7 Best Trolling Motor Batteries – Reviews and Guide 2017

If your hobby is fishing and planning to go on fishing, your boat should have a good trolling motor battery installed in it. A good trolling motor battery will allow you to troll on the water with your boat at different speeds, which you definitely won’t get if you paddle. If you don’t want your boat to stop far from the bank, keep a trolling motor battery attached with the motor.


Known For

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Optima 8016-103 D34M Trolling Battery

Long Lasting and High Quality Battery for the Price


Durable with Shock Resistance with CCA of 300 amps

Mighty Max 12V 35AH SLA Trolling Battery

Mountable in Any Position, High Discharge Rate & Long Lasting

Mighty Max 12V 55AH

Higher Power and Quality Performance in decent Size

VMAX MR127 12V 100AH AGM Battery

This Power Beast Can Charge Two Times Faster

Interstate Lead Acid (AGM)

Small and Lightweight Battery that Offer Cheaper Cost

Exide Edge FP-AGM24DP Battery

High Capacity to Handle Heavy Loads with 145 m reserve capacity

Best Trolling Motor Battery Reviews

There are various types of trolling motor batteries, but you need to find and buy the best one or one of the best one for your trolling motor. We will provide you the list and information about 5 of the best trolling motor batteries available below.

Optima 8016-103 D34M Trolling Battery

If you want to rely on the top quality trolling motor battery in the market, the Optima is the perfect choice for you. It will provide excellent power and charging capacity to be one of the most trustable battery for outdoor usage.

The optima are well reputed and one of the best trolling motor battery brand in this particular industry and the bestseller among its products is the 8016- 103 D34M marine battery with blue top.

Optima 8016-103 D34M Trolling Battery

Highlighted Feature

Optima batteries use color codes to specify the use of it. The color codes for the Optima batteries to determine how the battery should work, and blue top indicates that it should be used as a dedicated cranking battery. Also, the optima 8016- 103 D34M marine battery comes with a dark gray chassis, which means that you can use it for both cranking and deep cycle operations.

You will be please with the life time and consistency of this battery. The housing and built quality ensure that the batteries are very long lasting. It resists vibrations and shocks 15 times more than a wet cell battery can resist. So, you can easily depend on this battery for any outdoor uses, where bumps are natural.

I was surprise with the charging capacity and power performance of this trolling motor battery. The number of discharges it can take before the battery completely fails is terrific, which is more than 3 times than other normal batteries.

The measurement of the battery is 10 inches wide by 8 inches tall. This portability makes sure, you can use this battery for Lon mower, fishing boats, etc. very easily. Also, the weight of this battery is 43 pounds to be exact. But, you will be overwhelmed with the output it gives.

This specific battery comes with the capacity of 12V with 750 CCA (Cold Cranking Amp). 750 CCA means you can start it at zero degrees’ temperature. The battery comes with 120 minutes of reserve capacity.

If you use the battery at 80° Fahrenheit or 26.7° Celsius it is capable of discharging 25 amps for 2 hours, before the voltage reach to 10.5V. It can use 90% of its maximum capacity.


One of the major features I look in a battery is the maintenance. I do not like wasting too much time for maintenance purpose. So, this is a huge advantage for me. The reason behind the maintenance less battery is the AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) technology.

You will not have to fill distilled water as it is encased completely, which makes it spill proof and you set it up in any position you want. The jelly like items used in the battery reduced the hassle of maintenance. With proper trolling battery guides, you can use this very easily with your boat motors.

Final Thought

Overall, the Optima 8016-103 D34M Marine Battery works like a champion, and this has earned it a status in the battery field. At its price, it’s an excellent investment you can make to keep the trolling motor charged while fishing.

However, we strongly recommend you to use the default charger to prevent overcharging and follow the manual to keep your battery as you desire.

