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Rifle Care and Maintenance – Expert Guide

Most HUNTERS TODAY are fully outfitted with a wide assortment of equipment. Some of this gear is directly related to the hunt itself firearms, binoculars, shotguns, maps, and the like. To use the rifle and gun properly and safely, you need perfect rifle care and maintenance. Most hunting gear requires periodic cleaning, maintenance, and sometimes […]

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Duck Hunting Decoy Tips & Tricks on Spread: How to Set on a River & Pond

The era of the modern decoy, however, was born with the age of the market gunner. This happened especially during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. With time, duck hunting has changed a lot. Modern people like to try different techniques, hunting equipment, and hunting decoy tips for a better experience. Though we deplore […]

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The Rifle Shooting Positions Every Hunter Should Know

Unfortunately, many hunters tend to ignore rifle shooting positions during hunting and target practice. For that, they miss some of the major advantages of shooting, which are control, comfort, and perfection. The way you control your weapon during shooting is very important. Taking the right position is more important. The right position will allow taking […]

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