How to Clean Sig p365: Process, Guides on Disassemble, Clean Steps

Sig p365 is a high-capacity modern combat handgun that is something new for the gun people looking for a perfect gun and carrying pistol most of the time. The sig p365 also gets dirt, mud, or any damage, so the handgun clean is very important; otherwise, it won’t work correctly. Proper cleaning also makes the gun safer and reliable, and your weapon gets a bunch of times to serve.

Clean and lubricate the gun at least once in two months because whether you use it or not, the weapon gets dirt, moisture, and oil over time. And yet, cleaning also improves gun knowledge, so you will get some easy steps to clean and lubricate sig p365.

How to Clean Sig p365

Basic Sig P365 Cleaning Supplies


  • A gun cleaning mat. It is also called a maintenance mat because it is a good resistant surface for your gun.
  • Cleaning oil or lubricant
  • Spray bottle
  • Cotton cleaning patches
  • Gloves
  • Toothbrush
  • Cleaning picks
  • Bore cleaner
  • Cleaning solvent
  • A nylon cleaning brush
  • Cleaning rod

Sig Sauer P365 Cleaning Methods

Understanding how to clean a sig p365 pistol is not much different than cleaning a pistol. When you understand the Sig Sauer pistol, cleaning methods get easier over time. Firearm maintenance tools are also available on the market. However, the user manual has cleaning instructions but I am also telling you the basics of cleaning.

Step 1: Unload Your Firearm

Put your gun and cleaning supplies on the mat or use a fabric surface to do the process comfortably. First, unload the firearm so the weapon will be safer to clean.

Step 2: Sig P365 Disassembly Process

The user manual of sig p365 has a clear diagram and steps of how to disassemble it. Follow the instruction carefully. Before disassembling the gun, you should remove the attachments like sig p365 lasers, gun body cover, scopes, etc.

First, remove the mag and lock the slide to see if the chamber is empty. Next, there is a button and sig p365 takedown lever stuck in the body; flip the lever and press the button to remove the upper frame of the pistol.

Now take out the spring and barrel from the frame, and your gun is ready to clean.

Step 3: Spray the Gun

Take the spray bottle and pour cleaning oil into it. After that, spray the solvent on the frame, spring, barrel, rails, and all the tight places of the pistol. Before you buy the oil from the market, check the level of quality as low-quality oil corrode your gun. You can use gun cleaning aerosol spray or gun lube

Step 4: Brush the Gun for Cleaning P365

Take the toothbrush and brush all those pieces gently. If the metal pin has corrosion, brush it twice or more until it removes the corrosion. You will see the toothbrush getting dirty while touching the gun.

This way, all the nooks, and crannies will be cleaned from the weapon. Gently scrub the sensitive areas. You should do this same method for ankle holsters for P365 also.

Step 5: Wipe Down your Pistol

After brushing the gun, take the patches and wipe down all those pieces gently. Cleaning patches save the firearm from scratches. Do not forget to wear gloves for extra protection before cleaning to protect your hand from oils and dirt.

Next, spray more oil and wipe down all the spots of the sig p365. You can use flannel cloth or microfiber cloth instead of patches; use a little piece of it.

There is also some lint-free gun cloth you will find in the market with gun cleaning kits. Do not use excess lube, or it will damage the gun.

Step 6: Clean with the Pick and Rod

It is hard to clean tight areas with patches. Take the cleaning pic, then push the patches with it into the tight places. You can also do it with your fingernail, but cleaning pick is comfortable. It also keeps the metal or any sensitive parts ok. Hold the spring in your hand and twist it with patches. Take the new patches and wipe down the gun for deep cleaning.

Step 7: Brush the Barrel

The barrel has a round part which you need to brush. First, attach the nylon brush to the cleaning rod, then spray some oil down the barrel. Next, run the wire brush inside the barrel. Hold the cleaning rod, then twist the brush counterclockwise to reach the chamber to the end.

Put some oil on the patch, wrap it around the other side of the cleaning rod, and then run it inside the barrel. Finally, take a clean cloth and wipe down the rest of the body of your sig p365. You can also brush sig sauer pocket holster with brushing techniques.

Do not use old patches to wipe down the barrel. Instead, use a dry patch to wipe the moisture properly.

Step 8: Reassemble the Gun

After cleaning, leave your gun a room temperature for some time so all the moisture is removed from the weapon. Then, follow the user manual to reassemble the gun.

You can also use professional cleaning kits, which are very affordable. The solvent should have basic cleaning chemicals, which you will see written on its manual. You can also use a bit of factory grease on your gun. Check the gun cleaning collection online or market.

How Often to Clean Sig p365

Maintaining a firearm means you have to clean it regularly, which does not mean daily maintenance. Whether you can shoot 1000 rounds with your sig p365 without malfunctioning, you should clean your gun after 200 rounds.

How to Break Down and Clean Sig p365 SAS

Break down and cleaning process of sig p365 SAS is different than sig p365. Gather a flathead screwdriver, polymer picks, wipes, brush, etc. the sig p365 SAS has screws instead of a lever. First of all, unload the gun, remove the magazine and ammo. Lock the slide, then twist the screw clockwise with a screwdriver.

Separate the slide and frame, take out the spring and barrel. After that, spray the cleaner all over the gun and pieces, then wipe down the pistol with a cloth. Finally, clean the build-up carbon from all the little grooves and tight places.

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