Things We Liked

  • It has a fast charging capacity on the outdoor
  • Sturdy and reliable built quality for long uses
  • The SPIRALCELL technology improves the performance
  • Comes with a maintenance free the AGM technology
  • The battery is shock and vibration resistance
  • Reliable battery brand for safer and longer use

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Bit overprices for some of the consumers
  • Installing is more complicated without the manual

VMAXTANKS VMAX 857 Trolling Battery

VMAXTANKS VMAX 857 Trolling Battery

Are you looking for the perfect piece of battery for your fishing boat or kayak? If yes, then the VMAXTANKS VMAX 857 is a perfect choice. It is another most popular trolling battery features 12V capacity with a rating of 35 AH. But this battery performs way better than the normal batteries, which have 35 AH.

Highlighted Feature

The features of this trolling motor battery will please almost all the fisherman. Firstly, the built quality is way tougher than many other batteries. It comes with an extremely tough ABS plastic made chassis. The chassis is durable, strong and long lasting. So, you do not have to worry about the vibration on the boat in rough weather, not with the VMAXTANKS VMAX 857 trolling motor battery. 

This battery is built for the thrust motors weighing 18 to 40 pounds. It can run 30 pounds thrust trolling motor over 5 hours at a low speed. So, the performance of the charge is decent enough for fishing experience. So, you do not need to lose focus by tensing about the loosing charge quickly while fishing.

The perfect size and weight of this battery makes it one of the best trolling motor battery for fishing. Also, for the small boats, this is a great battery comes with 7.7/5 inches’ width and 6.1 inches’ height. So, setting it in small chamber is not a problem. Adding to the advantages of size, the weight of this battery is only 25 pounds. The battery is completely sealed. 

This exceptionally reliable and long lasting battery comes with military grade thicker alloy grids. Therefore, the battery offers special physical and chemical structures. It will help to increase the overall longevity of this best deep cycle battery for trolling motor. This battery is extremely resistant to vibrations, shocks, heat and severe weather condition.

This battery serves you with its CCA of 300 amps (Cold Cranking Amps) and 390 amps MCA (Marine Cranking Amps). So, it will allow you to start your engine while you are in any type of extreme weather condition. This battery is weather proof. No matter, what the environment is, you can rely on the battery.

This battery has excellent deep cycle capacity. When you use it on your trolling motor it can discharge 40% to 50% of its maximum capacity for over 4 hours.


Like the Optima D34M Trolling Battery, this battery will also very easy to use and maintain. This is an AGM technology battery which definitely makes it a maintenance free battery and reliable.

The battery is spill proof, so there is no way that any gas or flammable object will leak or spill out. So, it rather safe to use and also comes with less hassle.

You can use it for maritime, mobile and even if you are up to use it for air travel it is approved for that and that increases the option of utility for this battery.

Final Though

I like the power and built quality of this trolling motor battery. While fishing, you can rely on its vibration and shock resistant feature. Also, the cold cranking amp makes sure, you can easily start powerful motor with this trolling battery.

This is one my go to battery for fishing boats and considering its price, I can recommend it for anyone. You will be satisfied with its performance on outdoor campaign.

Things We Liked

  • The light weight makes it a perfect portable battery
  • Has heavy duty grid structure for safe and long usage
  • Comes with CCA of 300 amps to start engine in needed times
  • The AGM technology ensure perfect performance
  • Perfect trolling motor battery for small boats
  • Spill proof and maintenance less battery makes using it easier
  • It comes with shock and vibration resistance feature

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The battery is not compatible with other chargers
  • Parts are limited on the market, if you want to repair it

Mighty Max 12V 35AH SLA Trolling Battery

Mighty Max 12V 35AH SLA Trolling Battery

The Mighty Max 12V 35AH SLA was selected the best trolling motor batteries 2015 according to some battery enthusiasts. However, it still is one of the top trolling motor batteries with and excellent performance and reliability.

Also, with the exceptional features, this battery comes very much to your affordability. The physical specially housing and built quality along with the chemical structure of the plates makes it stand out from the most batteries.

