air-powered gun that does not use any gun powder to shoot the projectile. The size of the projectile is small yet very powerful to hunt down any small animal. It is also best for target shooting, pest control, small game hunting, etc.

Types of BB Gun

Some bb guns can be spring-powered or spring pump, and some are multi-pump. There are other types of bb guns like CO2-powered, but I will tell you about only a single pump/single shot and a multi-pump bb gun.

Single Pump BB Gun

Single pump bb guns or single stroke guns are straightforward and have a compressed spring mechanism to shoot the single shot pellet or bb. The firing mechanism was built cheaply, but the shot consistency is remarkable. You have to pump it only one time for each shoot.

This type of single pump air rifle is very accurate. However, the velocity and maximum range are not up to the mark because the weaker spring mechanism has limited air pressure.

The gun comes in a decent shape, so you can call it one of the best target shooting firearms. The velocity could be 350 fps, and the shooting range is up to 210 yards which are best for basic plinking.

Multi-Pump BB Gun

Multi pump bb guns are more robust and powerful than a single pump or shing shot rifle. It has a built-in air pump to work the pump handle more times and give more pumps in each shoot with a filled air reservoir.

It has 2 to 10 pumps of a board lever. The max power of muzzle velocity is up to 800 fps with a 4*15 scope, and the shooting range is up to 290 yards. It is famous for its variable power. 

Common Uses for Multi-Pump BB Gun

Common Uses for Multi-Pump BB Gun

Multi pump airguns are famous for target shooting and pest control. As the muzzle velocity, projectile power, and shooting range are lower than other firearm types, they can not shoot a big animal. You can control the shooting power, so the more you pump, the shot gets more power. A fully pumped bb gun can shoot 1000 FPS.

You can kill a small game animal like a rabbit or squirrel when they come to the shooting range and when the projectile meets the criteria.

The hard plastic projectile does not have enough power or energy to kill them. Lead or steel bbs are perfect for hunting them. Although the muzzle velocity is the same, leas and steel Bbs can fly better through the wind.

Multi pump bb gun can also eliminate mice and rats. A .20 and .22 caliber steel bb in multi-pump bb gun is enough to control the pest.

Factors to Consider Buying Multi-Pump BB Gun

A multi-pump bb gun has some factors to consider before purchasing it. Check about the propulsion method, ammo accessories availability, capability, and other things to get a better idea about this gun.

·        Power and Precision

Power and precision vary the usability. The intended use of the gun is a significant fact here. Checking precision is only essential when buying a gun for target shooting or hunting. It is not required for plinking. There are some 800 FPS air guns and 750 FPS multi pump guns that can drive perfect power.

Precision means shooting consistency and velocity. Usually, a multi-pump bb gun can shoot 1000 feet per second, so check how fast the bb can be propelled. If the airgun or bb pistol uses different sizes bb, use heavier bb to get higher velocity.

The propel power level is also essential. A higher power gun can cock harder.

·        Shooting Range

The shooting range is another crucial factor in buying a multi-pump bb gun. Some air rifles come with dot front sight for better accuracy in a short to medium range. However, it is designed to shoot more than 290 yards but still check their range to match your favorite shooting range. 

·        Safety and Durability

Check the durability and firearm safety option of the gun you choose. Check if the gun has waterproof ability and trigger safety. Some firearms will come with manual safety switches, and some will come with automated ones; check before choosing any multi-pump action rifles. 

·        Trigger Quality

Multi pump bb gun has a variety of prices, so the responsiveness of the trigger will be different. Check if the trigger can pull at least 3 pounds. Also, the gun should have a lighter pull.

·        Features

The gun should have adjustable power, various stock options, etc.

·        Finishing

An anesthetic-looking gun affects your mind, and you can shoot peacefully. However, the power does not depend on it but on the bluing value of buying a good finishing gun.

What is a Multi-Pump BB Gun

What is a Multi-Pump BB Gun

It is an advanced type bb gun that requires pumping the gun one or more times in every shot. The gun stores extremely pressured air to the reservoir and release the air in the highest force to propel the bb.

The gun has a small piston inside the tube; the piston moves when you pump the gun, and the valve releases the air. The air cannot come back, so you have to pump harder in the next step.

The gun has two different chambers where the air gets trapped to increase the power efficiency. The air pressure is released every time you pull the trigger.

You can control the velocity of each shot because the quantity of pumping depends on you. So this is a personally controlled gun, and you can control the accuracy and power.

What is the Strongest Pump BB Gun

A higher muzzle velocity gun is the most powerful pump bb gun where the bb can roar 750 fps or higher. Some of the Semi-Auto PCP guns can be powerful bb guns compared to nitro piston air guns. It depends on their features of being a powerful bb gun.

Check the bb speed and velocity rating to pick the strongest one.

For me, .177 caliber daisy 880 is the most powerful bb gun because the mechanism, features, and velocity rating are higher than other companies. Thus, it is a little more expensive than other guns, so it could not be easy to have a budget. But good things do not come easy and cheap. The price will seem worth it to you when you use this gun.

What are the Advantages of Multi-Pump BB Gun

Different type of guns has different technologies, convenience, and advantages. Some of the Sig Sauer models, Daisy powerline Air gun, Air Venturi rifle, can be very efficient for target shooting. But multi-pump air guns have their benefits.

The multi-pump air rifle has lots of benefits. One of them is variable shooting power. You can control the velocity by pumping it more or less so you can shoot for plinking or hunting with the same rifle.

The trigger weight is perfect enough to shoot without much force. You can shoot accurately close to 300 yards or more if you use optics.

The reliability and versatility make the multi-pump gun a demanding firearm to the hunters. You won’t feel any arm fatigue when using it for a long time. The airsoft gun has an automatic loading mechanism and a safety system. The scope installation is also easy and can use a noise dampening system.

How Much does a Crossman 1377 Cost

How Much does a Crosman 1377 Cost

Crossman 1377 is a powerful gun that can hit the target accurately from a long distance. The body structure is so sturdy that it does not scratch or blemish easily. the barrel also gets no rust and grooves, whether with a break barrel or with steel barrel guns. The price range is very budget-friendly, starting with 60$. If you want to add extra accessories, it will cost you more.


All those guns come with an exclusive package that can do endless plinking and control vermin. You may already know all those guns, so it will be easy for you to choose one of them, even more. None of them are too much for the value, so do not worry about it.

There is no ending to exploring real firearms, yet multi-pump air rifles are left behind because of other advanced rifles. For me, a bb gun is different from others, and no other gun can take place on this excellent target shooting gun.

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