How to Remove Glock Magazine Base Plate

Glock is a popular handgun, so knowing how to disassemble it or remove any part is essential. If you want to add an extension to your Glock magazine, you need to remove the magazine base plate, which is not difficult to do.

Sometimes the base plate is stubborn to take off, but you can easily do it with some tricks. However, do not push anything hard, or the mags will get damaged.

You will find magazine disassembly tools in the market, do not worry about gathering tools.

How to Remove Glock Magazine Base Plate

Base Plate Removal Tool You Will Need


  • An Allen wrench
  • A hole punch or brass punch
  • A flat head screwdriver

Remove the Base Plate without Tool

Step 1: Remove the Magazine

First, you need to remove the magazine from your Glock and check if any pellets are left. Clean the magazine.

Step 2: Remove the Plate

The base plate has a tab or little hole that holds the spring. Push it down with the punch, screwdriver, or channel locks and squeeze it, then push the tabs on both sides of the magazine with your finger while pushing the screwdriver on the hole.

After that, put your thumb on one edge of the base plate and pull it out with the other hand.

This way, the spring won’t fly out, and you can remove the plate smoothly.

Removing Base Plate with Magazine Disassembly Tool

Using a magazine disassembly tool is also makes your job done quickly. The tool is made of plastic, and it has a little post on the top, a little lever down the top.

Put the bar into the hole of the spring floor plate and put your thumb on the top. If the Glock has a laser sight, uninstall it carefully.

After that, crank down the plate, then slide it out. The pressure should maintain adequately. You can also use rags or a set of pliers to remove the base plate.

What to Do If Glock Magazine Plate Stuck

Sometimes the spring plate will stick and won’t come out quickly. in this case, do not give much force; otherwise, the plate will break. When the floor plate won’t slide off, first push the release button about a quarter-inch and then try to pull the slide again.

Or use a skinny screwdriver and tilt it to any angle so it goes incorrectly. After a couple of times, slide the magazine and remove the base plate. Use a magazine plate with finger rest to avoid this problem.

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Glock 33 Round Magazine Base Plate Removal

Most of the time, beginners face difficulties in removing the base plate. So, try differently, such as, after removing the magazine, wrap it with a towel, then use a vice to lock it. This way, the magazine will stick hard. Insert a tiny flathead screwdriver into the base plate hole, then tap it with a hammer.

Do not destroy the magazine by tapping the screwdriver forcefully. However, the vice grip and hammer are adequate to remove the 33 round magazine base plate. Some of the plates come with a floor plate button which is easy to remove. 

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