Highlighted Feature

When we talk about trolling motor battery reviews, we should consider the Wight and the size of the battery along with charging and power performance. Because compact size and light weight are necessary for using the battery for outdoor motors.

Thankfully, this Mighty Max 12V 35AH SLA battery comes with a measurement of 7.68/5.16 inches’ width and 7.13 inches’ height. Also, it has a weight of only 23.15 pounds. So, you can easily use this battery for small to medium sized outdoor vehicles.

It is also spill proof and maintenance free AGM battery, which makes it more efficient. You can use in a vast range of temperatures for operation. So, you can mount this battery into the motor in any angle without concerning about the liquid getting spilled out.

I always love fishing in rainy season. Under my umbrella, with a consistent look at the water gives me and extra ordinary feeling. And this perfect trolling motor battery is my go to choice for that. Because, in winter or rainy season, the battery will provide consistent service, so you can easily concentrate on fishing in any environmental condition.

The battery is highly resistant to vibrations and shocks. So, in rough weather the battery housing will not break and jelly acid will not be damaged and you can have smooth power service out of this battery. You can use it enclosed or domestic settings without a fear of leaking, thanks to the AGM technology.

This battery includes solar storage (plug and play) with a rating of 150-watt hours. The battery provides 252-watt hours without using more than 60% of its charge. It means the battery is discharging at a constant rate of 6%.

If you use this battery on Minn Kota C2- 30 pounds thrust trolling motor or similar product of different brand, you will get minimum 3 hours back up even at medium setting.


Maintaining this battery is rather easier as it comes with AGM technology. So, it spreads the electrolyte over the fiberglass. So, you will not see any liquid leaking out of the housing while using.

Also, it does not require water or acid regularly, as it has jelly type of materials, which doesn’t get dried during usage.

Also the technology used in the Mighty Max 12V 35AH SLA battery makes sure, you do not need to clean it during usage. Using this battery is also very easier. Since it is spill proof, you can set it up at any angle you want.

Final Thought

The Mighty Max 12V 35AH SLA trolling motor battery comes in lower price despite of providing decent features and power. Although, the 35AH may seem less for some users, you also have to consider the size for small vehicles.

You can use this battery for multiple purposes. You can use this Mighty Max 12V 35AH SLA battery on trolling motor, power sports, tools, motorbikes, emergency lighting, and much more.

Things We Liked

  • Very easy to install in any vehicle with any angle
  • This battery has a compact size for portable uses
  • Comes in a low weight to be used for portable battery
  • Decent power for using in small boats and vehicle
  • Provide quality and durability for long use
  • Comes in a cheaper price

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Charging require more time than most batteries
  • You will have to buy extra wire for charging the battery

Mighty Max 12V 55AH Trolling Motor Battery

Mighty Max 12V 55AH Trolling Motor Battery

When fishing, sometimes worrying too much on power, charge and battery might take away the concentration catching the fish properly. It also can decrease the enjoyment we want to have on outdoor leisure.

Well if you don’t want this kinds of hassle, then the Mighty Max 12V 55 AH is a perfect solution. This battery is an incredible solution if you are on to spend a long time on the water and you don’t like to troll at a low speed.

Highlighted Feature

The battery features, power and performance. Thanks to the manufacturer for providing 55 AH battery. If you are using a 30+ lb. motor, then this can be perfect choice. It is a great battery for 30 pounds thrust trolling motor. Because, if you use it on the 30 lb thrust trolling motor, you don’t have to travel at a low speed.

You can keep your boat at constant full speeds for more than 4 hours. If you keep your boat at medium speed, you can even get 6 hours of constant service. Not only that, the battery may be just used 40% of the power in that time. So, you can spend a lot of time on boat or any other outdoor vehicle with a single charge of this excellent trolling motor battery.

Despite of the power of 55 Ah, you will be pretty surprise of the size of this battery. The Mighty Max Trolling battery comes with the measurement of 9.02/5.43 inches’ width and 9.13 inches’ height. The size is a bit larger than 35AH batteries, but not that large. You can still use this battery for medium range motor spaces.

However, the weight is on the Havier side. The weight of the battery is 38.6 pounds, which is not much heavier than the 35AH battery.

All the top trolling motor batteries use AGM technology, so is this Mighty Max 12V 55AH battery. AGM technology makes the battery spill proof and extremely resistant to shocks and vibrations. So, you can use this battery on rough travel without giving thoughts on vibration and shocks. And as far as it is spill proof you can mount this battery at any angle without the fear of leaking if you feel the height of the battery is a troublemaker.


As the company used AGM technology with this battery, you can be sure that it will not cause much of problem, while using. Maintaining is easy and hassle-free as like other batteries which use AGM Tech.

The advantage of this Mighty Max battery is the leak free casing. It will ensure that the battery remain intact during constant usage. So, you will not face any internal problem of the battery while being on the boat.

Also, the battery is safe and long-lasting for heavy usage. If you are willing to use this on regular basis, it still will perform perfectly.

Final Thought

I was really pleased with the power performance. A 55 Ah battery that provide constant charge for 30 LB motor without any problem can be a perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts. The battery comes with a high discharge rate. You may want to thank AGM technology again for making the battery maintenance free.

Also, the size is not much considering the power unit, so you can mount it on medium size vehicles also. If you are looking to stay bit more time on the water while fishing, this is one of the best trolling motor battery for you.

Things We Liked

  • The calcium alloy grid ensures better performance during usage
  • Maintenance of this trolling battery is safe, simple and easy
  • Comes with AGM and SLA technology for better longevity
  • Provide decent power for longer fishing experience
  • The weight is relatively lower considering the power it provides
  • The built quality makes it vibration and shock resistant

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Still bit heavy battery according to some consumers

VMAX MR127 12V 100AH AGM Battery

VMAX MR127 12V 100AH AGM Battery

If you are looking for a “power beast”, then VMAX MR127 12V 100AH AGM Battery is the right choice. Though this battery is not a cranking battery, the service you will get is remarkable. This battery can run 40-pound trust motor for a long time on the water.

Therefore, one can rely on this trolling motor battery for professional fishing. With the speed setting tune, you can use this battery from 2.5 hours at full speed to 12 hours in lower speeds.

Highlighted Feature

This battery comes with a rating of 100 AH, which means you can surf a very long time on the water with your boat and it is not a problem even if the motor you are using is powerful.

This battery is way more upgraded than just for using it on the 30 pounds thrust motor; you can use this battery to 40 pounds thrust trolling motor and you will get a great satisfaction using it.

The surprising longevity of the charge on slow speed is also a big advantage while fishing. If you are going at a lower speed, you can get more or less 12 hours of service. While you can get more than 7 hours of charge at medium speed and more than 2 hours at a constant full speed setting.

With such a powerful battery, reliability is a must for safer and longer usage. Well, the company makes sure of the excellent housing and internal quality of this trolling battery. It uses industrial class plastic to make the chassis, which is acid and shockproof. Instead of having a solid body, it is designed to install in the power kits to prevent any kinds of vibrations.

It is a bit larger than other usual battery; 100AH doesn’t come in a small package. The measurement of the battery is 12.1/6.7 inches wide and 8.2 inches tall and it is heavy, weighing 68 pounds. If your boat has the capacity to keep 2 of these batteries connected by a parallel 12V connection, you will get twice the service you used to get from one of them.

According to trolling battery advisor, This battery can be charged two times faster than other traditional batteries. We recommend you to use the default charger.


Maintaining this battery doesn’t take much of your time. Although for all the bigger battery unit, everyone should take some cautions, this trolling motor battery is easier to handle.

AGM technology made this battery spill proof. So, no acid will come out while using and mounting this battery. The AGM makes sure you do not have to put liquid in it per month. SO, that takes away all the problems that a Lead acid battery have.

The strong built quality ensure of its extremely shock and vibration resistant nature. Therefore, you do not have to worry about them during usage.

Final Thought

I am really satisfied with its power and charging performance. Also, the internal and external built quality is satisfying. The tin alloy made grids assures a long lifetime of the battery.

Also, the tough plastic made body is completely sealed. This battery is specially designed to accommodate in a power unit. The metal of the power units prevents the battery from damaging.

Things We Liked

  • The spill-proof tech makes mounting with any angle possible
  • This battery has an excellent power for long uses
  • Built quality ensures safe and long use of this battery
  • Maintaining this heavy duty battery is considerably easy
  • Comes in a cheap price considering the power

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Large battery to use in small vehicle
  • Charging requires a lot of time for our liking
  • The weight of this battery is on the heavier side

Interstate Lead Acid (AGM) Trolling Battery

Interstate Lead Acid (AGM) Trolling Battery

Interstate Lead Acid (AGM) Battery is a trolling motor battery with power of 35 Ah. So, it can provide a decent amount of charge, while you catch fish on the middle of the pond.

The battery can be charged rather quickly. Thanks to the smarter design of the manufacturer. Also, it uses modern technologies such as AGM for making it long lasting and also safer.

You can easily use this trolling battery for you kayak, canoe and other outdoor machines for comfortable and long lasting uses.

Highlighted Features

Size is one of the main features of trolling motor batteries. You need a smaller size that can rather easily be fitted in small sized kayaks, canoes, boats etc. Well, the Interstate Lead Acid (AGM) Battery will satisfy of its size.

This battery has a perfect compact size for using it as a portable battery on outdoor machines as well along with the trolling motors. It has a size of 77inches by 5.2 inches by 6.3 inches. And the weight is lower with 23.8 pounds.

When I first tested the battery, I was concern of its power considering such a small size. But, I was impressed later with its performance.

Along with the advantages of spill proof technology, this Interstate Lead Acid (AGM) Battery comes with excellent exterior and interior construction. This battery comes with rugged and thicker plastic on the outer part.

The sturdy quality of the housing makes sure it doesn’t get damaged by bumps. SO, you can easily use it on kayaks and other outdoor machines. The protection will ensure the safety of the battery for a long time.

Despite of its smaller size and portability, the power and charge capacity might surprise you. The Interstate Lead Acid (AGM) Battery comes with voltage of 12 V along with 35 A Hours. So, it will provide charge for the motor while trolling for a decent amount of time.

Also, I like how it can quickly charge itself. And also, if you do not use it for a long time, you can still rely for its charge. The company is reliable with this specific product for charge and capacity.


The manufacturer has used smart technology in building this battery. It comes with AGM technology. So, you do not need to put liquids in the Interstate DCM0035. So, it will make the battery easier to mount on any machines in any angle.

The technology also ensures liquid free services. That means you do not need to take maintenance care regularly for this battery. The technology makes the battery easier and safer to use.

Final Thought

The overall performance and the quality of this excellent trolling motor battery may surprise you with its compact size. We also loved the smart technology which made this battery safe and long lasting.

Also, if you love outdoor fishing for longer period, this battery can be a decent choice with 35 Amp Hour ability. And adding to its positive sides, the temper and vibration protection makes it an excellent choice for rough uses.

Things We Liked

  • Easy to install in small sized boats, kayaks and other vehicles
  • The battery size and weight is compact for portable usage
  • Comes in a low weight to be used for portable battery
  • Decent power for using in small boats and vehicle
  • Provide quality and durability for long use
  • Comes in a cheaper price

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Charging require more time than most batteries

Exide Edge FP-AGM24DP Battery

Exide Edge FP-AGM24DP Battery

Exide Edge FP-AGM24DP is a dual purpose battery with 12 volts and AGM technology. It is a marine battery, which has great arming power and 10.2”/6.8”/8.6” deep cycle capability and it is 50 pounds in weight.

This battery has a great ability to deliver constant power. It does not overflow electrolyte, which is supremely beneficial when you are fly fishing in the bumpy water.

Highlighted Features

Exide Edge FP-AGM24DP has a tall body. You will find the body of this battery sturdy enough to protect the inner mechanism. Industrial plastic made body is strong enough to store any kind of place you want. You can move it at some exalted height very easily. This battery is made to use roughly.

Also, this battery is so consistent in delivering stable power for a longer period of time that it easily beat the consistency of delivering the power of other traditional batteries or other similar AGM technology based batteries. This battery is built with the best grids in the market, which grants such a great performance.

This battery is designed to frequently discharging without making any impact on battery’s maximum power. AGM technology allows the battery to get a great result when a deep cycle is happening. It can provide constant power for a long time when you are using this battery for motor boats. You can really comment the capability of the deep cycle on this battery.

Exide Edge FP-AGM24DP battery can provide 775A cranking current that is very much enough for cranking a gigantic motor when the temperature is absolute zero. This feature makes this battery one of the best of its kind.

Exide Edge FP-AGM23DP battery protects from damaging its cells using a technology named Graphite Additive, which also maximizes the life of the battery. Only Exide batteries have this technology in them.

This battery includes an exclusive vent system, which grants the water of the battery cell to reassess and lower evaporation. This mechanism doesn’t let the cells to dry. The pressure valves prevent vapor transfer between cells. This restriction keeps constant water pressure for each cell.


This Battery use Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) technology. The Tech comes with very high absorbing factor and high porosity. This technology doesn’t let the battery die. The AGM technology also enables the battery to absorb vibration and shocks.

Exide FP-AGM24DP is unified with electrolyte suspension mechanism provides by AGM. This just doesn’t prevent spilling the electrolyte and distributes it equally over the grids, but also keeps the grids perfectly in right places.

Final Thought

The Exide Edge FP-AGM23DP marine battery has all the features a consumer would have wanted in a trolling motor battery, which makes it best in this business. Our research team has tested the performance of this trolling motor battery and are satisfied with it.

This battery can reserve up to 25A for almost two and a half hours, which means you can be fishing for more than an hour. Also, the battery comes with an affordable price that you definitely want to have.

Things We Liked

  • It has a faster charging on the outdoor usage
  • Comes with sturdy built quality for long uses
  • The SPIRALCELL technology performs great
  • The AGM technology reduces hassle of Maintenance
  • Trustable battery for longer and safer use

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Installing the battery is little complicated for some users

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Trolling Motor Batteries

Choosing a perfect trolling motor can be bit tricky if you do not know what features to look while choosing. With the increase of these batteries, there are tons of companies providing these items. Without proper knowledge, people can get confused with their advertising information.

So, our expert team has concluded some key points you can check before deciding if this is the perfect trolling motor battery for your boat or not. this buying guide will help anyone to choose their best fit.

There are three major kinds of trolling batteries you can choose from the list.

Wet Cell battery

Wet cell batteries are the basic kind of battery for trolling motor. These batteries need liquid in regular basic for maintenance and run. Also, these batteries aren’t very long lasting in terms of regular usage.

But if you are looking for cheap batteries with proper power, wet cell batteries can be you perfect choice with using proper fishing reel for catfishes like trout, steelhead, etc.

AGM Battery

AGM means Absorbed Glass Mat. These AGM batteries are made with glass plate and gel cells. Unlike the wet batteries these gel cell does not need to add water for working.

The enclosed battery can last a longer period of time with better performance. also, you do not any extra maintenance for these batteries.

The battery is bit expensive in comparing with acid batteries. But with the performance and longevity, these batteries are go to choice for fishing boats.

Lithium-ion Battery

These are the best quality batteries that can last for a long time. Lithium ion batteries are known for using in smartphones, but some people also uses it for trolling motors.

These batteries are durable but less popular for their high prices. However, if you are looking for the cream of the crop, lithium-ion batteries are you best choice.


Batteries are different from one another. So, realize and appreciate the importance of the battery on your boat before you get stuck in the center of a lake and get the appropriate battery for your boat.

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